Chapter 9 First Customer

Chapter 9 of 100 chapters

The smell of early morning dew. The quality of air was pure and fresh. The trees swayed slightly with the blow of a gentle wind. Bu Dong was extremely surprised because of how well simulated the dimension space was. Judging from the environment itself, he can say that the money was half worth it to just experience something new. Everything felt more lifelike than reality itself.

If he was not here for a fight, he might even have taken a stroll in the sparse woods occasionally to get out of the cramped city environment. There were even the activities of insects and wild birds to complement the scenery.

Bu Dong was genuinely impressed by the dimension space itself. One must be extremely skilled in his current cultivation grade to create something so lifelike. The past dungeon suppliers he had patronised did not even bother to put in any consideration into the environment unlike Jin's and only gave a stock environment scene to have them fight the monsters they chose.

The most those dungeon suppliers did was to create a few obstacles so that the customers could hide or use it to disrupt the monster.

Meanwhile, Yue Han was amazed by the TV viewing when Bu Dong joined the dimension space. He had heard of dungeon suppliers using a magic eye to observe the battle to stream onto a TV.

However, for this new shop, it did not feel like a magic eye observation at all.

It seemed as if an entire professional film crew was following Bu Dong because the camera angles were perfect. It also switched views to get the most cinematic scene, making it a treat to just watch Bu Dong moving around the dimension space. It could not be better with the 16K HDR resolution TV. The stream output to the display was fantastic to look at.

Bu Dong at this moment heard a few cracking sounds and withdrew his sword from his storage ring. Cultivators at this modern age still used rings, watches, earrings, other accessories, and even phones to store their items. However, they got a little expensive for most cultivators to get despite the advances in technology. Able to obtain one literally showed that the person or their family was fairly wealthy.

Bu Dong did not bother about anything and charged straight towards the cracking sounds. When he reached the area, there were no monsters around. Was the environment too real that he might have heard the woods rather than the goblins?

He observed the area carefully this time around and took a step forward. Unfortunately, that next step caused him to suddenly lose his balance and fall into a hole with wooden spikes. It was a trap made by the goblins!

Bu Dong cried in pain as the wooden spike pierced his feet. He had never felt such pain in his entire life before, it was too real for a dimension space. With its victim falling for the trap, the spear goblin went nearer and gave a stab in the back of Bu Dong's shoulder. The goblin even twisted the spear to inflict more pain before pulling it out to throw in another stab. However, Bu Dong managed to parry the second thrust with his sword.

Bu Dong's heart for the first time felt real fear and so did Yue Han when he watched his friend wallow in pain. "Hey! Mister! What the fuck is this?! Should this not be a dungeon instance and not a torture chamber?"

Jin was stunned by the developments of the whole situation as well. However, he gave a lazy look and said, "Precisely, this is a dungeon instance."

"Then let me in now!" Yue Han could not stand the sight of his buddy being left in a lurch. He took out his phone and started waving it towards him.

"I am sorry, shop policies. Once the dungeon started, no one else can go in. He either has to finish it or forfeit." Jin gave a strict order. The system did not deny him allowing other guests to go in during a fight but Jin was being true to the origins of a dungeon supplier. The current dungeon suppliers cared about money and not the experience of a fight.

"Damn man, can I at least tell him about the dangers?" Yue Han's plea was ignored as Jin slightly shake his head in response to him.

Bu Dong's fear was accumulating, thinking that he was really going to die for the first time. He had been conquering dungeon instances as a hobby and had never been defeated. How could he face his friends when they found out he lost to a few Grade 1 monsters and they were just goblins!

Feeling that he could not stand the humiliation, he released a burst of strength using his cultivation, Angry Ape Style, and jump out of the trap. Little did he know that the enemy seemed to be anticipating that and from the trees, the dagger goblin intercepted Bu Dong's path. A sharp jab to the waist made Bu Dong do a reflexive counterattack against the goblin and he plunged his sword into the dagger goblin.

The dagger goblin knew he would be fighting to his death and with his remaining strength, he shaft another dagger into Bu Dong's abdomen. Bu Dong and the goblin fell to the ground with a loud thud. At this point, the sword goblin ambushed and struck Bu Dong from his blind spot, giving him a swift death.

"Dungeon Instance lost at Station 1." A lady announcer's voice who sounded like Yun echoed throughout the shop and Bu Dong returned to the place where he was once teleported from. The wounds on him were completely gone in accordance with the dimensional space's rules but he was still rendered unconscious.

Jin walked out from behind his bar counter and carried the high school kid up to the second floor. Yue Han, with a bitter expression, carried his backpack and Bu Dong's to the second floor too. Jin placed him on the nearest lounge chair and strapped the pulse oximetry onto Bu Dong. His breathing and pulse were within an acceptable range.

"Should I call the dungeon supplier's non-emergency service to bring him back home? How long will he be unconscious? 2 days? 1 night?" Yue Han asked Jin with some worry on his face.

"No need, my dimension space is advanced enough. He should be awake within 10 to 15 minutes. Please ask him to return the dog tag back when he wakes up. Else it will start beeping loudly when you get it out of the store premises." Jin started to walk back towards the bar counter when Yue Han spoke out.

"I will return it for him." Yue Han took the dog tag out and noticed the details on Bu Dong's dog tag.


Bu Dong

-Dungeon Won:0-

-Dungeon Lost:1-

-Cultivation Grade:2-


He was amazed the metal changed the stats of Bu Dong's status. He heard of such magical metal that could be rewritten, restamped, or imprinted again but this was the first time he saw it with his own eyes.

"Thank you for patronising my shop." Jin has yet to think of a name for his shop. He took the dog tag that Yue Han gave before he started walking back to the first floor. Jin returned the dog tag back into the Panda Port and a spreadsheet programme was created within the Panda Port's PC.

"Jin, the customer database has been created and the dog tag is placed in a secured place." Yun gave a smiley face. "Congratulations for getting your first customer. Please check your mission app for future missions!"