Chapter 89 Dungeon Maker Instance

Chapter 89 of 100 chapters

"Are you serious? I can finally make my own dungeons?" Jin's eyes were twinkling like stars at night.

"Why are you that excited?" Yun was taken aback by his change of attitude.

"Well, why did I want to be a dungeon supplier in the first place? To be able to create dungeons! To be a dungeon master and ultimately the master of many dungeons!" Jin was jumping around like a little kid that had his favourite candy given to him.

"Well, do not be too hasty. Although I did say that you are supposed to create your own dungeon, there are rules set by the system too." Yun dampened Jin's mood a little but he did not care much. He would finally be able to create his own dungeons.

"Follow me, I will show you the Dungeon Maker dimensional space instance." Yun beckoned for Jin to come closer to the Panda Port and she prompted Jin to check his phone. This time round, there was a new app installed, called the Key.

"Click on the Key app to enter this dimensional space instance. There is a difference between this instance and other service instances. This 'Key' app requires neither your fingerprint nor a scan of your retina. It needs your bio-identity, your absolute willingness to enter as well as an additional factor: The presence of the system."

"What's with the added security?" Jin was very curious.

"Because you are literally playing as a god in this instance. In fact, there is a 'god' particle element in this instance too, which if landed into the wrong hands, would cause bad things to happen. Very bad things. That was why the system did not allow you to create dungeons until it knew you could be trusted." Yun explained in a fairly serious manner.

"Well, if that is the case, I am honoured." Jin did not know the responsibility that he would be carrying. He had thought that he would just be playing a game, creating a dungeon out of nothingness.

"Anyways, let's enter." Yun placed her palm on the Panda Port and Jin followed suit. They were teleported immediately into the Dungeon Maker instance.

To his surprise, it was just an enclosed yet brightly lit white room. There was an empty table at the centre of the room.

"Welcome, to the dungeon maker instance. You will understand after I explain everything...well at least the basics." Yun walked towards the empty table and placed her palm on it. Suddenly, like a science fiction movie, the table glowed and digital screens were floating right in front of Jin and Yun.

"Firstly, since you are still a Level 2 Dungeon Supplier. The system will provide you with a couple of scenarios and a set of AI characters if needed. As you level up, you will have more of the restrictions lifted from you. However, I think you will find that it is more or less still quite fun to create something."

"Oh, that's actually pretty good in my opinion. I would rather have a base to work from than to start from scratch. I am not exactly the most creative guy." Jin said humbly. However, he was really excited. Back in high school, he played Dungeons and Dragoons with the same close friends for a long time. They all took turns to create thrilling adventures for their playgroup. It was also then that Jin found an interest in dungeon creating. It was a pity he had not see any of his friends for such a long time.

"Next, budget. Each dungeon you create has a budget. If you exceed that particular budget, you will not be able to publish that dungeon for your customers to play as they would not be profitable for the system. However! You are allowed to petition and let the system personally rate the dungeon. If the dungeon seems interesting enough but it is over the budget by say… an additional 25%, the system may allow you to publish that dungeon." Yun explained and there were even aids from the digital screens floating on top of the table.

"Why would there be a budget?" Jin was curious.

"Your creatures need to eat, drink and sleep. Their daily lives still move on even though they are in your captivity." Yun added.

"Captivity, what a crude way to put it," Jin argued.

"It is true and you know it. Anyways, the system takes care of all the necessary essentials for your creatures, hence it puts a budget onto your dungeon making. To make things simple, we will be converting the budget currency into something simple for you to remember." Yun continued.

"Each AI cost 10 dungeon dollars while each creature you capture has their own individual cost attached to them. The system even has its own set of monsters that you can utilise but they cost more since you did not catch them yourself. You can, however, buy them if you have sufficient cash." Yun said.

"Cash? As in Yuan or Dungeon Dollars?" Jin asked.

"Yuan, to make things simple, each Dungeon Dollar is equivalent to 100 Yuan. So if you have sufficient Yuan to spend, you can actually buy them or you can just select where they live and travel to that particular alternate world and catch them." Yun explained further.

"Is the dungeon creator easy to use?" Jin walked towards the table and took a look.

"Very instinctive. You will get the hang of it within minutes. Anyway, that is more or less the rules for now. Have fun!" Yun walked out of the room and left Jin to his own devices.

When Yun left, Jin started looking around and saw an instruction manual on the table. He flipped opened the manual and noticed a lot of simple explanations and pictures were given. In no time, he managed to grasp the basics and decided to try it out.

"Alright, let's try this out!" Jin smiled to himself as he pressed the 'ON' button on one of the digital screens.

The whole room then started shaking vigorously.