Chapter 64 Chance, Bro.

Chapter 64 of 100 chapters

"Hey Bing Yong, would you like to go to that Boss Jin's place again tonight?" Shi Zuo asked Bin Yong after a project meeting. Bin Yong, Shi Zuo and Luo Bo were in an animation project proposal together and they finally got the go-ahead by their director to proceed with their project.

Tonight was one of the few nights they were free before everything would start to get hectic all over again. "Sure Shi Zuo, let's go. I would like to release some pent-up stress. We shall see if Boss Jin has anything new tonight." Bin Yong answered casually.

"Did I hear Boss Jin? Is that the new Dungeon Supplier in Tiangong shopping district?" A lady's voice was heard from behind Bin Yong.

"Oh, Jia Le, was it?" Shi Zuo vaguely remembered the name of this young beautiful yet talented animator that the company just recruited not too long ago. Apparently, her work quality and speed could rival senior animators like Bin Yong.

"Ah, I apologise for eavesdropping on your conversation." Jia Le gave an awkward smile. She accidentally got excited about the rumoured Dungeon Supplier on Tiangong street that she had forgotten her manners towards her seniors at work.

"Do not worry Jia Le. You do seem interested in it. Want to join us?" Bin Yong thought this was a good time to bond with his new co-worker since he had heard that she was selected by the committee members to be part of the animation team that Bin Yong was in. Besides, she might be a good distraction for him since Luo Bo would be coming with Shi Zuo.

"Thank you Senior Nu!" Her short bob layered hair reminded Bin Yong of Luo Bo when they first met each other in this company and he got a little distracted.

"Senior Nu?" Jia Le suddenly saw that Bin Yong was in a daze but Shi Zuo came from behind him and initiated the conversation once more.

"Ah, do not mind this klutz's head. Whenever he thinks of something important or finds inspiration, he will just go blank for a while. You know, this guy here is amazing in Boss Jin's dungeon."

"You have all been there before?" Jia Le eyes lit up.

"Yeap, and I think we are one of the few who officially completed the goblin dungeon. You will be surprised but our names are on the scoreboards." Shi Zuo continued to boast about their endeavours.

"Wow, I did hear that Boss Jin has a very low success rate in the completion of dungeons, and you two did it? Is there anyone else in the company who joined you two?" Jia Le was amazed by them.

"Luo Bo from the Production department. The three of us entered and came out victorious. Oh, I remember we bought the playback video from Boss Jin. The fight was amazing, I dealt so much damage that the boss boar was nearly killed!" At this point, Bin Yong came out of his daze and tried to stop Shi Zuo from blabbering too much.

"Ahhh, you do not want her to know you were the one who delivered the final blow to that monster?" Shi Zuo nudged at Bin Yong.

"Woah, Senior Nu did it? How?" Jia Le seemed genuinely interested, which Bin Yong found odd because the conversation was going a little too well for mere acquaintances.

"Come with us to have dinner at Boss Jin's place. You will get to see him in action." Shi Zuo winked and pat Bin Yong's back hard.

"Boss Jin sells food too? That's the first I've heard of it." Jia Le questioned the validity of a dungeon supplier's ability to provide food.

"Oh, his tonkatsu curry rice is one of the finest I have ever eaten." Bin Yong complimented Boss Jin's choice of culinary. "If I could eat that every day, I think I would be in bliss too." Shi Zuo added.

"Then, looks like we should really go there then!" Jia Le smiled so delicately, Bin Yong blushed a little when he saw it.

"Ah, do remember to bring a good amount of cash or have sufficient cash in your e-wallet. That boss is a monster in eating money too." Shi Zuo laughed loudly as Bin Yong tried to calm him down since there were some co-workers that turned to look at them. "Alright, looks like I better get going, see you guys tonight!" Shi Zuo waved.

"Chance, Bro. Do not lose it." Shi Zuo sent a voice transmission to Bin Yong before he walked away, leaving Bin Yong all alone with Jia Le at the corridor outside the meeting room.

"So, erm see you at 6 at Boss Jin place? If you are done early, you can go ahead and queue first." Bin Yong then asked Jia Le if she knew the exact location of Boss Jin place.

"Sorry, I have not been there before. I have only heard about it in the forums online and from the small talks." Jia Le shook her head.

"Alright, erm. Let us meet up together on the ground floor before we head out. Do you mind giving me your phone number? I will text you- oh wait! You are in the same department as me." Bin Yong panicked for a while.

"Ahaha, it's okay, let me give you my number. We might need it for future contact for the project too." Jia Le acted cool but inside that little heart of hers was racing crazily. Of course, she knew who Bin Yong was! His artwork was some of the best she had ever seen when she happened to be in the same art college Bin Yong was previously in.

His artwork inspired her so much that she even asked her professor for Bin Yong's previously submitted assignments. Her mentor was surprisingly a fan of Bin Yong since she had the chance to work with him as well. So her mentor was able to accede to her request and gave her his works to preview. Hence, the admiration for his artwork slowly turned into infatuation and she decided to apply at the same company he was in to try her luck to get closer to her idol.

Right now, it was unbelievable for her to be working on the same project with him. "Perhaps, I can be friends with him…" She thought about it when the meeting was still in session.

"Alright, I received your phone details and I had added you in Mechat. Contact you later?" Bin Yong smiled and went to get some coffee in the company's cafeteria before returning back to his desk. Meanwhile, Jia Le's heart finally had a chance to rest a little after he left.

However, she quickly went to the ladies bathroom and hid in the toilet cubicle for a while, feeling very excited about that evening's meeting.