Chapter 88 New Employee?

Chapter 88 of 100 chapters

"Hey, ummm... Would you want to work near my store?" Jin asked Zhen Qing when he was busily feasting on the black pepper meat pork bun.

"Sorry?" Zhen Qing did not know how to respond to Jin's question. It was too abrupt and perhaps out of context when taking into consideration the current situation.

"Not sure if you know but I am the owner of the dungeon supplier store at the far end of Tiangong shopping district." Jin could not help himself and took the second piece to eat. "Sorry, Yun, this was actually meant for you."

"I do not understand, then why would you want a street vendor like me to work for you?" Zhen Qing got a little scared when she started to think that this may have been his motive all along. She had a reason to be scared since she had been scammed quite a few times in the past.

"Let us just say it's a mutually beneficial relationship?" Jin could not keep his eyes off Zhen Qing, but she was ignoring eye contact whenever possible. She did not like this sudden rapid, development. It was true that this stranger helped her but this was way over the top.

"I'll like you to work beside my store. In return, you give me the details and I will help you apply a proper licence to work." Jin remembered the wondrous system creating his dungeon supplier licence in a blink of an eye.

"What? But what benefit will you get?" Zhen Qing was curious and perhaps a little happy that such an opportunity had appeared. Of course, she knew about the dungeon supplier store at the end of Tiangong Street. Each street vendor was dying to park their food store there if possible. However, the dungeon supplier's boss owned the whole land, so he had the ability to kick them out mercilessly. And, she did not know that the store's boss was this young fellow here. He was probably around the same age as her, perhaps even younger.

"However, whether you continue to remain there will be based on your performance. Let's say we are doing this on a trial basis. You serve my queuing customers food while I provide you with a licence. Even if I deemed you not worthy after the trial, you get to keep the licence for a year before you need to renew it or drop the licence. How about that?" Jin knew that there was no such thing as a free lunch in the world. If he generously allowed her to do what she wanted in that area, the street vendor would start to think that he was trying to take advantage of her.

"Okay, I will consider your proposal. When do I start?" Zhen Qing asked

"Tomorrow at 11 am. Name's Jin." Jin raised his hand towards Zhen Qing.

"Zhen Qing. A pleasure to meet you, Boss Jin." Zhen Qing shook Jin's hand in return.

"Oh, and if I may, I might change your mobile stall into something more advanced so you will be able to cook better stuff. There is also a possibility that I will provide different ingredients for you. However, we will see the overall response from the customers first. Is that okay with you?" Jin asked Zhen Qing,

"I have my own small pride as a street vendor, but if your ingredients and the changes you make will improve the overall taste of my cooking, I will gladly try." Zhen Qing replied.

"If there is nothing else, I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow." Jin smiled, as he was able to see that pretty girl once more. Oh, but the bun was definitely the main objective.

Jin returned back to the store. "Yun, I Have somethin-"

*BOOM* The mini explosion causes the entire store to light on fire momentarily but the threat was immediately removed with the system's mysterious powers.

"WHY DID YOU IGNORE ME!" Peppers was furious when Jin came back to the store. He was on fire again and later cured by Milk, who was lying on the couch with her cow shaped plushie.

"CONGRATS JIN!!!" Yun subsequently hugged Jin so hard that he could not breathe well.

"What? Why are you congratulating me?" Jin gentle pushed Yun away to get a breather. He had absolutely no idea what was happening. First the explosion and now the sudden hug.

"WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME AGAI- ow." Zeru knocked Peppers out with a light knock of his sword hilt.

"Zeru and Milk told me that you were acting like a hero for some girl." Yun was giving Jin the nudge. Yun had known what Jin had been doing all along, but she decided to back down for once and let the Bellators believe that they were the ones who found Jin a potential love interest

"So, what does she look like?" Yun asked.

"Actually, I was about to ask you about her." Jin shyly scratched his head.

"If there is anything within my powers, I am willing to help you. Your sense of dressing? Which restaurant to go to?" Yun gave such a large smile. Even though she had no past recollection of raising Jin, her father Ming was constantly telling her about Jin as he grew up. Even though it was not all the time that she got to play the mother role for Jin, she thought that if she could help in any way, she would be equally satisfied too.

"No no, I wanted to ask if she could set up her mobile street stall right here in our garden park," Jin asked with some hesitation in his voice.

"Ahhh, No," Yun said in a straight face.

"Is there anything I could do? I mean technically I am also the boss here even though I am still learning..." Jin tried to reason with Yun.

"No, I do not allow because you did not ask her for her identity card or details to apply for the food licence." Yun then giggled.

"But she-" Jin realised what Yun was agreeing to him and smile with a defeated look. "Looks like I was worried for nothing."

"No worries about that, since we have some free time for now. I still would not suggest you opening your store tonight." Yun went to the Panda Port and checked something.

"Why?" Jin asked.

"Because as a Level 2 Dungeon Supplier, you are now required to make your own dungeons."