Chapter 59 Quality of Life Improvements

Chapter 59 of 100 chapters

Jin and the other two bellators returned safely to the store and found out an hour or so had passed since the time they went to the Zombie World. "Time dilation is a mechanic even I myself cannot explain. So do not look at me with such a curious face Jin." Yun commented as she prepared three plates of curry rice right in front of them.

All three hurriedly got to the bar counter and started to eat. "Thanks for preparing the food Yun, come to think of it, I sure am famished!" Jin immediately dug in by taking the piece of pork cutlet dipped with curry into his mouth. Yun asked for what would they like for drinks and each had their own preference for beverages. Milk wanted Bamboo Juice, Peppers asked for a Panda Soda while Jin just preferred spring water.

During their brunch, it was evident that Peppers indeed became closer to Jin after the zombie mission and Yun was proud that she even initiated the conversations. "I guess Jin unknowingly killed two birds with a stone for that mission." Yun smiled at her own thoughts.

"What? My explosion is only 8/10?! After all the troublesome work that I had done? Impossible! I said it's at least a 9/10" Jin exclaimed loudly.

"Well, if you were not so obsessed with the secondary mission objective, you would not have gone through all those troubles!" Peppers stuck her tongue out and stole a piece of pork cutlet from Jin's plate. Jin showed his slight anger which Peppers giggled at but deep inside him, he was glad Peppers got more lively so he let the matter slide.

"Master~~! Did I do good too?" Milk tried to get the attention of Jin but he totally ignored her advances.

"Here, a piece of pork cutlet for you too." Jin took one of the bigger slices and placed it in Milk's plate.

"Master! What if I grow fat from this cutlet?" Milk pouted while Peppers was jealous Milk got a bigger slice.

"You can give that to me if you do not want it at all" Peppers tried to cross over Jin's seat to blatantly steal the pork cutlet.

"Ah! No, this is a gift from Master!" Milk quickly threw that piece of pork cutlet into her mouth before Peppers was able to reach it. Yun chuckled at the scene and wanted to talk to Jin with regards to his rewards but someone interrupted.

"Jin, you did well to persevere, despite some discouragements from your fellow bellators and the system. That is what I would like to expect when the training starts." Zeru came and sat beside Milk. "Lady Yun, I would like one of this pork cutlet too."

Yun gladly served the pork cutlet to him and both Milk and Peppers told him the details when he was not around in Zombie World.

"Hahaha! It's a pity I could not have gone with you two. I definitely believe it was a spectacular sight to see Jin's first attempt at creating such a large firework." They talked for a while longer before Milk and Peppers returned to the Bellator app.

However, Zeru remained and out of the blue, he kneels down in front of Jin. "Shifu? What are you doing? Please get up."

"No, Master Jin. I like to clarify a few things with you or else there might be a long-lasting misunderstanding between us. I am firstly your Bellator and secondly your teacher. Use me as you would have with both Milk and Peppers or else I am a failure as a Bellator." Zeru clarified his stance with Jin.

Jin was stunned for a moment and Zeru continued to talk. "While if this sounds contradictory and you could not bear to treat me as an equal Bellator then how about this? I am only your Shifu when we are in my training instance. Other than that, please do treat as one of your bellators. How does that sound?"

"Sure, thanks Zeru for the clarification, you may stand up now." Jin immediately got what he meant. Zeru did not want to have the special treatment of a Shifu just because he was going to train his master. Yet, He would still like to serve his master to his fullest.

"Thank you, Master Jin." Zeru bowed and took his leave and returned to the Bellator app.

"Now, it is my turn for your attention." Yun was handed Jin his handphone which he had initially placed on the table.

"Congratulations for completing two of the system's missions. I will be providing you with the rewards from the 'Master the Panda Yawning Technique' mission." Yun smiled and snapped her fingers. The store shook a little and things magically appeared all around the shop.

While it was not immediately noticeable, the shop actually expanded by a few square feet. There was now more space between the bar counter and the various stations. Speaking of stations, all six stations were now equipped with the 55 inch True 16K UHD TV and the 49 inch TVs were wall mounted at the top of the 55 inch TV.

"What's with the additional set of TV? Panoramic view of the dungeon instance?" Jin asked.

"If that's the case, the system would have placed it side by side instead of a top-bottom layout. The TV at the top would be used to show the names of the participants entering the dungeon as well as some vital statistics." Yun replied.

"During the dungeon run, it will also capture and playback certain epic moments during the cultivator's fight. It would be for those who accidentally missed it and for the entire store to see as well. Since people usually crowd the area and other customers usually struggled to see what's the commotion."

"Oh like those sports games where someone scored a goal?" Jin felt that it was a good idea.

"Yeah, exactly like that. This will create a more extensive and perhaps expansive experience for the customers to bond with each other. " Yun subsequently asked Jin to take a look at his Pandamonium app.

"Your Pandamonium app had been updated to the latest version. The system had updated the user interface with a cleaner design and now you can officially put announcements to inform your customers."

"In addition, cultivators who installed Pandamonium are able to watch the live stream of any of the six stations in full HD if they pay a monthly subscription fee of 40 Yuan as one of the in-app purchases in Pandamonium." Yun showed where the new Panda icon was and it was represented by a Panda biting on a film reel.

"Huh? Are you allowing this? I thought you had the pay per video deal." Jin questioned Yun.

"Hmm, you did complain it was not very feasible to do this sort of model, saying it was outdated which the system eventually bowed down to the consumption trend of modern society." Yun shrugged her shoulders a little.

"Can they download the stream if they like the stream?" Jin asked once more.

"Definitely for 5 Yuan." Yun raised up her hand, showing a five to Jin.

"Here you go again. How is that following the consumption trend of modern society?" Jin shook his head.

"Then what would you suggest?" Yun placed her hands on her hips, feeling a little irritated too.

"Hmm..." Jin thought for a while as he tapped his fingers on the table.

"How about making it free for those who subscribed and participated a dungeon recently? For example, if a customer participated in two dungeons, they will have two free downloads? Will that encourage the customers? I am sure the system can do that up, else I'm fairly versed in programming codes and see what I can do to make that happen." Jin offered his expertise from the university.

"Hahaha, the system is way superior to what you are capable of. Besides, what you suggest is feasible but complicated. I will just throw in four free downloads per week." This time round, Yun shook her finger at Jin.

"You can do that and you can add a new subscription model of 60 Yuan for the live stream and an additional 10 downloads per week?" Jin thought about it for a while and felt that it was feasible.

"I will discuss with the system and get back to you. That sounds fairly decent." Yun agreed to Jin's suggestion.

"Well, I guess that is true too. Is that all for the improvement of quality for the store?"

"Not quite, remember the existence of the third floor?" Yun asked Jin and she can see Jin nearly forgot about it,

"Oh? Oh yes, nobody really used the playback functions room. " Jin was a little disappointed that no one really used that function when he was the one who requested for it.

"Yes, you are right. Literally, no one ever used it. Come with me." Jin followed Yun as she walked up the stairs to the second floor and everything looked almost the same, except for more leg space.

When he reached the third floor, he was surprised it was not just an improvement of quality for the store.

It was a revamp.