Chapter 51 Bam and Boo

Chapter 51 of 100 chapters

Jin woke up early in the morning from his Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas cultivating stance and felt extremely refreshed. The chi moving in his body was purer and he felt that he had shedded some waste through his skin. The bad thing was that he had to clean up the room because of the waste that was expelled from his body.

He took some time to clear the area and began to think what he could do to remove the waste without having to clean his room up. He thought about cultivating in his bathroom but that will be awfully weird for a place of cultivation. "Unless I renovate the house and have an open concept bathroom so that I can immediately wash my body the moment I wake up."

"You mean a jacuzzi tub. A large jacuzzi tub." Yun spoke in his head.

"Ehh yea. Probably that." He went to take a quick shower and ate two onigiris he brought back from his store. "Can I take a look at the rewards for yesterday's mission?"

"I placed it on the dining table, did you not see it when you took the onigiri from the fridge?" Yun materialised and came out from her room. She was wearing something more simple, a casual navy blue shirt and black shorts as compared to the usual white formal shirt and skirt.

"New clothes?" Jin sat on the dining table and chewed on his minced pork onigiri as Yun walked down to the 1st floor of the terrace house.

"Might as well make use of the Panda Armoury while at it." Yun went to the dining table and placed her hand on the rectangular black leather suitcase.

"Is it the same as usual, they need my phone?" Jin passed the phone to Yun and she opened it for him as he was busy eating the last bit of his minced pork onigiri.

The suitcase interior was filled with a red velour interior and inside it, Jin assumed they were a pair of bamboo sticks. "This is your secondary objective mission reward for getting 100% commission. You are smart to think outside the box and the System rewards you for your effort."

"But they are just two bamboo sticks. Do I make bamboo juice out of it and get a super duper upgrade?" Jin was being annoying as he thought he was being cheated by the System.

"Nonsense. These bamboo sticks are your weapons." Yun lifted up a longer green stick and showed Jin. "This longer stick is called Bam, while the shorter stick is named Boo."

"A ha ha ha ha. I could not have thought of any other name more original than Bam and Boo." Jin placed his hand on his forehead and tilted it backwards. "I cannot believe the System has such terrible naming system."

"Hey, these weapons are one of a kind, quite a unique yet versatile set of weapons you will ever have. I really believe the System did not cheat you. Listen to my explanations and you will understand." Yun gave a pouting face to Jin for not believing her.

"Well show me how you use it or how useful it is." Jin gave Yun a chance.

Yun placed Bam and Boo in the suitcase and brought it to their backyard where there was a clearing for combat training, which Ming and Jin used frequently. She placed the suitcase down on the ground and opened it again. Firstly, she took Bam out and immediately, the bamboo stick turned into a scabbard without Jin batting his eyes. The scabbard was plain and simple except for a simple panda face insignia on the scabbard and handle.

"Both Bam and Boo can change into a variety of weapons. Bam's basic form is a katana while Boo's a wakizashi. However, mastering Bam will be difficult because you can actually manipulate Bam with chi to adjust Bam's sword length to your liking during the battle."

"So what is the furthest reach can Bam go to? And how fast can I adjust the blade?" Jin asked.

"As fast as you blink and at your current grade? Three meters long." Yun drew the katana out of the scabbard and the blade blinked in silver as the morning sun shone on it. Jin marvelled at the shiny blade which he found out had a tinge of neon green in the temper line of the katana as part of the design.

Yun then put some chi in and the katana instantly changed its reach to three meters with it pointing to Jin. "The sword's material is mainly nickel and chromium with some vanadium. You be glad to know there are amorphous metal mixed in it as well to make the katana even lighter." Yun told Jin about it since he should have a basic knowledge of metals from his university days.

"Wow, you have bulk metallic glasses in it too? That is amazing and thank goodness there is no titanium since it is too blunt for fighting despite its hardiness." Jin thanked the System for being knowledgeable.

"Andddd the scabbard interior is made of titanium." Yun grinned.

"The handle has an anti-slip coating and the materials used to make it easy for you to infuse chi into the sword."

"Do all these materials applied to Boo too?" Jin asked and Yun nodded.

"But Boo is not able to extend its reach. It is, after all, a secondary weapon." Yun informed Jin.

"Now the fun part. If you put Bam and Boo together, you will get a bamboo bo. With chi

manipulation, you can also change the bamboo stick into a longbow or shortbow if you wield it so. Use your chi to create energy arrows for firing."

"Wow, that's really a lot of functions." Jin was bewildered by both the simplicity and complexity of Bam and Boo.

"You can also use it as nunchucks, dual batons and for getting 100% commission, the System allows you to change it into a portable Bamboo Cannon. However, the cannon requires a large amount of Chi to fire and if you are Grade 5 and below, you are only able to shoot it twice safely." Yun demonstrated again and the two bamboo pieces immediately became a large bamboo bore with a handle for her to hold.

"This is insane. Thank you, Yun, for giving me such weapons." Jin was like a child getting a new toy. He swung Bam around in the backyard to get a feel of the weapon. Yun squatted for a while as she watched Jin trying the weapon.

"Unfortunately, you really need to train in order to master the weapons. Hence, the System reward for completing the main objective would aid you in your training… Just that it is kind of complicated." Yun spoke and gave a troubled face.

"Complicated?" Jin stopped for a while and looked at Yun.