Chapter 43 Venus Four - Part 3

Chapter 43 of 100 chapters

Shi Hui was defending from multiple slash attacks by the sword goblin. Her blocks were as graceful and gentle as the river streams while the goblin attacks were crude but on point like a hammer striking on an anvil.

During the duel, the goblin even managed to perform a sword art which made Shi Hui become very wary of its advances. However, she was still able to defend most of its attacks with style which occasionally blinded the goblin with her beauty.

"That sword art seems to come from the Grade 1 Mantis cultivators. It is simple to learn but I did not expect the improved goblin managed to pick up such a skill." One of the customers noticed.

"Wait, if this improved goblin knows about sword art, does it mean it actually learns our attacks, arts and even fighting patterns?" Another customer remarked with some caution.

"Do you mean Boss Jin's monsters can learn like AI search engines in Mooogle and Qiandu? If so, Boss, your dimensional space technology is frightening!" A female customer exclaimed.

"If my monsters do not learn, how will you ever improve?" Jin shot them back with a question worth pondering.

"Cultivators should not just cultivate, they should learn and understand that there will always be a mountain higher than the mountain you knew." An elderly onlooker in the store gave a simple reply to Jin's answer.

"But the highest mountain is Mount Everest." A customer tried to retort cleverly but everyone just ignored him and watched the TV at Station 6.

The goblin tried to do a sucker punch as a follow up of its sideward sword slash but Shi Hui managed to blocked it with her chi infused palm. Compared to the spear goblin, it seems that the sword goblin was doing more progress against Shi Hui since all she could do was to dodge or defend every other attack.

In fact, this was what Shi Hui wanted. Using her Shadowy Swan Style, she learnt the patterns of the sword goblin's attacks and found a weakness within it. All she needed to do was to wait for the sword goblin to repeat the same pattern again before she strikes.

On the other hand, the dagger goblin began to become fidgety even though he knew it would not be a good idea to interfere. While it managed to warn the ranged weapon user about her position, there was a possibility that she would retaliate if it decides to assist any of its fellow goblin companions' duel.

However, its monster instincts overtook its self-discipline and threw two daggers as a distraction at Jia Ying while it races towards Yue Wen hoping to distract the ranged weapon user. Yet, Jing Ru actually knew that Yue Wen would be the target since she was the healer of the party but she believed Yue Wen would be able to take care of herself.

Hence, instead of aiming the dagger goblin, Jing Ru actually fired her rifle towards the spear goblin. Her pellet shot managed to topple its spear and gave Jia Ying the breather she needed after blocking the daggers thrown by the dagger goblin.

"This time you made me mad." Jia Ying wanted to finish up the spear goblin and head towards the dagger goblin so she summoned her cultivation. Three stag silhouettes appeared above her and she immediately performed a Spear Art, the 'Stampede of the Sanguine Stag'.

As she moved her spear towards the spear goblin, multiple afterimages of her waxwood spear appeared alongside the spear that she was holding, causing confusion to the spear goblin. The Wushu red ribbon that was tied near the spearhead created even more distraction for the goblin.

The goblin was not able to block the afterimages as they were not just another illusion. There was spirit force imbued in Jia Ying's spear art. Hence it suffered an onslaught of attacks before the real waxwood spear pierced through the leather armour it was wearing and died.

Yue Wen anticipated the dagger goblin to come after her and she devised a way to deal with it. Before she came to Boss Jin's dungeon, she actually went to her little brother Yue Han, the cultivator of the Blind Bat Style for an item.

A shock trap.

As long as the enemy steps into the vicinity of the trap deployment, a shock will be applied to it. Yue Han had a few of these small metallic balls that were easy to deploy when he redeemed some prizes from King's Monster with Bu Dong, the cultivator of the Angry Ape Style. Unfortunately, the shock trap was of an inferior quality which were more effective against Grade 1 monsters. That does not mean it would be entirely useless against a Grade 2 goblin.

The goblin unknowingly dived into the trap since it thought Yue Wen was defenceless against its high rate of attack. However, when the goblin came into range, the trap was activated and blue lightning struck the goblin. With the multiple daggers plastered all around its body, it actually became perfect conductor for the shock trap.

Yue Wen temporarily withdrew her sword cane and projected two palms full of chi energy to the goblin, as if the chi energy from the palms were squashing it. This gave Jing Ru sufficient time to reload for attacking the spear goblin and aiming at the dagger goblin.

"Do not underestimate us even though you are stronger now." Yue Wen spoke to the goblin as she saw two Giraffes silhouettes appeared behind the bushes. This was the weakness of a sniper cultivator, Jing Ru had been trying to cover her cultivation as much as she could. However, if she continued to cultivate to higher grades, her master said that there would be a chance for her to hide the cultivation during sniping.

Regardless of her thoughts, she meticulously performed her Gun Art, 'Phantasmic Shot of the Gunning Giraffe.' Her chi ran through her entire rifle, powering a shot that could disappear during its path of flight and appeared within five meters of the enemy's head, making it almost impossible for the goblin to predict the attack.

With the goblin restrained, it was more of an assurance to make sure the shot would be true.

Even before the others could hear the sound of the shot, pieces of goblin brain matter splattered all around the ground was evident enough of Jing Ru's skills.

The sword goblin panicked a little when it heard an explosive sound from Jing Ru's shot and it was coincidentally at the weakest part of its attack pattern.

"Good fight."

Shi Hui swiped her war fan to block the sword and went dangerously close to the goblin. She grabbed the goblin by its leather armour and with Chi infused into her palms and legs, she did a body throwing technique that made the sword goblin toppled on the ground.

Shi Hui immediately plunged her closed war fan into the sword goblin's mouth. With chi infused into her war fan, she slits open its mouth, causing breathing difficulties for the goblin. After which, she swiped her fan towards the ground to remove the goblin blood from her fan.

All three goblins dead. All customers outside Station 6 had their jaws opened including Jin. Well, Jin was actually practicing his Panda Yawning. The crowd was astounded by the performance of the girls and they cheered very loudly for them.

"It's a good thing, this place is partially soundproof even with the shutters up or else the owners in the shopping district would complain about the noise these wild animals made." Jin thought and yawned once more.