Chapter 56 Feasibility

Chapter 56 of 100 chapters

"Shall we get to work then?" Milk felt excited at Jin's reckless plan to kill two hundred different looking zombies while using only the Panda Yawning technique. This plan should allow Jin to achieve both the main and secondary objectives.

By mixing Panda Yawning chi beam with the powerful explosion from Peppers in the page of incantations, Jin had increased the power of the Panda Yawning by multiple folds. Not only that, but he had also replicated that page of incantations to 250 pages worth of spells.

The mission did not state that the Panda Yawning could not be modified. Thinking out of the box was essential for an engineering student to score well in their projects in the university and Jin was glad he was able to put it into use by exploiting the loopholes of the mission objectives.

"I will take the highest floor and work from the top to the bottom….eh how do I send the details to you girls?" Jin split the tome into two and gave the first half to Milk and Peppers.

"Oh do not worry, Yun is coordinating the details with us. She is afraid we will screw up." Milk explicitly looked at Peppers.

"I will not! This will be one of the masterpieces that I shall carve on this world!" Peppers replied proudly.

"No, I will definitely guide the two of you." Yun's voice was transmitted to the trio.

"Then let's get started, we do not have much time to waste," Jin said while preparing to take the stairs.

"Eh how about trying the elevator?" Both bellators said in unison.

"Shouldn't there be no power in the elevators?" Jin looked at them assuming that his common sense should be right since the Shanghai Tower was in ruins and the whole place had been festered with zombies.

"Never hurts to try." Milk pressed the button and they were right after all. The elevator was working.

"Okay...." Jin remembered that Shanghai tower had one of the fastest elevators in the world. He just hoped it would work normally because he indeed felt too lazy to take the stairs and thankfully it did. He had slight nausea due to the change in air pressure but it was not so bad as he could handle being brought up from the first floor to the observation deck.

"Top observation deck." A female announcer voice was heard when he reached the top accessible floor. "So, there is still some power in the building after all." He then remembered that Shanghai tower was boasted as one of the newer skyscrapers that have eco-sustainability. He would not be surprised if the Tower had solar panels to power up the building's secondary generators.

There were indeed zombies all around so he decided to use Bam and Boo together and it became a Bo before he splits them apart to be a pair of dual baton. "There were no criteria that hurting them with other weapons will cause the secondary mission objective to be invalid right?"

"Yes, you can do that, but note that if you happened to kill one by accident, the secondary mission objective will be moot," Yun warned Jin, knowing that he was dying to get the secondary mission objective completed.

She assumed he was too enticed by the secondary rewards he had earnt from the previous mission. Or perhaps he regretted not being able to complete the secondary objective during the Zither Mistress mission where he was supposed to use the Lazy Panda Swipe technique to kill his enemies.

Jin figured out the location of the structural vulnerability of the top observation deck and tried to be as quiet as possible and regretted that he did not learn Panda Tumbling, a type of movement technique that allows the user to move swiftly and quiet like wheels rolling on the road.

He learnt Panda Yawning in order to complete a mission and it was one of the few missions available in the mission app.


Mission: Master the technique of Panda Yawning by creating the beam in less than a second. Beam created should have sufficient power to reach a distance of 100 meters.

Reward: Quality of life improvements in the store.


There was also a mission on Panda Tumbling but it was only available after he accepted the Panda Yawning mission. At the moment, he was able to shoot his beam in less than a second but he still did not have sufficient chi power to create a beam that could reach a distance of 100 meters.

He figured this zombie mission was meant to train his Panda Yawning technique but he did not expect that he had gone a different route to defeat the zombies.

Regardless, he was able to find the location of the structural vulnerability of the observation deck. At that point, the sun was already setting and the moon along with the stars shone brightly under the lightless city.

"Guess I better hurry." He quietly placed one of the pages of the magic tome near the centre of the observation deck and slipped away to the lower floor via the emergency stairway.

On the next floor, he noticed that there was moonlight shining through the windows of the other floor but it was not strong enough to light up the area for him to see.

Hence, with the aid of his own technique, the Playful Panda, the combination of teachings from the Playful Platypus style and the Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas Technique, he was able to navigate through the darkness without making too much disturbance by avoiding them.

Unfortunately, the cover of darkness did not make things any easier. Some of the zombies were still able to discover him but a few knocks of the dual batons caused them to bump into each other and the noise that they made distracted them from Jin.

"Wow, this will be difficult if I have to go through each and every floor." Jin started to think that his plan was not as feasible he thought it will be. It was possible to do, just too strenuous and it would be daytime before everything was done. Jin did not want daytime to come since he wanted Peppers to see some fireworks. Maybe, he himself wished to see some too.

"Unless…" Jin took out his phone to turn on the bellator app. "Milk, by any chance, do you have a flight spell or spells that can make you as light as possible?"

"Ehhh I guess so, why?" Milk telepathically answered him and her message appeared in the app. She paused a while before replying again.

"Are you thinking of jumping out of the building? (-.-)" An emoji appeared in Milk's reply to Jin but Jin did not reply at all. Milk assumed that Jin had bumped into some trouble so that was why he might want to change the plans a little.

"There's quite a number of zombies loitering around the building. I do not think I can pass through them easily." Jin's reply confirmed Milk's suspicion.

"Ehhh sort of. It is a Feather Light spell, which will reduce your weight to ⅛. Even if you fall from the top of the building, your cultivation strength should be able to withstand the impact and damage." Milk offered her choice of spell for him.

"So what about the spell pages that you asked us to place? We covered about 10 floors already." Milk replied to her.

"Just leave them be, did you kill any zombies along the way?"

"Not much, just a few."

"Alright leave the area and return back to the abandoned building. Also, you mind asking Peppers for a page of incantations and place that Feather Light spell at the elevator on the 10th floor? I will take it from there."

"Already did the transferring of the spell before you asked. We will place it behind the flower pot which is right beside the elevator."

"See you and may the goddess protect you." Milk sent a praying nun emoji at the end of the text and the chat ended.

"Oh shucks, I forgot to ask. How do I activate the spell for the Explosive Panda Yawning?" Jin scratched his head.