Chapter 76 If Only Jia Le Was Here

Chapter 76 of 100 chapters

"What a view!" Bin Yong entered the Emerald Mountain Hot Spring service instance and was taken aback by the magnificent scenery on the top of the mountain surrounding the hot spring. He purposely went to the edge of the mountain to have a better view of the greenery of the entire area.

The temperature was slightly colder than usual but it was nothing he could not handle despite the blue checkered shirt he was wearing. The air was also calm with little to no wind and Bin Yong took a deep breath in before exhaling. "Even the air is filled with a presence of chi in it. Not many places on Earth can simulate such an experience."

He also noticed there was no one around despite such a spacious hot spring and he guessed Shi Zuo could have booked a private hot spring instance for the both of the guys.

"If only Jia Le was here…instead of him hahaha!" Bin Yong's crude thoughts arose from the depths of his mind since he did hand her a hot spring ticket before coming into the store. A few moments later, a number of penguins came out from the cabin area squawking loudly.

"Hiiiii! Welcome to the Emerald Mountain Hot Springs! Enter the cabin to remove your clothes and use the sitting shower cubicle before you enter the hot spring!" One of the AI penguins articulated its instructions well.

"These penguins sure are cute." Bin Yong squat down to touch their fluffy short feathers and the penguin enjoyed the occasional rubbing under its beak. Another penguin interrupted by asking Bin Yong some questions.

"Customer, would you like to have some plum sake along with your partner?" The penguin asked.

"Sure, why not? " Bin Yong assumed Shi Zuo would like some alcohol while they share some personal man to man conversation. Perhaps, Bin Yong could also learn some tricks from him to woo Jia Le though deep down, he did think about Luo Bo. But he knew he had to move on in life.

"Would you like a massage during your stay with us?" The penguin asked Bin Yong once more.

"What kind of massage services do you provide? Do I have to pay for any of them?" Bin Yong asked.

"Oh no, you had already paid the highest premium package, so all services rendered are included in it. We provide two main types of massage service. The first is the facial and head massage by our talented Penguin Massage Therapist during your dip in the hot spring." Even without any fingers, the penguin used its flippers to demonstrate a 'One' sign.

"The second is a full body massage which will be conducted in the cabin by our trusty three stars certified Panda Massage Therapist. Rest assured you will feel refreshed after the instance. However, if you wish to have a massage service focused on a certain body region such as the back or the legs, do inform us."

"Alright, I will take both of them since it had already been paid for." Bin Yong was delighted that Shi Zuo treated him to such a magnificent package deal.

"Understood, please change and we can proceed with the massage." The penguin bowed and walked away as if it began to prepare for Bin Yong.

"Strange, what is taking Shi Zuo so long?" Bin Yong then realised Luo Bo could be holding him back or he was the one still hanging onto Luo Bo. In addition, the time dilation of instances would mean he had to wait for a while longer for Shi Zuo if he did not teleport at about the same time as him so Bin Yong decided to proceed without him.

After Bin Yong removed his clothes in one of the rooms of the cabin, he took a large green towel from the cabinet beside him and wrapped it around his waist and a small black towel to wash his body in the pool. The large green towel was particularly fluffy, similar to what he felt when he touched the penguin.

He then took a shower at the sitting shower cubicle and later dipped into the hot spring pool. The hot water initially gave him a little scare before he submerged himself fully into it. He felt his pores opened immediately and when he put his head out of the pool for a breather, the cold air in the mountains quickly cooled his head. It was an exceptionally satisfying feeling.

What was unique about this hot spring was that there was a Maple Tree in the centre of the hot spring pool and at times, the occasional falling of the red leaves oddly brought peace to his heart. He also realised the hot spring seemed to rejuvenate his chi points in his body and began to experience a sense of contentment in the pool.

"Sir, your plum sake is here. Do you wish to have a drink first or a massage?" The penguin was holding a wooden bucket with the plum sake and a two small wine cups in it.

"I would like a cup before proceeding with the face massage." Bin Yong went to the side of the pool to grab the wooden bucket from him and place it near the stone perimeter of the hot spring.

The penguin acknowledged his request and skillfully opened the glass bottle of the plum sake with its flippers. The action of pouring the sake from the bottle into the cup was an artistic sight to behold.

"You are absolutely amazing Mr Penguin." Bin Yong praised it.

"Thank you for your generous praise." The penguin placed the sake glass bottle and the wine cup down. Being an artist, Bin Yong briefly admired the little penguin art design of the wine cup before he drank the wine cup with one gulp. When the plum sake went down his throat, it had the right sweetness and does not hurt his throat a single bit.

"Boss Jin should sell this plum sake in the stores... this is ahhhh~!" Bin Yong had never drunk such high quality plum sake.

"Shall I start the massage?" Bin Yong nodded at the penguin's question and it provided him with a soft and comfortable pillow at the side of the stone perimeter of the hot spring. He laid his head on it and the penguin whistled for the massage therapist to start working.

"Customer, I am Mr Patsu" Bin Yong looked up and saw a white penguin with greased spiky feathers at the top of its head. "I will be your massage therapist for today." Mr Patsu dipped a small towel into a bucket filled with hot spring water and placed the towel on Bin Yong's eyes.

It then did the same again and laid another wet on his neck area. "I will be starting the massage right now." Mr Patsu took some jasmine scented ointment and started to apply on his face and head. The flippers at work were remarkably phenomenal as Mr Patsu massaged the pressure points of his face.

"So so so comfortable…" Bin Yong really enjoyed this until he heard a teleportation sound. "Bro, you are late….this is the best massage I have ever had." Being in a moment of bliss, he did not care much and enjoyed Mr Patsu's massage.

"Customer, welcome to Emerald Mountain Hot Springs! Enter the cabin to remove your clothes and use the sitting shower cubicle before you enter the hot spring!" The same AI penguin repeated the exact same thing but this time, there was no reply.

"Would you like a massage?" The same conversation ensued but Bin Yong heard no audible reply from Shi Zuo but still did not care a single bit. The massage was simply heavenly when Mr Patsu started to focus on the head area. As Mr Patsu resoaked towel that was covering Bin Yong's eyes, he took a peek at the direction of the cabin to see that the door was closed in a jiffy.

"Hmph, maybe Luo Bo rejected him from going into the same hot spring instance as her. Served him right to prioritise his woman instead of his good friend." Bin Yong smirked and rested his head on the pillow again for Mr Patsu to continue the massage.

Minutes later, he heard the cabin doors opening again and the showers turned on. "Bro, why so quiet? Luo Bo rejected you?" Bin Yong still hear no reply but decided to not care too much for that dejected friend of his. "Ah Mr Patsu, higher a little. That spot is itching for your skilful touch."

"Understood." Mr Patsu moved its flippers slightly higher up his scalp and the feeling was terrific.

Bin Yong eventually heard someone went into the pool and he felt a familiar presence sitting beside him on his left. He asked Mr Patsu to stop for a while as he turned his head to the right to take a wine cup. Bin Yong filled it to near the brim of the cup "Bro, don't be sad. Have some plu-"

Jia Le was blushing in full redness with a green towel wrapped around her petite yet slender body. She tied her ponytail higher which revealed an elegant nape right beneath it. Without hesitation, Jia Le gently took the cup which Bin Yong was holding and drank the whole cup.

At the first mere sight of her, Bin Yong was in such a shock that he felt like his heart was blown off a 1000 metres away from this mountain. His unsightly mouth could not say a single word out and suddenly he felt that the hot spring was getting so hot that he felt like fainting.