Chapter 31 Peppers

Chapter 31 of 100 chapters

Yun was sitting beside the bar counter, drinking her Bamboo Juice from a straw. "Well done, you completed the mission. I have good news and bad news, which one do you want to hear first?"

"I believe the bad news is that I did not complete the secondary mission objectives." Jin went to the bar counter and grabbed a Panda Soda to drink in order to refresh himself. For one reason or another, the food and drinks that he ate in the store seemed so satisfying after a fight.

He remembered a quote from the internet, "Hard work should be rewarded with good food.", and he had begun to feel that this saying was so true ever since he started working here.

Yun nodded her head and gave a smile. "Then you will be happy to hear the good news. Firstly, your reward has already been sent into the monster app."

Jin drank some of his soda before browsing through the monster app and checking the status of all of his new monsters.


Grade 2 Monster

Name: Wyrm Ant (Fire)/(Ice)

Description: Ants contacted and drank the blood of an accursed wyrm, causing them to slowly evolve and grow the characteristics of a wyrm. In summary, it has big jaws on its mouth and spews fire from it, how much cooler can it get? I am just lazy to write the ice wyrm entry. The white ants blow ice. There you go.

Grade Difficulty: * * *


Grade 2 Monster

Name: Lady Snake and her Great White Snake

Description: The girl was born and abandoned by her parents. A black boa swallowed her whole when she was a baby but the Great White Snake came for no reason and rescued her. However, her legs were eaten due to the attack of the black boa so she always depended on the Great White Snake to move her around. Why am I writing a description that you will probably not care about? NEXT.

Grade Difficulty: * * * *


Grade 2 Boss Monster

Name: Sakura Blossom Treant

Description: It's a tree. A TREE THAT CAN KILL PEOPLE. Stop bothering me.

Grade Difficulty: * * *


"Yun, can I ask who does these descriptions in the monster app? That person does not even have a sense of ownership or pride for his/her own work." Jin could not stand reading the monster app.

"That's the good news! You are getting a new bellator to accompany you. That also means you can have a new instructor too!" Yun smiled genuinely.

"How is this good news?! That's worse news than the bad news!" Forget about him saying the food was refreshing. Jin wanted to faint immediately.

"Ehhh, if you accept this bellator, you get a new food item?" Yun tried to pacify him a little but it does not seem to be working.

"No, I do not wish to accept this bellator if his or her attitude is like this," Jin argued back as he waved his hands, indicating disinterest.

"Sorry Jin, I am afraid you have to accept it, it's part of the hidden objective reward," Yun replied back.

"What hidden objective?" Jin's eyes went wide open as he quickly opened his mission app to check.

"There is nothing except these two missions objectives!" Yun rolled her eyes a little and puffed out a sigh of breath.

"Of course it's not there, dummy, it's HIDDEN! You completed it the moment you caught the Great White Snake. I did tell you to go for Lady Snake but nope, you had to experiment on the Great White Snake." Yun tried to make an excuse and gave a face of "I told you so."

"...Fine, I accept this bellator but two food items and add in two more drink items as compensation for my emotional trauma of you not telling me about hidden mission objectives." Jin tried to play tough on Yun.

"Stop forgetting that I can read your mind. Two food items and one drink item. No further negotiations." Jin sulked at Yun's comment.

"I really should try and obtain the X-Man Magneta Helmet so Yun will stop looking into my head," Jin thought to himself.

"Stupid, that is useless against something already in your head to begin with." Yun stuck her tongue out.

Yun snapped her fingers and the bellator app automatically came up on Jin's phone. Another greyed out box was removed and it summoned a 148 centimetres tall ten year old kid with two ponytails out. She was wearing an oversized black mage hat with an overly long red cloak, holding a wooden staff.

She looked at Jin for a moment and looked down. Jin thought she was scared of the first encounter so he decided to squat down and introduce himself. "Hi, I am Jin, your new-"

"Tsk. Maggot. Don't you dare look the last great descendant of the Fiery Demonic Queen Sage in the eyes, you have no qualifications to do so." The kid was irritated by Jin's presence.

"Is she an emo kid? Is she in some chuunibyou stage? Is she like that loli snake, 200 years old disguised as a 10 yea-BOOM!" An immensely loud explosion happened right in front of Jin and it would not be a surprise if police came rushing in, thinking there was a terrorist attack. However, the sound proofing system was second to none in the world. No one would suspect a single thing when the shutters of the store were still down.

"Stop bothering me when you do not need to!" The little loli girl personally returned herself back to the app after igniting a fire blast in front of Jin.

"Oh, she is just shy when she saw you Jin. Her name is Peppers. Isn't she lovely? You two will work well together!" Yun giggled a little at the predicament Jin was in.

"Fiery Demonic Queen Sage?" Jin had third degree burns but he just stood at the bar counter blankly at the turn of events. Everything besides him was unharmed despite the violent blast of fire. "I'm also guessing the shop is fireproof, judging by how I am the only one injured." There was still a small part of his hair still on fire and Yun cast some instant system magic to cure Jin of his wounds.

"Yun, sometimes you are as despicable as those fantasy novels I read. Now I understand why you did not even bother to negotiate much with me in regards to the food items." Jin blabbered out nonsense before filtering what he thought in his brain.

"Oh, Jin! I am hurt! How can you call your mom despicable? You ungrateful bra-" Before Yun could finish her sentence, Jin immediately knew where he went wrong and went to his knees, starting to kowtow.

Yun could not help but laugh loudly again. "You are so afraid of another abrupt mission? Get up, get up. I will show you the new food items."

Yun snapped her fingers again and the bar counter cabinets started to shake vigorously. "As usual, check your cabinets and the bar countertops. There you will find what I have given you." Yun smiled and continued to sip her Bamboo Juice.