Chapter 86 Training Complete

Chapter 86 of 100 chapters

Meomi panicked a little when she miscalculated her step, only to realised that she went into a large hole of the trunk. "There wasn't any tree hollow when I was fighting that pretty boy!" Meomi wanted to get out of the tree hollow but she slipped and fell. She suddenly felt it was a little too late to notice all that resided in this tree hollow were bones and the recent remains of werejackals.

"Is this a sort of venus flytrap?!" Meomi instantly felt something was amiss and quickly chanted some incantations as she tried to burst out of the trunk hollow along with her innate feline agility.

However, Shu immediately closed his mouth shut the moment he felt that the cat was in its mouth. Meomi's incantations gave her a split second of booming strength to jump but she was out of luck. Her feline speed wasn't fast enough to entirely escape the terrifying wooden jaws of an ancient tree treant.

She lost both of her lower limbs and a part of her tail to Shu and she was bleeding profusely right in front of it. The adrenaline rush wore off and the sensation of pain coming from the loss of her legs instantly paralysed her ability to scream.

"Mmm, this cat has some juicy tender meat compared to those rough jackals." Shu started munching joyfully and was really tempted to get eat the rest of her now that she was lying right in front of her.

"Old Shu, how is Master Jin going to capture her if you eat her up?" Zeru used his sword and attempt to stop a chi point of Meomi's body which surprisingly worked and her bleeding momentarily stopped.

"Gah, Zeru if she could not escape my mouth, she is not worthy for Seedling to use for the dungeon. Besides, all of them do not seem to be a threat to him." The treant laughed as he gestured Zeru to look at Jin.

Zeru turned to take a quick glance at Jin and grinned. "Looks like young Master Jin has a bit of hidden potential." The scene was a piece of artwork which Zeru did not expect.

"Impossible…" Gold continued to tremble in fear as he saw Brown, Grey and all his other underlings being stabbed by multiple bamboo spears sprouting out from the ground and left hanging in midair. Right in front of Gold, the farm boy portrayed four angry panda silhouettes baring its fangs at him above the farm boy.

Jin was panting extremely hard as he was continuously delivering chi into Bam and Boo which were firmly stuck on the ground. Every werejackal on the scene were bleeding slowly to death which was why Jin quickly took his handphone out and slammed his handphone onto Bam and Boo.

"Initiating Mass Capture Procedure. Please Wait." Yun said in a calm voice and all of the werejackals that were pierced by the bamboo spears immediately disappear.

"Mass Capturing in Process..."

"What just happened?! What are that four weird bears appearing above the farm boy? Where did all my underlings go to?" Gold fell backwards and was extremely terrified to see all the werejackals disappeared.

"I am quite surprised you can pull such a trick." Zeru clapped his hands and smiled brightly.

"Actually, I was not expecting that would work." Jin gave a sigh of relief when he saw a notification stating that the mass capture was a success.

"How did you do it? Who are you guys?" Gold was on its knees when he finally saw Meomi lying lifeless on the floor which prompted Jin to throw the phone at her and she too disappeared.

"Eh, who will be so stupid to tell their tricks to their enemies? Shall we continue our battle?" Jin managed to calm himself down and his chi regeneration had stabilised. He was actually thankful that Gold was dumb enough to let him recover.

"Actually, I like to know." Shu waved its branches hoping to attract Jin's attention so he could quench his curiosity.

"Later Shu." Jin was still focused on Gold in case he tried to sneak attack him.

"I admit defeat! Please, Sire! Spare my life!" Gold immediately prostrated in front of Jin but he did not buy the act.

"I do not believe you. I have seen enough Wu Xia movies to not get trick by this kind of act." Jin ready his sword once more.

"I do not know what you are talking about! I am willing to do anything to show my allegiance to you!" Gold was sweating buckets of water.

"Then let me hit you with this...ehh metal box and do not resist. I assure you and your entire clan will be released if you do what I said." Jin was happy he did not have to fight anymore if he had the chance but he did not withdraw from his stance.

"If what you said is true, I am willing to do so!" Gold shouted and spread out his claw hand and retracted his dark sleek claws as a show of sincerity. Jin did not hesitate and threw this phone at him and the capture process was quicker than any other he had seen before.

"Oh, this is interesting. So if someone is willing enough to submit, the capture is nearly instantaneous." Jin thought to himself and Yun agreed verbally in response.

"So now, are you going to tell me how you did that? If I was not here to personally witness it, I would say you would be bluffing, little Seedling." Shu was excited to know how he did it.

Jin walked towards Shu to sit and lean against him as he looked up to the moonless sky. "Yun said that I can make Bam and Boo change to any weapon form previously. She listed a few, the cannon and a bow as an example, but I truly wondered if it could change into other weapons if I wield it so."

"Hence, I did a bit of experimenting during the weekend before the training commences and I found out that the forms that she listed could be created in an instant without any chi inserted to it. All I had to do was to think about the weapon form I want for Bam and Boo." Jin took out a bottle of spring water that he had taken from the shop before he came back for farming.

"So I decided to put some chi into Bam and it worked! Bam turned into a short spear. So I tried to put in more chi and Bam! It became even longer but at that point in time, I was not proficient with my chi control and did not proceed any further." Jin drank a few gulps before throwing some of the delicious precious spring water on his face to refresh himself.

"With today's training, I finally managed to get some control of my chi but I think I was panicking when I saw the entire night sky filled with murderous werejackals trying to get a piece of me. Hence, I gambled by pouring every drop of chi I could summon into Bam and Boo, hoping I could create a series of bamboo spears sprouting out from the ground."

"Nevertheless, I did not know I was able to reach Grade 4 and the ascension probably released more chi into the attac-….Wait a minute. Is Shu sleeping?" Jin looked up and saw Shu with his eyes already closed and not responding.

"You might have a talent for making trees sleep. Anyways, the training will be cut short for today. You can go back to your shop with lots of time to spare. I will be coming to your store tomorrow morning and we can continue the sparring in Panda Muscles." Zeru smiled and waved to him.

"Oh, one last thing. You should plant those seeds when you have the time. They will grow into something good, trust me." Zeru then disappeared from Farm World and into Jin's phone.

"Ahhh, I guess I should continue farming for now or else it will a waste of time." Jin looked around the campsite and saw the broken tools lying around but he later gave a glance at Bam and Boo with an evil stare. If both of his weapons could react, they would have cursed him crazily because Jin turned the both of them into a hoe and a spade separately with his chi. The blades transformed into shapes that suited the purpose of a hoe and spade while the hilt was extended into a handle.

Jin slogged the night once again to properly even the land as much as he could before daybreak in Farm World. With the ascension into Grade 4, Jin could feel that the ploughing was so much easier than before especially since he did not have the training weights activated.

"Oh, Seedling. You are still here. Good story." Shu yawned as he saw the land around him ploughed neatly. "Ah, I see you had been busy all night. Well, go take a rest and come back tomorrow."

"The last time you said that, you allowed werejackals to tastefully landscape my farm." Jin became particularly paranoid to Shu's assurances.

"Hahaha! This time, I hired a bodyguard! Give me a second for me to take it out." Shu rustled his leaves a little and in the midst of the lush foliage appeared the same large praying mantis that transported Gold and Meomi to the battlefield.

"It was dumb enough to eat one of my specially created mind control bugs on my branches and it became my pet! Hahahaha! So off you go Seedling, have a good rest and leave the fertilising to me." Shu used his branch to shoo off Jin which he yet again entrusted Shu to take care of the farm.

By the time he returned to the shop, it was only 3.30pm. "Maybe I could return back home to bath and have a short nap before I open the store again in the late evening."