Chapter 40 For New Clothes!

Chapter 40 of 100 chapters

"Yue Wen!!! This dress is so pretty and the Red Panda is so cute!! It keeps following me that I have no choice but to carry it." Shi Hui smiled widely as she ran towards Yue Wen with the dress on while carrying the red panda around.

"Oh my god, that piece of clothing costs 130 Bronze Panda Medals?" Yue Wen nearly fainted from the price. It was a black silk dress with a short tie from the clothing brand, Armano. Jia Ying told Shi Hui that the dress alone costs about 10 800 Yuan in the market. Yue Wen almost coughed blood out when she heard the original price in the market from Jia Ying.

A completed goblin dungeon gave her about 10 Bronze Panda Medals. However, because of her participation in the first dungeon clear, she had an additional 25 Bronze Panda Medals. She now possessed a total of 35 bronze medals.

Yue Wen told Shi Hui that assuming she managed to pass a dungeon each time she participated, she needs to participate in the goblin dungeon at least 13 times to get that 130 Bronze Panda Medals. Hence, Shi Hui needs to spend 3185 Yuan to be able to get that Armano black dress.

"This is a steal! That's about 70% discount on a branded dress! Yue Wen, why did you not tell us about this shop earlier?!" Jing Ru joined the conversation as she saw Shi Hui's dress. While they were conversing, all four red pandas united and they were lazing on each other's tummy.

Jing Ru could not help but took her phone out to take a photo of the red pandas. However, the picture came out blank. "I am sorry user, no photos or videos allowed here. You are however welcome to come back anytime to look at the items again." One of the lazy red pandas spoke out.

Jing Ru bitterly laughed at its response. There were too many things attracting her desires and she believed the other three felt the same too. There were not just clothes. This department store had shoes, accessories like earrings, necklaces, watches and even contact lens!

"Red Panda, am I able to use my medals to buy something for someone?" Yue Wen asked.

"Yes, you can but there are some rules you have to abide. One, you have to declare that it is a gift for someone else before purchasing or else we will tag the item under your ID in the Pandamonium. Two, you can only gift if that person registered to Pandamonium."

"Why will you tag it under my name?" Yue Wen asked again while tickling the red pandas on the floor. The red pandas responded with a small squeal as if it was laughing in reaction to the tickle.

"In the case where your items are stolen. You track where your item has gone to and deactivate the inscriptions via the Pandamonium if necessary. However, if your phone was stolen, the reverse can actually happen. The item may imprint a GPS location into your memory, and gives you a direction to where your phone was last seen."

"Wow, such an amazing yet a little scary kind of technology Boss Jin has." Yue Wen replied.

"Not really, it is a fairly common type of cultivation spell in the inscription. However, the dress can only imprint that many times before it loses its inscription power."

"In addition, whenever your inscription loses power due to wear and tear or because of other circumstances such as losing your phone, come back to Boss Jin. We will recharge the inscription free for the first time. Subsequent recharging has a charge to it and the price differs."

"Ehh so do the inscription lose power often??" Jia Ying asked the Red Panda in place of Yue Wen since she does not think much about utility.

"Our Grade 2 Defense inscription can partially absorb 5,000 average Grade 2 attacks or approximately 500 Grade 3 Peak attacks. You can never find such durability from other Inscriptors. We offer quality that is second to none." Red Panda boasted proudly.

Yue Wen patted the red panda and decided to buy a sports legging and singlet from the brand Mike which cost about 15 Bronze Panda Medals. The leggings and the singlet each have a Grade 2 Defense Inscription imbued on them, allowing Yue Wen to take more hits as compared to a simple sports singlet.

She went to the changing room to equip her 'armour' and to her surprise, the grey dry-fit singlet magically shrink a little. It was fitting while having plenty of room to move about. The Red Panda did tell her that the defense inscriptions will adjust the clothing to match her size so it does not impede her during a fight. The black leggings also have similar effect and she felt extremely comfortable in her new set of clothing.

"Are there any other inscriptions other than Defense?" Yue Wen asked the red panda casually after she got out of the changing room.

"When you are of a higher grade, other kinds of inscriptions are available for choosing like Power, Jump, Dash or Evade. If you wish to add a new inscription to your current clothing, come to our store again to get it imbued. As usual, no charge for the first alteration."

"I can buy the new inscriptions here?"

"Nope, you have to get it either from the Panda General Store or loots from the dungeons. We will not entertain other inscriptions because they are of a inferior quality." The Red Panda answered.

"You can get loot from dungeon instances?" This was the first time Yue Wen was hearing it.

"Low probability but possible." The red panda smiled at her and wagged its tail.

"Such brilliant services. Oh, Boss Jin~! Are you secretly some mafia boss that sells black market stuff or a top brass of a secret government agency." Yue Wen could not help but admire Boss Jin's capability to have such contacts to get such amazing rewards. At this point, Jin could not help but sneeze as he returned to the 1st Floor.

"Yun, there's dust in the basement?" Jin rubbed his nose a little.

"Impossible, the air ventilation systems are working perfectly, let me have the System diagnose if there was any possible programming bug in the ventilation systems."

The friends of Yue Wen got jealous when they saw that she was able to buy items from the Panda Armoury. "Well, let's fight the dungeon and get you some Panda Medals, so you girls can buy some things too." Yue Wen smiled as they exited the area to move up to the first floor.

She felt a little too embarrassed to look at the Panda General Store and the Panda Weaponry since her friends had no medals at all. Hence she decided to proceed to fight the goblin dungeon with them. If she had time to spare in the future, she would take a look.

Upon logging into Station 6, Yue Wen noticed that there was a Normal+ mode included in the selection screen. "Boss Jin! What's Normal+ mode?"

"Stronger Goblins, same boss monster." Jin replied back.

"Any additional rewards?" Yue Wen lit up a little.

"If you managed to complete the dungeon? 15 Medals. If you can kill all the goblins, 6 Medals instead of the usual three medals." Jin answered her question with a little excitement. Someone might finally have the courage to try the new Normal+ mode.

"Yue Wen, shall we give it a try?" Jing Ru questioned Yue Wen as she noticed the other three girls suddenly had a burning innate desire to hunt when they heard about the increase in medals.

"For new clothes!!" Yue Wen selected the Normal+ mode and they were teleported to the dungeon instance.