Chapter 58 Explosion is an Ar

Chapter 58 of 100 chapters

The zombies were stacking up fast on the ground floor of the Shanghai Tower, and one could assume that the remaining floors were packed and flooded with just zombies. Meanwhile, the furniture that was used to block the entrances of the 80th floor was being pushed away by the horde of zombies wanting to come in. There was little time for Jin to hesitate any further.

Jin initially wanted to keep a few pages of the Explosive Panda Yawning spell but it seemed that he would need all the firepower he could garner. "Goodbye cruel world!" Jin wore the two rings that were bestowed to him by Peppers and he used his cultivation powers to jump out of the window as high as he could.

The tome that was filled with the pages of Explosive Panda Yawning was left on the chair beside the smashed window. As he jumped out of the window, he activated both the Feather Light spell ring and the Chi Enhancer ring at the same time.

For a second, it seemed that the change in air pressure from his sudden 'loss of weight' gave him an airlift and he unleashed his cultivation once more. This time, the three rolling lazy panda silhouettes yawned simultaneously and with all of his chi overflowing from the effects of the Chi Enhancer ring as well. Jin gathered as much as he could handle and unleashed the largest and biggest Panda Yawning chi beam he had ever done.

His Panda Yawning chi beam had always been a fusion of white Yang and black Yin energy but with effects of the Chi Enhancer, the white energy glowed brighter which was blinding even to Jin and the black energy darkened to a colour darker than black.

Unknown to him, the phone in his pocket gave him a mission app notification stating that the mission on Mastering Panda Yawning was completed. Meanwhile, he was so busy yawning the chi beam, he did not realise that the beam pushed him backwards in midair.

Where was the beam aimed at? Mainly the chair with the tome on it. Not to mention the beam killed tens of brainless zombies that followed Jin blindly out of the window which made some of them fall off the building. However, the moment Jin's chi energy beam touched the tome, there was light.

A burst of light so brilliantly bright, it felt like it was the birth of a new star.


The rapid release of energy caused a shockwave that caused Jin, who was ⅛ of his original weight to be knocked back even further, making him crash into the neighbouring Jin Mao Tower. He rolled across the floor to break his momentum but inadvertently crashed into various cubicles and office furniture. He finally landed on a sofa which cushioned him from further impact.

"WOOOHOOO!!" Peppers and Milk were already wearing sunglasses during the massive explosion of the Shanghai Tower. The impact of the explosion reached the abandoned building but Peppers' flying box was able to maintain its stability despite the knockback from the impact. Milk even prepared the highest level of Holy Shield to protect them from the blast while they enjoyed watching the fireworks.

"I must say, this explosion could be a new contender to your Guinnessie Record of Explosions." Milk watched hundreds of zombies being sent out of the tower by the aftershocks of the explosion.

"Hmm, I shall give him an overall score of 8/10 for the explosion." Peppers licked her fingers after finishing the second pack of chips that she shared with Milk.

"8/10? I would give an 8.9/10 for the aftereffects of flying zombies." Milk continued to spectate as the top floors of Shanghai tower gave way and fell onto the zombies on the ground. She signaled Peppers to bring the flying box higher for a better view of the situation.

"Do you always have to be this irritating. Can't you just give a whole number?" Peppers opened a bag of gummies and chewed on a black and white panda looking gummy. The black part of the panda tasted like kokacola-flavour and she nibbled on it a little longer to savour the taste.

"What? Giving a decimal point gives my review a perception of being sophisticated." Milk commented as she watched what's left of the burning building. Shanghai's Tower's 80th floor and above was obliterated by Jin and at the top of Shanghai Tower, the fire was burning brightly like a beacon of hope.

Hope that Peppers would be able to see such beautiful explosion once more.

"But why 8/10?" Milk was curious at Peppers assessment.

"Because the explosion was not colourful enough. It only consisted of black and white. My explosions contained various colours. I can make green, blue, orange, yellow and red explosions." Peppers took another gummy and it was T-rex shaped.

"What, you lowered your evaluation score because of colours?" Milk could see the debris that fell from Shanghai tower killed quite a number of the zombies as Jin's shouting did the trick to attract them to the tower.

"Why not? Explosion is an art. Colours do matter!" Peppers closed her eyes tightly when she accidentally ate a sour snake shaped gummy.

"Well, art takes into account other things as well! Not just colours!" Milk went ahead to steal a few gummies from Peppers but Peppers noticed it and pouted angrily at Milk.

"That's why for a first timer, giving him an eight is considered high in my books. In addition, he could have spread the pages of the tome and that would have potentially expanded the radius of the explosion, inflicting more damage-"

Suddenly, they saw more explosions and it came from the first ten floors. Both of them stopped their chatter and continued to watch with anticipation. They believed one of the zombies accidentally touched the page of Explosive Panda Yawning. With Yun previously directing them to the structural vulnerability of the first ten floors excluding the basements, they now hoped for the best part to happen.

The second wave of explosions awoke Jin's senses and he found himself being surrounded by zombies. Thankfully, the zombies were not looking at him but at the window on the outside of Jin Mao Tower. He then noticed his phone was on the floor with two notifications, stating that the zombie main and secondary mission objective had been completed.

"I guess with most of my chi expelled out after that attack, the zombies did not view me as a threat." Jin was weak from his lack of chi but his Dantian was still generating a small amount of chi every minute because of his innate cultivation potential. Hence, he managed to sneak out of the zombies' sight.

He crawled slowly to the side of the office where he had crashed into and move slowly to a corner where he could view what had happened to the Shanghai Tower.

To the trio's delight, the Shanghai Tower finally collapsed as it was not able to hold the weight of the entire building once the first ten floors was destroyed.

"Mission Complete with style," Yun said in a cool voice and teleported them back to the shop.