Chapter 55 Operation Fireworks

Chapter 55 of 100 chapters

"Ahhh what is this heavenly feeling?" Jin woke up to see two towering silhouettes covering his face from the sun while he felt that his head was being supported by a large soft cushion.

"Ah you are awake, that's good." Milk continued to caress his hair and Jin suddenly felt even more tired than before.

"Why am I on your thigh? Even though it feels very comfortable." Jin wanted to sleep on it longer.

"You were badly burnt but I managed to fix you up. Yun came to this world momentarily to scold Peppers for nearly killing you. Although I have to say, it was partially your fault too." Milk curled a strand of Jin's hair.

Meanwhile, Peppers was still in a prostrated position after she was reprimanded by Yun to not move until Jin wakes up. "I am sorry for the trouble I caused." Peppers said it reluctantly mainly due to her innate pride of being a superior mage.

Jin thanked Milk and stood up to walk towards Peppers. He picked up the oversized wizard hat that was right beside her and assisted Peppers to stand up. She staggered a little and awkwardly used Jin's body as a pillar of support since she was not used to kneeling for long periods of time and she had numbness in her legs. This made her feel as if she had pins and needles in her legs.

Jin placed her hat on her head and adjusted it a little. "You do not have to, I am the one who should say sorry. I should have asked you to cast an explosion spell instead of-"

"HAH! You owe me that jar of gummies!" Peppers' expression immediately changed when she looked at Milk winning a small bet.

"I did tell you he would apologise to you. He is not as bad as you think he is." Milk's laughter was a little haughty.

"I.. hmmph!" Peppers kept quiet for once.

"Alright, I think we wasted enough time here, let us prepare our battle plan." Jin could not be bothered with these two bellators when he was trying to be sincere in his apology. He immediately asked Peppers the method for placing the page of incantation which he had painstakingly obtained into the green tome of replicated spells.

Surprisingly, Peppers was not one bit annoying. She taught Jin and gave clear instructions on it. "Thank you Peppers. That was really helpful." Jin smiled at Peppers and she nodded her head nonchalantly.

"Perhaps, she wasn't given much care and concern previously." Jin thought for a while and decided to take a note about it.

Jin followed Peppers' instructions and successfully inserted the page of magic incantations into the tome and the tome glowed warmly with magic. "Let's move quietly into the Shanghai Tower," Jin told them where they were headed to.

He thought of something and took his phone out. As he turned on Mooogle Maps, it actually showed him the area where he was standing. Hence, he tried typing in the Shanghai Tower into the app and explicit directions were given on how to go to Shanghai Tower.

Jin also looked at the time on his phone and it appeared to be synchronised to the time of this world as well.

"Looks like we might have a good night show to watch if everything goes well." Jin beckoned both to come with him and they followed closely and tried to avoid any zombies.

"Are you really trying to get the secondary mission objective? I still think it's too hard for you." Milk suddenly expressed her concerns when she used her large book to kill a zombie at the head.

Jin made her cast her anti-acoustic dome barrier on a piece of pebble, making it a portable barrier wherever they go. This allowed them to move as quietly as possible and allowed Peppers to cast her smaller scale explosive spells without worry. Peppers for once complimented Jin on his ideas.

"Heh, I actually learnt it on a tabletop game when I played with my friends." Jin thought and realised he had not seen those high school friends of his for a long time.

He was not very sociable during university for a reason or two but during high school, he and his friends were quite a bunch of troublemakers. Perhaps he should give them a call when he had the time….or perhaps not. They might be able to deduce that Jin had a system in him.

Slowly but surely, they managed to reach Shanghai Tower by dusk without too much difficulty. The Mooogle map directions were easy to understand but Jin decided to play it safe and took the smaller streets. It took a long time but they encountered fewer zombies.

"Yun, by any chance are you able to get me the schematics for Shanghai Tower?" As they were hiding within a bush, Jin asked Yun for some help through his thoughts.

"What? Why would you...ohhhhhh. I get it now. Wow, did you actually learn this from Peppers?" Meanwhile, Peppers had an innocent look on her face as Jin stared at her.

"No no, but I think she will love it once I tell her about the plan. And perhaps...just perhaps she might have a better perception of me." Peppers had a 'What are you looking at me for' kind of look on her face.

"Alright, if it can improve the relationship between you and her, I guess it is worth a shot. Check your email shortly." Yun said in his head and his phone vibrated.

He never understood why people said the phone was the best buddy you would ever have until today. Without the help of the System's created phone, he might have encountered lots of trouble in this Zombie World. He downloaded the attachment via some mysterious Wifi which he believed was the System itself or else he could not explain where the Wifi came from and viewed the PDF file he was offered by Yun.

The blueprint was elaborate from an engineering point of view and was not some simple fire emergency layout map. To his surprise, Yun even circled parts of the structural vulnerability of various floors. Since there were 128 floors and 250 pages of explosion spells, Jin could not help but snicker.

"Maybe I should keep a few pages of the tome for future use." Jin thought of using only two pages of explosion spell per floor but in reality, that would not destroy the whole building.

From the blueprint, the building had a sort of fail-safes in the design despite the structural vulnerabilities that Yun had pointed out so it would not be destroyed that easily.

"I guess I will just place a page at each structural vulnerability on every floor and place the other where I think where the zombies will congregate the most. That sure is a lot of work but it will be spectacular."

Jin finally told the plan to Peppers and Milk and to Jin expectations, Peppers face lit up like a full moon and pumped up, all ready to go.

"I called it Operation Fireworks." Jin grinned widely.