Chapter 53 Shanghai Tower

Chapter 53 of 100 chapters

Even though Zeru disappeared into thin air, he still gave a notification via the bellator app. "Training starts in 3 days." Jin realised that Zeru knew that the bulk of the revenue came during the weekends since Jin opened his store from morning to night for the weekends.

"I believe the System did not wish for me to lose that much money even though I needed training." Jin grinned a little.

Meanwhile, Yun asked Jin to clear a bulk of his missions and personal tasks such as the revamp of the coupon booklet before he starts his training on Monday. Or else, he might not have sufficient time in the next few weeks to do so.

"Actually, Yun I might need some help with the lucky draw." Both Jin and Yun locked the gates of their house before they left.

"Hmmph on what?" Yun magically took out a black sports running cap and wore it.

"I had some ideas for the lucky draw but I might need to tap on the resources of the System." Jin took out his phone to study the list of owners that participated in the coupon booklet from an email Si Fang sent.

"Well, if you do that, the System will probably create a mission objective. Are you willing to risk it?" Yun strolled beside Jin while he continued to look at his phone.

"It's fine, the System is fixed. You are ermm somewhat alive. I believe it will be a reasonable mission objective." Jin spoke with confidence.

"Ohohoho, do not be too confident. You have yet to fall from the grace of the System." Yun giggled a little.

"How bad can it be?" Jin thought quietly but he had momentarily forgotten that Yun could listen to his thoughts if she wants to.

"How about a mission on finding a girlfriend?" Yun teased Jin and he nearly tripped as he walked.

"Okay, okay, I am sorry. I must remember to know my limits." His last relationship attempt was unfortunately unforgettable and he had yet to move on from it.

Both reached the store within 10 minutes and upon opening the side door, they found a thick envelope in their door's letter box.

"No threat detected, you can safely open that," Yun said casually as she took her cap out and let her hair down for a while before she bunned it up again.

"You mean the System scanned my letters?" Jin tore open the envelope seal and found the prototype coupon booklet as well as the thumb drive to edit the booklet if needed. A business card of the shopping district's graphic design studio and print stores were attached in the envelope as well.

"I have to, we cannot let our host just die from a letter bomb or from an anthrax attack without squeezing him dry right?" Yun walked into the bar counter island to wash her hands.

"Sometimes, I wonder what is the goal of the System." Jin approached the cabinet that held the triple cheese pizza to get a slice out.

"For you right now? To be the number one dungeon supplier in the world." Yun went to make a cup of black ivory coffee for herself.

"Right now? You mean you have other plans for me after achieving that goal?" Jin took a large bite of the pizza and gave a look of bliss.

"Trade secret!" Yun giggled as she tries to cool her coffee down a little.

"Tsk copycat." Jin opened his bellator app and summoned both Peppers and Milk out for the zombie mission. Yet again, Milk was in her golden silky gown lazing around the couch with her curvy body looking as majestic as ever. Peppers was in her panda print pyjamas sleeping next to the couch while she hugged a large pillow with her drooling saliva.

Milk opened one of her eyes and saw Jin and Yun looking at them. "Five more...EEEEYAAAAA!" Yun immediately pulled Milk and Peppers' legs up to the second floor. Peppers was still in deep sleep like a log even though her body and head kept hitting the stairs multiple times. Although the heart was willing, the flesh was not and Milk was seen helplessly struggling against Yun. "Ma-ow ooo-ster~! Helpppuuu…"

As Jin had the scene locked in his mind, he could not help but think about his third bellator but he suddenly dismissed that thought the moment he felt a dark vibe emanating from his phone.

Yun shouted at Jin to give her 10 minutes, five minutes longer than usual because of the new addition to the sleeping couch club.

Hence, Jin looked up at the news for a while and one of it caught his attention. The birth of a new baby panda by Jie Jie and Lee Lee in the Shenzhen Provincial Zoo. The pictures were well taken and the baby panda was overly cute.

"I guess I should take a day off to take a look at the pandas in the zoo. That will also be a good training material as well. Seeing how the pandas move might give me an insight for my cultivation." Jin decided to make an excuse to close the shop for a day.

Suddenly, a notification appeared when he was browsing the news.


Mission: Travel to Shenzhen Provincial Zoo and take a selfie picture with the baby panda.

Reward: All coupon booklet related expenses fully paid by the System.


"Yun! Did you just gave me a mission?" Jin shouted from the first floor.

"As if I am not busy enough?!" Yun shouted back like a mom handling two babies who did not wish to listen to her.

"Oh, so this mission is by the will of the System...? I thought it allowed Yun to be the spokesperson. Guess there might be exceptions every once in a while." Jin thought it was a little fishy but completing system missions were essential to his growth as a dungeon supplier.

"It probably had a reason to do so." Jin shrugged his shoulders as he tried to reason it to himself and waited for the two bellators to get ready for the Zombie World.

"Are you three finally ready?" Yun's well bunned hair turned into a mess after the fixing the two bellators to work and she panted a little. All three nodded with much 'enthusiasm' and Yun teleported them to the Zombie World and she continued drinking her black ivory coffee.

"Coffee is still the best remedy for mornings." Yun finally had some peace to herself for a while.

Upon safely arriving at the Zombie World, Jin found himself at a place he had seen on the internet. Just that, it was not the same as he remembered it.

"Shanghai Tower…?"

He peeked through the window of a desolate building that Yun had teleported them to and he saw the Shanghai tower in ruins. "Why would there be a building similar to Shanghai tower here in this world...or is it truly the Shanghai tower?" Jin asked Yun in his thoughts.

"All the worlds that you had visited, even the food that you sold and ate are from various parallel worlds that would have happened if there was a change in the original timeline of Earth," Yun said solemnly.

"Is the Earth that I am in, the original timeline?" Yun shook her head at Jin's question.

"Do not fret, the original timeline does not necessarily mean it is a better world to live in. Some things were meant to be kept as a secret. You happened to be privileged to learn one of the many secrets of the world. Now, forget about that and focus on your mission."