Chapter 75 Emerald Mountain Hot Spring

Chapter 75 of 100 chapters

The eight cultivators came out gradually from Station 6 and they were bombarded by praises and questions for each of the cultivators from the curious customers. Meanwhile, the teams that were next in queue did not hesitate to jump into the station for their turn.

While they wished to know what had happened, they did not want to waste any more time due to the adrenaline rush they experienced watching the eight. Perhaps they might learn some answers once they got out from their instance.

The zombie dungeon instance was actually meant for four players but in lieu of time and the number of customers Jin had in his store, the modified instance by the system allowed multiple teams to join. This was to save time and increase customers' satisfaction while teaching them how to play as a group.

"Brother Xiong Da! You improved a lot since the last time I saw you!" Mr Know It All shouted at him and shook his hand as a congratulatory action. "Ahaha, you humbled me too much. If not for Instructor Milk's help and a bit of yours, I would not have been so confident for this dungeon!" Xiong Da thanked Mr Know It All and turned towards Jin to acknowledged him for giving him such an opportunity.

"Who is Instructor Milk?" a few fellow customers saw how strong Xiong Da became, they queried who that was.

"Milk was the AI instructor that I hired who was recommended by Boss Jin. The price may be slightly hefty but you really can learn a lot from her. I was nothing until she whipped me up into shape. Within a few weeks, this is the result of my training." Xiong Da continued to talk and his charisma as a lawyer had influenced many to hire the AI instructor.

"Boss Jin! I'd like to book her for tomorrow!" A customer shouted across the room but Jin shook his head and said no reservations allowed. "Ahh that's sad but it is fine. I will come tomorrow since the wait here is not as bad as other dungeon suppliers and I will be able to watch how other cultivators fight." The male customer sighed at Jin's refusal.

"I do agree. It is indeed a good experience to learn from the cultivators that clashed with the monsters." Another bespectacled customer deduced.

"I am actually more interested in what actually happened in the dungeon. What was with that reward?! Gold Panda medals?!" A female customer with long hair asked

"Check the leaderboards and you might have a clearer picture. Although some had already completed the dungeons. This is technically the first clear for the zombie dungeon on a modified difficulty of Grade 3 hence higher rewards."

The eight cultivators who took a look at the board and saw the following.


"Great Wall of China Instance (Modified Difficulty: Grade 3) (Number of Players: 8)

Mission Clear Time: 2 hours 10 minutes 12 seconds


Grade 3 Hong Bu Dong

Grade 3 Zha Luo Bo

Grade 3 Mei Shi Zuo

Grade 2 Peak Nu Bin Yong

Grade 2 Peak Hen Kong Xian

Grade 2 Wa Xiong Da

Grade 2 Ma Yue Han

Grade 2 Xu Jia Le

Zombies killed in total: 4589 and 2 Bosses


"100 zombies for one bronze medal and every subsequent 100 zombies will yield an additional bronze medal. If you score 500 zombies and above, you will yield one silver medal." Jin explained with patience.

"However, the zombie kill score will be average out to each cultivator and each will receive reward appropriate to their actions since some cultivators are specialised towards support healing or defensive type of cultivation, it would be unfair to them too."

"For example, if you scored an average total of 499 zombies, you will only get 4 bronze panda medals. If you scored an average of 500 zombies or 1000 zombies, you will get 1 silver panda medal as your reward."

"The two bosses with variable strength will only appear for teams with an average cultivation of Grade 2 and higher. Each cultivator will yield five bronze medals if killed. However, killing the two bosses and getting an average kill score of 500 zombies per cultivator would trigger the Phantom Gentlebear event." Jin was reading out what Yun had told him when the tattered cardboard box scene happened in the instance. If not, he would have suffered a panic attack if the customers bombarded with questions.

"Why did you not tell us about all this information beforehand?" A customer was a little frustrated that there were hidden mechanics within the dungeon.

"What's a dungeon without any surprise? Since you people saw it with Bu Dong and his teammates, I would not mind revealing it out now." Jin tried to defend his initial sense of cluelessness.

"Guys! I had written down everything that Boss Jin said in the Pandamonium app!" A high school student customer shouted out loud while waving his phone to the crowd in the store. The newly upgraded Pandamonium app had an inbuilt forum where cultivators who experienced Boss Jin's store started to put in dungeon walkthrough guides and experiences they had encountered.

Some other cultivators even gave their own advice on cultivation and when a walkthrough guide became popular through the number of likes and comments, it would be automatically be pinned for newcomers or returning cultivators to browse through.

It had only been less than a day that the Pandamonium app was upgraded and the forum was already bustling with activity with various cultivators' experience with Boss Jin's dungeons. Each instance had their own subthread and it was easy to keep track of the notices.

"Then what is the value of the silver and gold medal?" An office worker customer asked.

"One silver panda medal is equivalent to 10 bronze panda medals. One gold panda medal is equivalent to 10 silver panda medals." Jin answered.

"Wow! This gold medal is worth 100 bronze medals?! That means I can buy a new weapon from the underground store!!" Yue Han was ecstatic!

"Same, I could buy a few more of those chi generation potions by Boss Jin. It was so effective." Xiong Da nodded his head in agreement.

Meanwhile, some of the customers were shocked "There is an underground floor to this store?" Some of the returning customers immediately pointed at the direction of the inconspicuous glass door right beside the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. Even Bin Yong and his gang did not know the existence of that underground floor.

"One more question Boss!" the same office worker asked once more and Jin gave him a stare with his bored lazy eyes.

"I promise! What is the Phantom Gentlebear? A new upcoming dungeon?"

Jin was becoming a little irritated by this customer and after all the explanation that he had to do, he answered back with a shrug. "When it comes, it comes. Till then collect those keys if you wish to enter it in the future."

Since Shi Zuo was in possession of those keys and the gold medals, he immediately beckoned the other seven to gather as he split the loot among them. They withdrew their items from the storage miniature panda beside Station 6 and kept their keys along with it. As for the gold Panda medal, there was a QR code at the back of the gold coin and they immediately captured the code to increase their medal stock.

Separately, Shi Zuo asked Bin Yong and Jia Le to join the next instance with them. "Bro, I confirmed with Boss Jin, the Emerald Mountain Hot Spring instance is indeed on the second floor."

Jin accidentally overheard it and was relieved that the so called toilet instance as Yun had dubbed it, was renamed to his liking. He doubted no one would have bought the service instance ticket if it was still named as the toilet instance. "Why do both the system and Yun have such bad naming sense?"

With the renaming of the service instance, many of the customers initially thought it was a dungeon instance and Jin had to explain it was not. After repeated explanations to several customers, Jin finally learnt the right phrases along with some tact and was able to fully explain what a service instance was.

Bin Yong and his friends went up to the second floor and saw a considerable revamp of the area. "Ah! This is the penguin statue!" Luo Bo went to touch it and asked Shi Zuo to take a picture of it with her. Though he appeared to be reluctant, he actually took quite a number of pictures and even asked Bin Yong and Jia Le to join for a group selfie.

"So all I had to do is to scan my phone here at this penguin statue?" Bin Yong was a little confused at how it worked since Shi Zuo was the one who introduced it to him.

"Yea, just accept the teleportation, the statues for each gender are separate." Shi Zuo nodded his head and let Bin Yong entered first. "They are separate if you wished to go into a public service instance, but I registered for a private instance with Boss Jin." Shi Zuo chuckled along with Luo Bo and they high fived together.

"What are you waiting for? Get in there, Bellflower." Luo Bo held onto Shi Zuo's arms and both of them were getting ready to enter the female penguin statue.

"I …" At this point, Jia Le's heart was pumping furiously as if it wished to burst out of her chest. Her flushed face was so obvious that people might have thought she was drunk with alcohol. Luo Bo sighed at her hesitation and helped Jia Le to pick her phone out of the bag and assisted Jia Le to place her phone on the male penguin statue.

"In life, there are three things you cannot recover. The word after it's being said. The moment after it's missed and the time after it's gone. Do not hesitate and grasp that moment if you really liked him." Luo Bo gave a slight nudge and stepped aside. Jia Le took one deep breath and accepted the instance teleportation.

"Do you think we are rushing them a bit too much?" Shi Zuo questioned Luo Bo but she smiled and entered a separate service instance from Bin Yong and Jia Le.