Chapter 36 Onigiri Gacha

Chapter 36 of 100 chapters

Se Lang's vision was slowly coming back to him. "Ah crap, if I got unconscious that means I have to get my annual cultivation leave approved again." As he sighed, he heard a few laughters in the room so he knew there were still some people in the recovery room. Perhaps, it might not be too late in the night.

However, he saw broad daylight shining from the window so he looked around and saw Deng Long already awoke, drinking a Panda Soda he bought from the vending machine. "Ah you awake? I took your phone and got a Bamboo Juice for you." Deng Long threw the juice can and his phone to him.

"How long was I out?" Se Lang caught the can of Bamboo Juice from Deng Long and opened it to drink it.

"Ehh 15 minutes or so? We should still have some time back to the station if we get some quick bites." Deng Long stood up to stretch his arms while Se Lang was still sitting on his lounge chair looking confused.

"15 minutes? Are you kidding me? I have never heard of such short periods of unconsciousness after coming out of the dungeon instance. Tell me how long was I really out?" Se Lang began to get a little impatient with Deng Long's answers.

"Look at your watch or your phone. If you think I tempered your phone's timing you can check the timing on the net. Unless you think that everyone on the internet is conspiring against you." Deng Long laughed and Yun who went to check on the unconscious female customers was also giggling at the side of the recovery room.

"Mr Da, Boss Jin takes pride in the quality of goods and services he provides. I believe your friend does not have any intention of lying to you." Yun spoke politely.

Like an young angel's voice to his ears, Se Lang just nodded his head. He had never seen such a beauty in his life but he became immediately disappointed to see a ring on her finger.

"Mr Hong, if you would like to have some quick bites, we have new food additions in the menu which may fulfill your stomach's desires." Yun interjected.

"REALLY?" Deng Long thought he had to eat rubbish Wacdonalds fast food but it looks like there could be some hope left for his stomach to partake in some delicious good food. He could never forget the night he first tasted Boss Jin's tonkatsu curry rice.

"Why are you so excited abou- Oh! This taste! It really hits the spot." Se Lang was amazed by the Bamboo juice. That right amount of sweetness which tingles his tongue and the coolness of it as it passes through the throat.

"See, even Boss Jin's can of juice is fantastic. Se Lang, you can stay here if you want to ogle at that married woman but I am going to see what Boss Jin has in his menu." Deng Long quickly rushed down the stairs the moment he finished talking. Se Lang got a little embarrassed by Deng Long's honest remarks and he quickly followed him.

"Boss! I heard you have some good stuff in your menu, why did you not tell us?" Deng Long shouted and everyone across the store heard it. People started to approach the bar counter to check out the food menu but found no new items. However, Deng Long found the 'New food addition' announcement near the bar counter at the back of the store.

"Well, this is a Dungeon Supplier store, not a café. I see no reason why I should promote my food menu. Besides, I have yet to update the menu since I just received them this morning." Boss Jin explained and a number of customers nodded at his reasoning and then realised they had been cheated by him. They thought Boss Jin would announce new food items to them so every customer who came in to eat bought only the tonkatsu curry rice.

"How could you not! Oh and Boss Jin is so sneaky! You placed the new items menu out of sight! Oh my god, the announcement shows more than one new addition. Onigiri, Coffee and Slice of Triple Cheese Pizza?!" Deng Long looked at the new menu and spoke out loud.

"BOSS! WHY YOU DID NOT TELL US!?" As if all the customers were in cahoots, they shouted in unison! Some of the customers who brought their lunch in while waiting for their turn immediately regretted their decision.

"Boss, I will get two onigiris, can I get to choose the flavour?" Deng Long's mouth started to fill with saliva as he saw the picture of the onigiri in the menu announcement.

"No, it's random. Payment at credit port please." Deng Long did as such and Jin took out two wrapped onigiri from the drawer. There was no plastic wrapping around the onigiri which Deng Long thought was common for most store takeaways with exception of the nori being wrapped around it.

However, the System did provide a type of PFA free (polyfluoroalkyl substances) food wrapping paper for takeaways so users eating the onigiri would not drop it if the rice did not stick together.

Yet, the possibility of that happening was low unless the onigiri was deliberately split into two.

Deng Long took both onigiri from Boss Jin, one in each hand. He unhesitantly took a bite from the onigiri in his right hand and steam came out from his mouth. The face of bliss was shown so openly that the customers began to swallow their saliva, even those who just had their lunch.

"I am no foodie but this onigiri is definitely stuffed with fried chicken karaage in it. The oil and meat juice within the karaage did not overflow into the rice until I bite into it. This is god damn delicious!" Se Lang saw Deng Long's undeniable expression and ordered the same thing after being influenced by him. The rest of the customers followed suit.

"Oh my! I liked this a lot, it's shrimp! Oh no. Why did I not order this earlier, the shrimp. So fresh. So so fresh!" the female customer squealed as she gobbled up the onigiri.

"Dayum! Bacon and Cheese! I cannot believe this goes so well that the rice and nori in the onigiri!" Se Lang was surprised at this new twist when he ate it.

Eventually, everyone in the shop got so affected by the new food item hype that they started posting filings of the onigiri on Instagraph and Mechat. One of the customers even nicknamed these random filings of onigiri by Boss Jin as Onigiri Gacha since no one in the store had yet to receive the same one.

As everyone was happily chatting about the new onigiris and started to leave the store since lunch break was ending soon, the store suddenly experienced a minor tremor. Some even started to check whether if there was an earthquake alarm being sounded out.

However, it was not a tremor nor was it earthquake related. "BOSS! I smell new food! Give me one of each!"

The call of the Hungry Hippo beckons Jin as Xiong Da accidentally tumbled down from the stairs of the second to the first floor.