Chapter 63 Toilet Instance?!

Chapter 63 of 100 chapters

With a tap of Jin's phone, both he and Yun were teleported into the toilet dungeon instance via the top hat penguin statue.

"This is not a toilet at all…" Jin looked around the environment and found that they were at the top of a mountain hot spring with a wooden cabin.

The view was breathtaking and there was nothing but lush forests at the bottom of the mountains and clear blue skies above him. There were a series of valleys around the area that showed the depth of the dungeon instance.

Jin always wanted to try and shout at the top of the mountain to see if it really echoed back. "Hello!!" The entire mountain area did indeed echo back a little.

The temperature of the mountain hot spring area was a little cold but not to the extent that he needed extra clothing to protect himself. Besides, a little amount of chi infusion was sufficient to protect the body even if he was naked.

He then noticed that there were penguins working round the clock to keep the hot spring area clean. "I really wonder why you are not using pandas for this instance. It's a little weird you did not include them at all."

"Because in reality, pandas hate places where they are too cold or too hot, making them such temperamental creatures. The penguins, on the other hand, do not mind this kind of cold up in the mountains and the occasional dip in the hot spring ironically makes them happy too." Yun pet one of the penguins and magically took out a fish for it to eat.

"Besides they are a hard-working bunch of birds. Easy to feed and breed."

"Are they not artificial intelligence created by you? Why do you make them feel as if they are that real?" Jin had been wanting to ask ever since he had heard of the Red Panda AI in the Panda Armoury.

"Make them life-like and the customers will adore them. They always want to touch these animals but they are too scared of them or vice versa. Touching also help release oxytocin which reduces blood pressure and anxiety." The penguin that Yun just fed allowed her to hug it.

"Eh, is this a private instance or a public instance?" Jin blushed a little when he asked.

"Private. It's a toilet instance where customers are able to go in as a party as well if they wish to but there is the public instance too if they wished to have a go at it. Of course, the public is a gender specific instance."

"You mean the private is..." Jin thoughts started to go wild a little and Yun chuckled. "You do know you are already 23 years old, right? Be more mature about this! But yes, the private ones allow couples or groups to enter and what they decide to do is their own business." Yun shoved the penguin towards Jin.

"Judging from this magnificent looking instance, I believe they have to pay for it too." Jin tried to hug the penguin but the penguin playfully bit Jin, causing him to be startled. After which, the penguin laughed and dived into the hot spring.

"Definitely! You think we work for charity? What you see is just a part of what the toilet instance has to offer. They can pay via Panda Credits or real cash currency. Same goes for other service instances." Yun casually washed her feet in the sitting shower cubicle near the wooden cabin and sat at the edge of the natural hot spring to soak her feet.

"Panda Credits as well? Oh, if they decide to use Panda Credits, less credits to spend on food. I see." Jin followed Yun and dipped his legs into the hot spring. It was a little hot at first but it eventually became very comforting, especially when the weather was cold and his feet were warmed up.

The hot spring was extremely large and there was a Chinese themed pavilion at the side of the hot spring, allowing people to sit on it and enjoy the atmosphere in the hot spring pool.

Meanwhile, Jin realised all the penguins were actually wearing a winter cap that was shaped like with panda ears. "Hahaha, since pandas cannot work here, you made the penguins wear panda caps to make them imitate little pandas?" Jin questioned Yun casually.

"Or else the panda-loving customers will question our decision of using penguins. I admit I simply want to pull the customers' legs once in a while." Yun asked for Jin's phone and he handed it to her. Unknown to him, Yun used his phone to summon Xie Xie, the pet panda that Jin obtained recently to the instance.

"I am already questioning the validity of penguins living in the mountains. Hahaha! I mean since it is AI, why not have a panda around here?" Jin put his hands into the pool to warm them up a little before touching Xie Xie.

The pet panda yawned a little as it was held by Jin. However, Jin immediately faced the pet panda away from him when it yawned due to natural reflex. He thought it was going to shoot a chi beam out of its mouth.

"Are you scared of your own technique?! Hahaha!" Yun was laughing hysterically at the current scene.

Jin ignored Yun once again and he left the pet panda with Yun. He then got up and walked into the cabin to take a look at the facilities in it. To his surprise, there was a large panda yawning yet again right in front of him in the cabin when he opened the door. He got scared out of his wits once again, thinking this time around a panda would shoot a chi beam out for real since Yun laughed it off previously.

"Hahahaha! Relax! I am really not that mean to play such a cruel joke on you." Yun laughed again upon reading his thoughts and Xie Xie started to learn how to chuckle as well.

Upon walking into the cabin, he saw athree rooms in there. The main room had a panda in a white collar shirt sitting beside a massage table bed and two massage chairs. It lifted its paw up and invited Jin to have a rest on the massage table.

Jin had some doubts but he was willing to give it a go. "Do not worry, Jin you looked at the wall, this panda is a certified massage therapist." Yun was standing by the cabin door with Xie Xie resting on her head.

"Did you not say there are no pandas here? Why is there one here?' Jin looked at Yun.

"This is a cabin with regulated air conditioning, why won't a panda like it here?" Yun gestured her hands to hurry Jin up.

"We will see about wha- Ahhhhh~! This is really good. Lower a little." Jin mumbled his words as the Panda Massage Therapist worked its magical paws on Jin's back.

"You have worked hard, your muscles are a little tight." The Panda Massage Therapist spoke in a low voice.

"Indeed, I have..." Jin felt like he was going to sleep if this continued.

"Do not worry, my massage will revitalise you in no time." The Panda inserted a little bit of chi in its paws and Jin felt like he ascended out of his body. While Jin was having his massage, Yun sat in the automated massage chair and pressed a few buttons for the chair to work wonders on her body.

"Okay, I think I have enough of this place, let's open the shop and allow the customers to explore this area on their own." Jin stood up from the massage table after a good 30 minutes massage and left the dungeon first in order to open his store.

With the major quality improvements in his whole store including the new revamped third floor, it was time to earn some money for the system.