Chapter 65 Trust Me, Bro

Chapter 65 of 100 chapters

"Hey bro, I just started stalking Jia Le on every available social media she might have." Shi Zuo was snickering when he was in Bin Yong's cubicle. Bin Yong had some administrative matters to settle before he could leave so Shi Zuo who finished work on time, came to find him.

"What? How did you even- actually, nevermind. Do not tell me how you did it." Bin Yong shook his head at Shi Zuo's terrible habit of looking into people's social media account. He had a knack for computer programming and he specialised in IT security since he was in the IT department of the company. In fact, he was the only IT security specialist that the company hired to protect their animation works online and handle the company's site security.

"Okay okay, but this is something you will like to know. She might still be single. You might have a chance." Shi Zuo took a seat from an empty cubicle and rolled it towards Bin Yong.

"Might still be single?" Bin Yong raised an eyebrow. "Such a beautiful girl like her does not have a boyfriend yet?" He whispered to Shi Zuo.

"Well, perhaps a high chance that she's single. She seemed so popular with her peers of both genders that I honestly cannot tell. However, there were no consistent male or female partner when I analysed the pictures. I mean come on, she is downright gorgeous, do not tell me you are not interested at all."

"I ermm.." Bin Yong did not know how to reply.

"Forget it, I don't think I have a chance." Bin Yong threw in the towel before the fight even began.

"BRO! What are your talking about? I feel my cultivation tingling. I feel like she might be into you!"

"The last time it tingled, you introduced me to a girl with a triad boyfriend." That was why Bin Yong could not forgive Shi Zuo for introducing him to weird places. Not to say Boss Jin's place was weird. Oh okay, he admitted Boss Jin's place was a little weird. But at least he had his fair share of fun while he was there.

"Trust me, Bro, this is really different. I mean you got her number right?" Shi Zuo tried to stir up his interest once more.

"For work purposes?" Bin Yong gave an excuse to defend himself.

"What bullshit! You think a girl from this day and age would randomly give you their number?" Shi Zuo randomly bullshitted Bin Yong for giving him a bullshit excuse.

"Because it is for work purposes??" Bin Yong could see that Shi Zuo was extremely adamant.

"Dude! just give it a try, you never know where it could lead you. How about this? Just try to spend some quality time with her tonight?" Shi Zuo nearly gave up on Bin Yong if he did not want to help himself.

"Is that not what we were going to do?" Bin Yong thought that was the case.

"Oh, sometimes you are so dense, that I do not even know why I still try to help you. Luo Bo and I will be leaving first for Boss Jin's place and queue up if needed." Shi Zuo placed the chair back at the empty cubicle he had taken it from.

"Wait up, I am finishing this document soon." Bin Yong tried to speed up his work a little.

"Nope, not waiting." Shi Zuo immediately walked away. Bin Yong thought he was joking and he continued to do his work.

After 15 minutes or so, a strawberry fragranced breeze filled his cubicle. "Ah Senior Nu, you are still here?" Bin Yong could not help but tense up after the pep talk that he had just gotten from Shi Zuo.

"Ehhh, you just ended?" Bin Yong was lost for words.

"Yeah, I realised that I did not have any of your friends' contact so I thought to have a look at your cubicle to see if you were still around." Jia Le was wearing a simple grey round tee and a stretch scuba leggings.

"Ah, you could have texted me," Bin Yong then realised that it was a stupid thing to say.

"Oh, erm sorry Senior Nu. I thought it was more convenient to find you at your desk." Jia Le suddenly did not know how to reply. Was she being too direct?

"Ahahah no need to apologise, I just thought texting may have been faster...Do you want some sweets?" Bin Yong tried to salvage the awkwardness of the situation by offering her a bowl of sweets which he had by the side of his desk.

"Oh, gummy bears! Sure!" Her smile was sweet enough to make Bin Yong stared at her for a while before realizing that he should get his work done.

"Ah screw this, I can finish it tomorrow." Bin Yong saved his document and took his sling bag out from his drawer. "Give me a moment Jia Le, let me go to the loo."

"Sure, you want me to wait at the ground floor?" Jia Le asked.

"Nah, just wait for me at the elevator."

They both went their separate ways but all they could feel in their hearts was a large banging sound. Yet, that banging got louder with each step they took away from each other. Jia Le secretly took another gummy bear candy pack from his desk and giggled a little while Bin Yong smiled widely without noticing as he was walking to the toilet.

Bin Yong readied himself a little in front of the mirror. "Should I really give it a try?" He washed his face once more and met Jia Le at the elevator.

"Hey Bro, we are already near Boss Jin's place and for some reason, there is a long queue today. You better hurry." Shi Zuo messaged Bin Yong and he was shocked while he waited for the elevator with Jia Le.

"What's wrong?" Jia Le noticed a change in his expression.

"Oh, erm Shi Zuo, you know, the guy you saw me with this afternoon. Well, apparently he went ahead to Boss Jin's with his girlfriend. He just told me that the queue at Boss Jin is really long. I am sorry that I took too long." Bin Yong apologised to Jia Le but she denied it immediately.

"No, No. It's definitely not your fault Senior Nu. I happened to be caught up in my work too." Jia Le made up an excuse on the spot.

"Guess that makes both of us really bad workaholics." Both laughed happily at the current situation they were in and the elevator came right on time.

"How are we getting there?" Jia Le asked as the elevator was on the ground floor.

"If you do not mind some brisk walking, we can reach there in 15 to 20 minutes." Then he realised Jia Le was in her flats when he looked downwards.

"Erm....or we can take the bus too. If it is uncomfortable for you to-" Jia Le immediately took out a pair of sneakers and ankle socks from her storage ring.

"Let's brisk walk! Should be a good chance to warm up our cultivation too!" Jia Le went to a corner near the main entrance of the company to change her shoes and even that small action of hers started to interest Bin Yong.

"Shit, am I thinking too much?" Bin Yong thought to himself. Suddenly he received a new notification in his MeChat from Shi Zuo. "BRO, NEW DUNGEON! Check the Pandamonium app."

As he was waiting for Jia Le, he decided to check the Pandamonium app. He also saw a notification on his phone that the app had been updated too.

When he first opened the app, a new advertisement appeared on the front of the app. "Get the new loot boxes, with guaranteed Qixi festival dungeon ticket!"

Another advertisement was right below it. "Great Wall of China Instance available right now! Suitable for both beginners and veterans. Come and experience the fight against zombies and help defend the motherland!"

"Senior Nu, I am ready!' Jia Le even tied her hair into a small ponytail and pinned her bangs with a small bellflower pin. She then walked gracefully towards Bin Yong.

"Great! Let's get going. Oh and you can call me Bin Yong. It's after work, we can let go of the formalities." Bin Yong casually said as they headed out of the main entrance of the company.

Bin Yong did not know that this little gesture became one of the happiest moments of Jia Le's life. She blushed slightly and walked beside him.