Chapter 70 Zombie Abomination

Chapter 70 of 100 chapters

Squad B's objective was to break the siege against the Great Wall while Squad A would need to claim the watch tower back. However, the presence of Shi Zuo the Monkey from Squad A had proved a tremendous help for the ever advancing zombie horde.

The number of zombie bodies continued to pile before the Great Wall as some Panda foot archers provided some ranged support from the tower for Squad B too.

Unfortunately, after the loud blast from afar, the horde of zombies in the forest became emboldened by the presence of that particular abnormality and pressed their attack against Bu Dong and the others.

"I will handle this!" Xiong Da the Hippo charged to the front of the battlefield and faced the forest.

"War Club Art! Breaking Shockwaves of Hippo!" Xiong Da proudly portrayed his cultivation, the Hungry Hippo Style and two hippo silhouettes opened their mouths widely above him. Xiong Da dragged his war club along the ground and swiftly raised it up causing dust, stones and sand to be mixed with his chi energy waves as the waves shot through the forest, decimating the incoming zombies.

Xiong Da knew that the ground dirt would not have much effect on the zombies since they were blind to begin with but more sensitive to hearing and chi energy. If the technique was used on humans, the sand and dust will blind them temporarily or distract them even if they managed to dodge the chi energy waves.

In any case, he just wanted to try it since Instructor Milk forced him to learn the variation of this technique to compensate for the lack of accuracy his powerful attacks had. Thankfully, what he was fighting against right now did not dodge or block his attacks, making it a good opportunity to test his technique out.

He took a breather since the technique expended quite a fair amount of chi and from his storage ring, he grabbed a panda face shaped bottle filled with blue liquid. "Good thing I went to the underground floor to get a few brewed consumables that replenish my strength. It's a pity they are a little expensive in terms of medals."

Xiong Da started to drink the blue liquid from the bottle and it tasted like soda grape juice. To his amazement, the moment he swallowed the blue liquid, he felt his Dantian rapidly converting the blue liquid to the chi he needed.

"Oh! This is indeed worth the medals!" Xiong Da was really satisfied with his purchase. Most chi regenerating potions required some time for the concoction to take effect but Boss Jin's potion worked instantaneously.

Suddenly, that particular presence which they initially felt turned even stronger. Yue Han the Bat, who was proficient in detection realised that the presence was rapidly accelerating towards them.

"Guys, incoming!" Yue Han shouted as he decapitated another zombie.

"OWWWWOOOOOOO!!" A large zombie charged towards them, not caring of any obstacles or zombies blocking its path. As it was charging, it noticed Bu Dong fighting solo against multiple zombies and slammed its 'hand' at him.

Bu Dong the Ape managed to dodge in time but was knocked back by the immense force. The zombies, on the other hand, was not as lucky as Bu Dong since they were not fast enough to move away from the area of attack.

"Holy Geezers!" Shi Zuo the Monkey was taken by the size and disgusting look of the zombie abomination. It was packed with muscles that seemed to be buffed by steroids. Instead of normal human hands, Shi Zuo assumed it was replaced by a dead corpse with its head merged with the wrist.

Two headless corpses became its hands and all the zombie abomination could do was to flail its hands around. Its head was also fused with the shoulders and Shi Zuo noticed that there was an enormous mouth along its back instead of a spine.

"How do we even defeat this?!" Yue Han panicked and nearly got bitten by a zombie. Thankfully, Shi Zuo kicked it away in time and told him to get a hold of himself.

"Shit! Looks like I might have to execute that intermediate sword art if things go south." Bu Dong seemed to be in a dilemma. Unlike Luo Bo's intermediate bow art, Bu Dong had decided to learn a more complicated intermediate sword art which required a substantial amount of chi, stamina and concentration to execute. It was akin to the ultimate last technique for his current Grade but he did not have the confidence to do so in such a messy and chaotic environment.

"Do not think so much! Let's do what we can!" Xiong Da the Hippo shouted and he dashed forth to face the monster head on. Compared to the goblin attacks, the swings that the zombie abomination made was slower which allowed the Hippo to dodge with some effort despite his size.

"I will cover the rear for now! Bu Dong! Concentrate on the zombie abomination and win! That is what you always do!" Kong Xian shouted as he reinforced his armour projection with more chi and took care of half a dozen zombies with a horizontal slash of his two-handed sword.

"Damn, he is right!" Bu Dong shook his head and slapped both of his cheeks before he charged in too. With a quick upper sword strike, Bu Dong managed to slash off the headless corpse on the right from the abomination's wrist but to his surprise, multiple low growls came from behind its back.

"What!? There are zombies climbing out of his back...mouth!" Yue Han shouted as the abomination placed its hand on its back and a zombie from the mouth willingly crawled up its back to merge with its wrist in order to become a part of its right hand again.

"Shit! How are we going to defeat it while being surrounded by zombies and he had the chance of regenerating it?" Yue Han complained again but this time around he managed to kill another zombie.

"Oh just shut up!" Shi Zuo got annoyed by the whining of the Bat. He too took out a potion from his storage ring and started to guzzle the entire bottle. It was not from Boss Jin's underground stores but a similar chi regenerating consumable which came from his past dungeon plays created by other suppliers.

While it might not be as fast activating as the one Xiong Da had drunk, Shi Zuo was slowly feeling the effects of it.

"Bat, what are your sword arts?" Shi Zuo yelled at Yue Han while he chopped another zombie head off.

"Mainly, flying sword dive and diversion sword technique." Yue Han replied back.

"Great, I might have an idea to stop the zombie abomination for a moment for us to dish out our strongest attacks!" Shi Zuo began gathering his chi within him once more.