Chapter 49 Half or Nothing

Chapter 49 of 100 chapters

The three committee members finally returned to the table Jin was sitting at and they restarted the conversation again.

"Okay, we have decided to give you 1% of the commission for the month if you decide to join our coupon booklet. However, this is a one time offer. It would not happen for the subsequent months if you continue to join our coupon booklet." Si Fang came strong in his stance.

"Half of the commission or nothing." Jin yawned as he talked to them.

"This conversation is over. There is no use talking to a lad who refuses to listen." Lai Fu immediately stood up.

"There is no use talking to an old man if he does not change his ways. Thank you for giving up your shop to me in the future." Jin placed his hand on his chin.

"Why you little…" Lai Fu immediately portrayed his cultivation in front of him. Four Great Shark silhouette appeared above him. Lai Fu cultivated in the Shimmery Shark Style and he wanted to give Jin a smack. Ke Ru and Si Fang were not able to stop him. They were of a lower grade than him and knew it was of no use talking sense when he was angry.

"You want a fight to settle this?" Jin's eyes narrowed and he portrayed three pandas silhouette rolling around him.

"You are just a Grade 3, why should I be afraid of you?" Lai Fu snorted.

"Grade 4 does not mean much to me at all." Jin stood up and walked out of the Diner café. "Are you coming for the duel?"

Se Lang, the cultivator of the Wacky Wolf Style coincidentally saw Boss Jin portraying his cultivation as he was patrolling the shopping street. "Boss Jin, what is happening? Why are you showing your cultivation out in the open?"

"Ah, great timing Se Lang, you mind witnessing a duel between us?" Jin waved his hand as he beckoned the policeman on duty to be the judge of the duel.

"If you insist." Se Lang did not know what was happening but duels happened fairly regularly so he did not mind.

"Conditions of victory?" Jin asked Lai Fu but he replied by snorting again as he folded his arms.

"One, kowtow and kiss my feet. Two, distribute the coupon booklet for the next six months without your participation in the booklet." Lai Fu demanded.

"Accepted, mine is quite simple. 100% commission from the entire shopping district for one week. Allow me to redo the entire coupon booklet and I will distribute it as well. Lastly, come to my store for training with an instructor for an hour a week for a month. Of course, you have to pay for it.

However, let me sweeten the deal. If I lose, I will give 100% of my commission to you for six months."

"Simple my ass." Si Fang, Ke Ru and Se Lang all had cold sweat upon hearing Jin's demands.

"I agree because I am going to kick you so hard, you won´t see it coming." Lai Fu laughed loudly.

"I could say the same to you." Jin yawned again as he scratched his head.

"I presume that both parties have accepted the terms of this duel and it had been recorded down by me as an official witness of this duel. I, Police Sergeant of Tiangong Police Station, Se Lang now permit this duel for 10 minutes. First to get unconscious lose." Se Lang announced and asked people to clear the street for a while.

"Ready? Start!" Se Lang shouted.

Lai Fu took out his two handed sword from his storage ring and the uncle with a beer belly disappeared into thin air. It took a moment for Jin to realise that the cultivation aura of the Shimmery Shark was coming from above. He looked up and Jin could see Lai Fu diving straight at him.

"Two Handed Sword Art! 'The Nasty Appetite of the Shimmery Shark!" Lai Fu shouted as his sword dive was immediately enhanced by a silhouette of the shark's mouth at the tip of the sword.

"Eat this!" The shark mouth grew so big that even if Jin tried to run, he would still be caught in it.

"Panda Yaw---" As the sword came closer, a large energy beam of chi was shot out continuously from Jin's mouth towards Lai Fu.

"What?!" Lai Fu saw the incoming beam but he could not dodge in time. Hence, he decided to fight fire with fire so he poured more chi into his Nasty Appetite of the Shimmery Shark. The Shark silhouette came into contact against the continuous chi beam which made it look as if the shark was swallowing the beam attack.

Being a Grade 4, Lai Fu heavily focused his chi downwards as he struggled badly against the chi beam. "Is he not supposed to be just 23 years old? Why would he have such a unique technique of chi? Also, his chi quantity is definitely more than average! A Grade 3 could not have sustained such a long duration chi beam!" Lai Fu complained in his thoughts.

After a few more seconds, the beam did stop and Lai Fu placed his remaining chi into the sword dive. "I bet he would be too tired to dodge! His commission will be mine!" Lai Fu sniggled a little as his sword slammed into the ground, creating a crater impact in the middle of the shopping street.

As he waited for the dust from the sword dive to settle down. He picked up his great sword to check for any blood on it. "Wait a minute...this smell on my actually ketchup sauce!"

He quickly swung his sword around to dissipate the dust and saw Jin giving the ketchup bottle back to Si Fang. Jin thanked Si Fang but little did he know Lai Fu wanted to cleave both him and Si Fang together.

"Sorry Brother Si Fang!" Lai Fu swung his sword but suddenly a large impact of an air explosion appeared in front of him. The impact made him fly towards his general store, the Fresh Price and damaged some of the goods being sold outside of the shop.

His workers immediately tried to pull him it out of the mess he made in front of his store. "All of these goods! You are going to pay for it!" Lai Fu shouted.

"Oh, you want another go?" Jin cracked his knuckles and playfully invited him to come over.

"Wow, is that Boss Jin? Why is he fighting with Boss Ji?" The onlookers started to gather and query.

"I heard Boss Ji was not happy with Boss Jin whose store had been swarming with customers! They even made a bet against each other's earnings!"

"I thought Boss Ji is a Grade 4 cultivator? Why is he losing to Boss Jin?"

"Hah! I believed Boss Jin is a genuine Grade 3 Peak cultivator! Compared to Boss Ji, who only knows how to eat, drink and collect money. His Grade 4 was probably earned through eating good food with spiritual force in them. He clearly did not train like how Boss Jin did."

"Ya! If not how could Boss Jin be able to bring us such difficult dungeons that creates so much excitement and the rush of adrenaline whenever we participate in it?"

The small talk started to annoy Lai Fu and he shouted loudly, "Shut up!" In response, Jin placed his index finger to his lips and hand signalled the crowd to keep quiet. The crowd quietly grinned at Jin's antics but it only made Lai Fu even more angry.

He was so angry that he started to gather whatever chi energy reserves he had left in his body to defeat Jin. He figured that Jin was pretending to be strong after the attack as Lai Fu saw Jin started to shiver a little.

In the previous contact with Lai Fu, Jin casually used his Lazy Panda Swipe without any chi infused in it. Hence, Jin was trying to contain the chi damage he received from Lai Fu. The grade difference does play a part in the power inequality but Jin realised Lai Fu was probably going to give it his all.

"His Chi is strong but does not have much quantity due to the lack of training. I have yet to infuse chi into my arm properly, so I should have a chance of defeating him." Jin suddenly of thought a trick which might be able to turn the tide of the whole battle in the next attack.