Chapter 78 Trash Items

Chapter 78 of 100 chapters

The weekends were extremely busy with the new Great Wall of China instance which proved to be a hit among new and old cultivators alike. There was also some great feedback from the Emerald Mountain Hot Spring service instance as well and many were pleasantly surprised by the mini game it had incorporated.

Unfortunately, not many customers grasped the idea of a promotional loot box since the Qixi Festival dungeon instance was not up yet according to Jin and even fewer went to the third floor as most people thought the playback rooms were still there. Those who took a peek at the third floor even got confused by the sudden change of scenery of a zen gallery and decided to return to the crowd on the first and second floor.

The underground floor, on the other hand, was very popular with many of the customers visiting the store service instances to get new clothes, items and weapons. For those who completed the Great Wall of China dungeon instance, the generous reward from it allowed the new cultivators to purchase improved weaponry and armour.

Jin also noticed that there were lesser customers who bought tickets to the Goblin and Zither Mistress dungeon instance due to the substantial reward from the Great Wall of China dungeon instance. However, it was not exactly a bad thing since the zombie dungeon instance allowed multiple teams to join and it increased the rate of customers turnover which indirectly raised his profits.

It was the end of Sunday nearing 12 am midnight and Jin finally closed the shutters to his store. He retrieved his phone at the bar counter to check the store accounts app. The sales were simply splendid and the profits earned during those two days were staggering for him.

"Question, why is the system giving such generous rewards for the zombie instance? It was so stingy when it came to the Goblin and Zither Mistress. Right now, it felt like those two dungeon instances are more or less going to be thrown aside if this keeps up." Jin picked up the used dishes and utensils and placed them in the dishwasher.

"Why, isn't it good for the customers? They can finally upgrade and equip themselves with better clothes with stronger inscriptions." Yun materialised from nowhere and stretched herself a little before taking a can of Bamboo Juice and a piece of the Triple Cheese Pizza from the bar counter to have a quick supper.

"But will it not cost a lot for the system to create such items? I mean 1 Bronze Panda Medal was roughly 25 Yuan based on the Goblin dungeon instance and 1 Gold Panda Medal would be like...2500 Yuan? The zombie dungeon instance only cost 350 Yuan! Hence, the system is losing about 2150 Yuan for that first clear!" Jin got a bit annoyed even though he knew that it was the system that was losing money and not him but who knows? Maybe that might affect him indirectly if the system lost too much money.

"But that was just the first clear." Yun munched at the Triple Cheese Pizza as the additional cheese from the pizza was being pulled away from her mouth.

"Well, the subsequent clears still gave quite a fair bit of Panda medals. Cultivators who managed to kill the two bosses in the zombie dungeon would be rewarded an additional silver medal. According to that thought logic, it would roughly be 500 Yuan per zombie dungeon clear and that means we are losing 150 Yuan for every successful dungeon runs." Jin felt he was in distress after calculating the numbers out.

"What if I tell you, almost every item made in the underground store cost lesser than a bronze panda medal?" Yun drank her Bamboo Juice to clear her throat.

"Huh, how is that possible? I personally entered the store service instance and noticed how fantastic the quality of each of the items is. How could they cost less than 25 Yuan each?" Jin was really confused so he stopped what he was doing and hoped Yun would provide an explanation to him.

"Remember the Parallel World theory I told you about?" Yun chewed the remaining piece of the Triple Cheese Pizza.

"The system combed far and wide through many worlds and found hundreds of suppliers that sell these items. For example, there is a world where clothing triumphs everything and another world where inscriptions were taught since young. What you saw here are actually the lowest tier of items in their world, the trash of trash." Yun signalled Jin for another slice since she was still hungry. He promptly took another from the bar counter drawer and placed it on her plate with a pizza peel.

"Thank you. Anyways, one man's trash is another man's treasure. The quality of items we have in our underground store was marked as inferior in those worlds but to us, it is actually one of the best in this world due to the severe lack of technology and craftsmanship making all of these. Peace in this modern society has kind of eroded our need to fight or I should say directed to other means of security. Hence, we are actually ripping their money off for selling such trashy items." Yun proceeded to take a large bite of the Triple Cheese Pizza.

"Besides, having your customers equipped with 'decent' equipment, allow them to fight better in subsequent dungeons. If not, they will never progress forward and we cannot sell stronger dungeons out in the future." Yun laughed at the entire scheme created by the system.

"Alright, if that's the case. What shall we do for the Goblin and Zither Mistress Dungeon Instance? I mean, I really like the new model of dungeon instance the system had created with the Great Wall of China but I believe we need to revamp the older dungeons to catch up with the new trend." Jin reflected on the two days of sales and also realised something.

"Some of the customers also feedback that we do not have enough food variety and some are asking for the plum sake wine from the Emerald Mountain Hot Spring to be available in the store too." Jin showed a look of concern through his deeply furrowed brow.

"Jin, you are demanding too much. I do not think you could complete everything you want that quickly" Yun chuckled a little.

"To be the best dungeon supplier, I think it is fairly reasonable to be demanding a lot of myself." Jin shrugged his shoulders.

"Then I shall be expecting a lot from you tomorrow and I would like a coffee, please." Zeru mysteriously appeared which he then sat beside Yun.

"Good Evening Master Zeru, here to check on your disciple?" Yun asked Zeru as she gobbled the last part of the second slice of pizza and patted her stomach.

"Actually, it's already morning and yes you are right. I am telling him the objectives of his training so he would have some mental preparation for tomorrow's training." Zeru thanked Jin for the coffee.

"That is actually quite kind of you. Usually, most masters do not even reveal their plans to their disciples." Yun commented.

"So what are the objectives for tomorrow's training, Master?" Jin asked.

"You said you wanted to improve your dungeon instance and you do not have sufficient food variety. In addition, I need your proficiency in Bam and Boo up. So how about we do all three at once?" Zeru explained to Jin before he sipped his Black Ivory coffee.

"Ah, such wonderful coffee." Zeru enjoyed it.

"Then I guess, it will be a rough day tomorrow…" Jin sighed but he knew what he was getting into. He needed to improve himself to get stronger monsters and if Zeru can help him obtain food ingredients, perhaps he might not need to always rely on the mission rewards.

Zeru wanted to make some small talk after his coffee but it was getting late so he took his leave to not bother Jin for too long.

Just as Jin and Yun closed the store and were walking back home, Yun remembered she had forgotten to mention something to Jin. "Oh yes, Jin. You had completed the Level 2 Dungeon Supplier mission after the tremendous sales from the past two days. I shall reveal to you your rewards after your training. Perhaps this might be some motivation for you."

"Hahaha! Although I look forward to it, I am a little scared since its Zeru." Jin bitterly laughed.

"Just try your best. You will prevail." Yun smiled at Jin as they both returned back home.