Chapter 67 Captain Hei

Chapter 67 of 100 chapters

Luo Bo and Jia Le managed to squeeze through the crowd to get to Station 6 which they finally found Bin Yong and Shi Zuo. "Oh my gosh, You did not see what had happened just now. I am dying to try this instance immediately." Shi Zuo was pumped up as he said to the clueless girls.

When the dungeon instance at Station 6 was completed, the participants who managed to stay alive reappeared in front of the station while the others who were unconscious did not emerge from the station. Instead, they were being sent to a different dungeon instance as part of the improvement in the quality of life features by the system.

"Hmm, the new recovery bay service instance really make me feel like a heavy burden was lifted from me. I can finally concentrate on handling the cash, explanation and food." Jin's thoughts were transmitted to Yun.

"Not only that, we will be able to utilise the system's AI to monitor the unconscious and in a way collect their data to improve their future experiences," Yun said nonchalantly as she helped the Panda AIs which were wearing nurse caps in the recovery bay instance.

"Do they even know that we are collecting their data?" Jin was a little disturbed by it.

"Need to know basis. Anyways, it is in one of the clauses when we obtained the Dungeon Supplier certification that we are given rights to collect information for the benefit of the customers." Yun reasoned it to Jin.

Cultivators that were knocked out from the dungeon fights would first be teleported to the Recovery Bay Service Instance. Once their conditions were stable enough to be awakened, the Nurse Pandas AIs would teleport them to the second floor and Yun would facilitate the transfer, ensuring that they awake properly from their unconscious state.

If there were not enough lounge chairs on the second floor to accommodate the large influx of customers, the recovery bay instance will hold them until they are conscious. The Nurse Panda AIs would personally guide them to the exit of the dimensional space. They would be teleported to a terminal station on the second floor where they could get food or loot box from the vending machines.

The best part about the Recovery Bay Service Instance was the ability to accommodate an endless number of customers without expanding space in the real world while providing top-notch health monitoring services for the customers.

"Luo Bo, Jia Le, let's get going! It's our turn soon!" Bin Yong was more joyful than before as compared to the other outings they had been together. Both Shi Zuo and Luo Bo could plainly see the difference with the presence of Jia Le. The couple looked at each other and smiled deviously.

The party placed their belongings in the miniature pandas' storage that were on the shelves beside the TVs and teleported into the dungeon instance using their phones. When they arrived, they felt a strong gust of wind blowing at them and it made the girls screamed when they realised where they were.

"Are we on a celestial beast?!" Shi Zuo could not believe they were currently standing on top of a gigantic brown falcon in midair.

"Ah, new recruits. That is wonderful." A grizzly voice was heard from behind them and they turned around to look.

"A talking panda?!" Luo Bo immediately squealed at the fluffiness of the big lazing panda sitting at the head of the brown falcon.

"Not just a Panda, Captain Hei here." The panda was wearing an air force officer hat and a formal officer shirt which he could not button at all. There were even some decorations and a medal on his shirt. The captain rank designation on his shoulders was easy to recognise and he could be telling the truth.

"We are waiting for a few more recruits before the mission goes underway." Captain Hei said as it gave a command to the brown falcon to dive down a little.

"This is not just a four-man party instance?" Bin Yong was quite surprised.

"We will start with four if necessary since Boss said there are too many recruits trying to make a difference nowadays. He asked me to proceed when I had a team of roughly eight to ten members." Captain Hei took out a small straw of wheat to chew.

At this moment, a smaller grey falcon soared up into the skies and brought three new members into the team whom Bing Yong initially did not recognise.

"Introductions first and make it quick! We have zombies to kill!" Captain Hei shouted.

Everyone on the brown falcon noticed that their phones vibrated and the names and faces of everyone were shown in the Pandamonium party tab list. Bin Yong realised that they were under Squad A while the new members that just came in were listed under Squad B.

However, Bin Yong thought it was a little rude if he did not introduce himself properly to the rest.

"Hi, I am Bing Yong. These are my party members. Jia Le, Shi Zuo and Luo Bo." The rest of the Squad A greeted as Bin Yong introduced them to Squad B.

"Bu Dong here, this is Kong Xian and Yue Han." Bu Dong extended his hands to shake with Bin Yong while the rest waved their hands.

"I saw your name on the scoring board and I am glad to meet a fellow Dungeoneer."

"Oh, so you are the rumoured young cultivator who defeated every dungeon instance in King's Monster." Bin Yong returned his greetings.

"Compared to Boss Jin's monsters and dungeon instances? That was nothing." Bu Dong laughed and suddenly another grey falcon appeared beneath them.

As the grey falcon tried to soar higher than the brown falcon, an enormous figure jumped from the grey falcon and landed loudly on the brown falcon. Thankfully, the brown gigantic falcon did not budge at all.

"Looks like that's the last recruit coming from Station 6. We would be off soon!" Captain Hei shouted.

Shi Zuo found the last recruit really familiar and later recognised him. "Are you Xiong Da? The Hungry Hippo Cultivator? The one who ordered that pretty AI instructor-Ahhhh" Luo Bo pulled his ears and stared at Shi Zuo intensely.

"Looks like I have become a minor celebrity in Boss Jin's store." Xiong Da roared with laughter.

"Big Brother Hippo, looks like you are in my Squad!" Bu Dong beckoned him to come and they exchanged greetings. Everyone looked equally nervous but excited at the same time when the brown falcon dived down and they caught a glimpse of the Great Wall of China.

"Alright, recruits. Here is the mission. We have intel that a deadly plague was created by a group of nefarious cultivators of the undead which infected the whole town, creating a horde of zombies under their command. The zombies from that town had been secretly covered by those cultivators and now decided to attack a part of the Great Wall at Liaodong." The panda was talking to them with its back facing the whole group but the weight of its words had the presence of authority which they could not deny.

"Unfortunately, the zombies were quite successful at their attacks, using quantity over quality against our soldiers defending the borders. So we are going to send Squad A to reinforce the foot soldiers at the watchtowers, while Squad B will kill the zombies that were climbing the walls. Given the cultivation I have sensed coming from all of you, you should be able to clear this without any trouble." Captain Hei immediately rubbed the brown falcon's head and it dived down even further.

The situation was as bleak as Captain Hei had described it, the zombies were overrunning the watchtower and soldiers were being pushed back by the horde. All eight of them knew that this was the first massive battle they had ever participated.

Jia Le had some fear in her since this was also the first time she participated in Boss Jin's dungeons. She trembled a little while holding her weapon but Bin Yong placed his hand on her shoulders to reassure her.

"Are you all ready?" Captain Hei turned his head lazily and stared at them once more. All had the determined look to pass the dungeon instance.