Chapter 50 The Grandma

Chapter 50 of 100 chapters

Seeing how Lai Fu was ready to attack at any second. Jin quickly infused both his hands with chi. During that time, he consulted Yun with a few queries, which she answered promptly.

"Kid, what are you distracted with?" Lai Fu shouted and charged towards him. "Two Handed Sword Art! 'Shimmery Shark Dive!'" While looked like a straightforward sword stab with the chi silhouette of a shark covering his entire sword, the skill actually had the capability to turn at any angle to respond to any sudden quick movements.

"Let's see how the kid manages to dodge or halt this attack!" Lai Fu thought that this was the end of Jin as well as the many rewards he was about to reap. Not many were able to stop 'Shimmery Shark Dive' in the past and it even earned him a reputation as the Great Ji in the shopping district.

"Swipe." Similar to how one would throw a frisbee, Jin hurled his phone towards Lai Fu while utilising a chi infused Lazy Panda Swipe. The phone was thrown with such force, that it sped towards Lai Fu. Meanwhile, Lai Fu snorted at the futility of a projectile attack.

"It's just a phone, my charge will divert it." Lai Fu continued to sprint towards Jin. However, what he did not expect was the phone to entirely miss his chi shark silhouette that was encompassing his sword and pass through it to reach his forehead.

At that moment, a large thud was heard, causing his charge to be interrupted by the handphone throw. At that particular moment, he did not notice a miniature hand with a staff emerge out of the phone temporarily and all of a sudden, a large fiery explosion occurred, enveloping Lai Fu in it.

"Oh my god! Did the phone just explode?!" The onlookers were appalled.

"Could Boss Jin still be carrying the Zamzung Notephone 7? The phone that could explode from overcharging?" The onlookers whispered to one another.

"You mean Boss Jin purposely infused it with chi to ignite the battery? That is overbearing!"

Meanwhile, Jin strolled towards Lai Fu and the look on Lai Fu's face was quite pathetic. "I will finish this." Just as Jin was about to use his chi infused Lazy Panda Swipe, a large spiritual pressure descended upon the whole area. No one, including Jin was not able to move… Except for one person.

One old lady walked towards them, aided by her stick with her cultivation portrayed out in the open. It was no simple creature that was being portrayed. In fact, it was a griffin and she was able to show thirteen griffins proudly flying above her.

Si Fang saw who it was and went to his knees. "The Gleaming Griffin Style! It's Grandma Yuan!" The store owners in Tiangong Shopping District knew who Grandma Yuan was. She was one of the last guardians of a traditional practice where each district appointed a guardian of their own choosing to protect themselves from enemies during the world wars, gangsters or even monster attacks.

Unfortunately, the tradition died out when the security of every district was governed by the modern government. Most of the districts did not have a guardian anymore, and if they did, it was just a role without any status nor power. However, Grandma Yuan had been protecting the Tiangong District for the longest time ever. Some even said she was around during World War Two.

"Stop this nonsense at once." Grandma Yuan spoke in a very stern voice and she lightened the spiritual pressure.

"If two owners from the same street fight, this will only incur more hatred. Who will suffer? The street suffers. The customers suffer and ultimately the name of Tiangong suffers yet again. Do you wish to have a repeat of the pachinko fire incident? I will not allow this." Grandma Yuan stomped her walking stick and everyone suddenly trembled a little.

"Ah, I heard of the guardian of Tiangong District but I did not know that she really exists." Jin bitterly smiled at the change of events.

"What are you two fighting for?" Grandma Yuan walked slowly towards them and saw Lai Fu lying on the ground. She placed her stick on Lai Fu's face and prodded him a little.

"You have not changed ever since you started your business here." Grandma Yuan sighed a little.

She then narrowed her eyes at Jin with doubtful intent. "And the young and eager one could not help but flaunt his skills."

"Si Fang, get me the all-day breakfast set, less salt and a large serving of your mushroom soup. We will discuss this." Grandma Yuan said in a calm manner and slowly walked into the Lele Diner Café. Si Fang immediately nodded his head and quickly went into the café to prepare as he asked his servers to clear a table for them.

"Okay everyone, the duel has been forfeited. Please disperse." Se Lang signalled the onlookers to get on with their lives.

"So, Lai Fu care to explain?" Grandma Yuan gave a gentle puff before she drank the soup.

"Let me, Grandma Yuan." Ke Ru explained in full detail what had transpired and finally, Grandma Yuan looked at Jin.

"You want to remodel the whole coupon booklet and have a 100% commission for a week? That I understand that it is to your advantage, but why make Lai Fu have training with your AI instructor?"

"Because I am a dungeon supplier. It is my job to aid the cultivation of others. From a glance, I can see Lai Fu's cultivation stagnated at Grade 4. Due to what reason I do not know. However, I understand one thing. Whoever tries my dungeon can cultivate further."

"What rubbish, you just want to earn more money from me. I am not stupid." Lai Fu snapped back but Grandma Yuan pulled his ear and he kept quiet.

"Fine, assuming you win the bet and you can remodel the booklet. How will you do it to attract more people?" Grandma Yuan asked Jin as Si Fang brought her all-day breakfast set to her.

"I can explain, but it will take a while if you do not know how my shop works." Jin said with confidence.

"You only have until I finish this breakfast set." Grandma Yuan started to dig in.

Jin explained that each coupon would have a chance at a lucky draw in Jin's shop to win either Bronze Panda Medals or panda credits. The cultivators could use them for food from Jin's food services or getting equipment from his underground stores. He would not be providing any other discounts as he emphasised that his prices were reasonable.

The excuse he gave for 100% commission for the first week was to cover losses if he joined the coupon booklet. After which, he would not ask for anything more.

"Besides, I am not a part of the Tiangong Shopping District and I do not share the benefits of an owner in a shopping district like all of you. I need some proper commission to cover myself if I were to join the coupon booklet."

"Then that settles it. Do not join the coupon booklet." Grandma Yuan threatened.

"Sure, I will get back to opening my store for the evening." Jin yawned a little and stood up to leave the shop.

"Wait!" Lai Fu shouted and Jin looked back.

"Are you sure you can push my cultivation to Grade 5?" Lai Fu questioned seriously.

"Give me a week or two. I should be able to get a dungeon instance up that might be able to help you." Jin replied.

"Then Grandma Yuan, I sincerely apologise for going against your wishes. I will bet on Jin's method for the coupon booklet and the 100% commission for a week since Brother Si Fang also has faith in him." Lai Fu bowed his head in front of Grandma Yuan for forgiveness.

Grandma Yuan smiled a little and looked at Jin. "Do not disappoint Tiangong Shopping District, or I will come after you."

Jin nodded his head in respect and left the store.

"Mission complete, Jin. Guess it all went well." Yun was sipping her black ivory coffee when Jin entered the store from the side door.