Chapter 34 Xiong Da's Determination

Chapter 34 of 100 chapters

"Guys, look! Station 3 is really doing the new dungeon instance!" The customer before Se Lang and Deng Long overheard some of their conversation with Boss Jin and decided to stalk them a little to see whether they heard correctly.

To his expectation, they were really doing the new Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance. The customers that were waiting for their turn for the dungeon instance immediately went over to take a peek at the new dungeon instance.

"Wow, as expected from Boss Jin. The wind breeze, this illustrious music that the enemy was playing and the sea of lush green grasslands filled with flowers. It's so fantastic if we really can just chill in here." Deng Long took in a deep breath.

"This beautiful serene scenery...The need to escape reality. Knowing that danger is right around the corner, waiting, makes us appreciate our life and this moment of tranquillity." Se Lang started rambling.

"The yearning to return to this peaceful life if we manage to defeat the monster. This Dungeon Supplier boss really knows how to play with our feelings by creating this life like environment. Even I feel the same as you do about this place." Se Lang squat to pick a flower up to appreciate.

"Well, stop being philosophical and start paying attention to the monster right in front of you." Deng Long took out his weapons, titanium made dual batons and portrayed his Grade 2 cultivation, the Wobbling Wombat Style.

Se Lang also reached out for his weapons in his storage ring and a scythe flew out from the storage the moment he called for it. He swung it around a few times and portrayed his Grade 3 cultivation, the Wacky Wolf Style to intimidate the monsters.

In King's Monster or other similar dungeon suppliers, if the monsters were lower level than the cultivator, portraying the cultivation would make the monsters be slightly afraid of the cultivator. This was subtly programmed into the dimensional space to instil superiority in their cultivators.

However, the monsters in Boss Jin's store appeared nonchalant and even assumed the cultivator portraying his cultivation was a sign of provocation. The ants made a screeching voice and commenced the attack.

From the distance, the monsters looked like normal large sized ants. A closer look by Se Lang revealed that the colour was out of the norm and the mandibles of the ants were too huge. Close quarters would be a hassle and would not be beneficial.

"Let's kill these ants quickly and we can start fighting the Zither Mistress to end the dungeon instance." Se Lang spoke with confidence and dashed towards the ants.

"I doubt the boss is the Zither Mistress. If Boss Jin's goblin dungeon is of any indication, there should be more monsters at the very least, and maybe even a boss." Deng Long thought to himself before he trailed behind Se Lang.

Deng Long also noticed that in the previous goblin dungeon he participated, it followed a subtle stage pattern that Boss Jin did not explicitly show in his dungeon in order to provide some continuity to dungeon experience.

The eight legged boar boss monster would never appear until all three goblins were killed and the players were roughly given a short five minute downtime to recover and regroup. Hence, there were technically two stages to the goblin dungeon. Judging by the incoming ants' attack, Deng Long deduced that there would be at least three stages subtly blended together in this Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance.

The wyrm ants saw their incoming opponents were speeding through the grasslands so they decided to spew fire and ice projectiles towards them in order to slow their movements.

"Oh interesting, fire and ice breathing ants, this Boss Jin certainly has some creativity in his monster designs." Using the Wacky Wolf Style, Se Lang managed to dodge each and every ice and fire projectile coming towards him.

The speed of the projectiles was slow enough for him to predict where they were going to land, so it was not a problem for him. After sufficient training, he even dodged a bullet once without his cultivation while catching a serial theft criminal.

However, Deng Long was not the same as his friend. He was not able to catch up with Se Lang's speed and inevitably got caught by some of the attacks. If not for his Wobbling Wombat Style, which allowed him to reduce the duration of status ailments, he could had been burnt very badly or frozen for a long time.

Separately, the crowd outside was yet again amazed by the professional streaming created by the store's magic eye technology. Each dodge Se Lang made was dramatic. Each attack Deng Long got caught in was captured with style and impact. This cinematic experience made each and every customer watching the stream on the edge of one's seat...well metaphorically. Most of them were standing to allow more people to watch the stream.

On the other side of the store, some of the customers were not able to catch such an exciting scene due to the dense crowd so they opted to look at the other stations. A few customers tried to catch a glimpse of Xiong Da since Boss Jin talked about instructor Milk.

"Oh my God, is that the AI instructor? She is too hot! How can fatty withstand her looks?" One of the male customers accidentally blurted his mouth.

"She looks too lifelike to be an instructor! Boss Jin are you hiding your real employees from us?"

"Oh, you males are more disgusting than him. Look at that fatty, so focused on his training! I would rather marry him than you lot if I was to choose. At least I know he can be loyal." A female customer contended.

"But you got to admit, her curves are near perfect." Another male customer confessed.

"I will make your curves near perfect too when you get home. You can start by giving me your wallet." That male customer had forgotten that his girlfriend was nearby when he complimented.

The revelation of Milk made a number of male customers' nose nearly bleed all over their shirts while some of the female customers were secretly inspired by her embodiment of sexiness and respect for giving Xiong Da a proper lesson, not just acting like a bimbo.

Most of them kept thinking Milk was really a person instead of an AI instructor despite Boss Jin's insistence on the matter when they asked him about it. Otherwise, he maintained his silence whenever he could.

Xiong Da was more focused today and he even did things that Milk told him yesterday. The reason for such determination was because he found out Boss Jin's dungeon instances somehow did stir his spirit force in his cultivation after laying dormant for such a long time.

The reason for dormancy was that the Hungry Hippo Style was a style that required a large amount of spirit force for the cultivator to improve himself like how the hippo was always hungry for more food. The style was passed down to him as part of his family's inheritance when their ancestors were still living in the mountains, where spirit force was abundant.

What Boss Jin said about helping him was true and he appreciated the fact that it really did work. Xiong Da had had many people try to scam his money and think that he was an easy target but he was actually a lawyer in one of the top firms in China, HHH and Partners Ltd.

The moment people thought he was an easy target, he slowly collected evidence of fraud and scam. Once the scammers thought they had hooked him in for sure, Xiong Da went on the offensive and sued them to bankruptcy. He made sure they never had the chance to recover ever again in life.

With his cultivation stirring within him, he knew this could be the chance to really improve himself and get his girl back again. Of course, the girl that he liked was through a dating app but they hit off really well.

Despite his position and status, Xiong Da pretended to be plain and simple in order to see if the girl really liked him or if it was just for his money. He could smell bullshit after many tries but this one was truly different. He felt that she was the one.

If not for that incident which he told Boss Jin about, he would have used his status as a lawyer to crush his love rival. However, he also wished to prove his worth, so that he could really protect her if the need ever arose.

"For Ruo Ying!" Xiong Da rushed forth and did a heavy smash on the spear goblin, crashing him into smithereens. He looked back and Milk gave him a thumbs up.

Boss Jin looked at Xiong Da's increased performance and began to think. "Perhaps, I should pair Peppers and him together for the Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance. That way, I will get more money and see how Peppers works."

Speaking of the Zither Mistress, the crowd cheered at Station 3 when Jin was not looking.