Chapter 57 Plan B

Chapter 57 of 100 chapters

He wanted to take out his phone once more to ask either Milk or Peppers for help but a zombie found him hiding behind a pillar. Jin quickly joined the two batons together to reform the bamboo Bo and sweep the zombie's legs, causing it to fall.

He then manipulated chi into the Bo and it turned into a short bow. Jing gave a point-blank shot using a small amount of his chi and he shot the zombie's arms and legs, pinning it down to the ground. All the zombie could do was to struggle fruitlessly.

After which, Jin ran to the emergency stairways and closed the door as quickly but gently as he could in order not to attract additional attention to him.

"That was close." Jin panted a little from the manoeuvre. He could have easily killed the zombie but not killing was harder than he thought.

"I shall save you the trouble of asking Peppers." Yun suddenly spoke in Jin's thoughts. "Upon knowing the plan, she secretly inserted a trigger incantation into the tome too. As long as it comes into contact with fire or when a zombie touches it, the page will release its magic."

"Wow, Peppers is really smart. I really do see her in a new light." Jin praised Peppers but little did he know, she nearly sneezed.


Milk was able to notice the irritation in Peppers' face and quickly tried to cover her mouth. The anti-acoustic barrier had long worn off when they were leaving the 10th floor and Milk did not have time to create another one. Upon this incident, she quickly took a small piece of rubble and immediately cast the anti-acoustic dome barrier once more.

Peppers was also relieved that Milk was able to stop her in time else it might potentially ruin the plan that Jin had painstakingly prepared. Yet, she was also extremely excited to see her magic in action and hoped that her master would not disappoint her.

Jin got to the 10th floor and managed to find the incantation page of Feather Light spell behind the flower pot and noticed there was an additional small cloth bag at the side. He assumed that it belonged to Peppers and Milk since it was placed right beside the incantation page of Feather Light. He opened the cloth bag and saw a folded piece of paper and two rings.



The ring in blue is a one-time use spell enhancer ring and the white ring is used to trigger the Feather Light spell since you have no idea how to read magic incantations. Show me the best fireworks you can produce!

Else I will never. NEVER. Ever. Forgive. You.

Peppers <3

PS: Return those rings to me, I can still reuse them!


"Hahaha, she is so cute when she is nice." Jin smiled a little and decided to proceed with Plan B but in actuality, Plan B was made up on the spot.

He took the elevator again to the 80th floor and purposely chose an office with a stronger metal door instead of those flimsy glass doors most modern offices have. In that office, there were a few zombies lying around playing dead so Jin decided to clear them to initiate Plan B. He slashed the zombies' legs with Bam to render their mobility.

After which, he took wires from computers, extension plugs and cables to tie the zombies up and gave a Panda Yawning Chi Beam each on their heads. All were obliterated within a second and what was left were their lifeless bodies.

"8/200 different looking zombies killed. Panda Yawning used. Secondary Objective remains valid." A notification popped up instead of Yun saying it in his head. Perhaps, she could not be bothered with all these little numbers or she thought Jin was just trying too hard.

Jin later smashed one of the windows facing the Jin Mao Tower, which was situated right beside the Shanghai Tower. He then quickly grabbed as many pieces of furniture as he could find in the office and blocked the entrance and exits he saw on the blueprint.

There was some noise from all the moving of the furniture and this attracted the attention of the zombies on the 80th floor. However, the metal door was able to withstand the zombies' constant banging.

After all the furniture moving was done, he walked nearer to the smashed window and portrayed his cultivation, the Nineteen Lazy Astral Pandas and three lazy panda silhouettes yawned simultaneously. With all the chi he could gather, he shouted as loud as he could.


His shout pierced through the silent night and every zombie in the vicinity woke up from their aimless routine. Jin could see that his shout had a tremendous effect on the undead population so much so that the zombies themselves started to make lots of noise, attracting even more zombies.

"Now we shall await the congregation of the zombie conference." Jin took a chair with rollers and sat beside the smashed window. He could see Milk and Peppers from afar, standing at the top of the abandoned building they once stood. They seemed to be able to handle the zombie threat quite well as the route leading to the abandoned building was filled with smoke and ashes.

"I guess Peppers had fun blasting them to pieces but I thought she said her Mana was low."

"Oh, her Mana was once low when she just started as a mage. Since then she tried various ways to improve magic spells in order to reduce Mana usage while she increases the efficiency of her attacks as well." Yun's voice suddenly appeared in his head.

"Ever since the System contracted her to be a bellator, all she requested was an infinite pool of Mana and she did not care who her master was. Unfortunately, nobody ever contracted her till you."

"Wait, I thought the System came from" Jin questioned as he looked at the zombies moving hastily in the streets towards Shanghai Tower.

"There were other people before Ming who were selected to use the System too, but whether they were successful in their life remains confidential," Yun replied.

At this point, the knocking at the doors was more violent and one of the doors managed to break loose. However, there was still stacked furniture remaining that prevented them from coming through.

"I shall wait a while more before I start Operations Fireworks." Jin thought to himself.

Suddenly a phone notification came on. It was a picture message sent by Milk. Jin opened it and was flabbergasted. "These zombies can climb??!" In disbelief, Jin quickly took a peek out of the smashed window and saw thousands and thousands of zombies 'climbing' up the Shanghai Tower.

They were actually zombies stacked on one another, hoping to reach Jin through the masses of numbers. Yet they were rather fast and not the slow walking zombie that Jin had all along been encountering.

"Why are they so active now?" Jin was still in a bit of shock.

"Because they are attracted to chi energy. For the whole time, you used little to no chi energy on your way here aside from the attack you did when the explosion happened which caused you to faint. However, the chi emitted from you was also absorbed by the page of incantations."

"Oh my, what mess did I put myself in?" Jin's legs shivered a little.

While all these were happening, Peppers created a floating box large enough for Milk and herself.

She even took out some snacks from her bag of seemingly endless space and shared it with Milk.

"This will be a great show to watch!" Peppers beamed as she munched on a few pieces of sea salt and black pepper potato chips.