Chapter 91 Zhen Qing's Trial

Chapter 91 of 100 chapters

Time passed really quickly since Jin was having fun. By the time he finished the new dungeon, it was already past midnight. Time dilation in the dungeon maker was similar to the other service instances and this showed that Jin had literally spent hours creating his dungeons.

"Hey, Jin. Enough of the dungeon creation, it's already 12.40am. Get back home and rest, you still have training with Zeru early in the morning." Yun went into the Dungeon Maker just to get him out.

"But I am finishing soon. Besides, I can sleep less now that I am a Grade 4." Jin was still busy tinkering with the options for the Bank Heist Dungeon.

"Nope, not allowing you to do so. If you do not stop now, I will impose a time limit for you to stay here in the future. You need to sleep in order to continue cultivating. Look at it this way. If you are always stuck here with your dungeons and do not cultivate, you would not be able to fight new and stronger monsters and when your customers reach a certain grade, they would get bored of your dungeons too despite the modified difficulty option." Yun was getting angry with Jin so Jin finally conceded and saved his progress on the Bank Heist dungeon before he stopped.

Jin grabbed a few onigiris before he returned home and stayed in the toilet near the kitchen to cultivate once more. "I really think I should find a new solution to this rather than staying in the toilet to cultivate." He sighed a little before he started the cultivation.

The morning came quicker than he had expected and so did the amount of waste expelled by his body. The waste literally filled the whole bathroom with filthy sludge. It was lucky that it did not smell as bad as it looked. "Shit, how am I going to clear all this without clogging my pipes." He tried to stand up but the filthy sludge was stuck around him.

"Ehh, Yun! Help?" Jin shouted out of the toilet and Yun yawned as she slowly walked down from her room. "What a mess." Yun started to get a headache when she saw the sludge all around the bathroom.

"Well, at least it's in the bathroom, I cannot imagine it being in my room. I would have cried a bucket of tears." Jin tried to waddle around the filth as he walked to the basin to wash his face and hands. "I have no idea why or how I managed to produce this much sludge."

"Most probably due to the activities you did. Farming, fighting, flirting with a girl and dungeon creation." Yun grinned when she emphasised the flirting portion to Jin but it did not seem to affect Jin that much since he was in a predicament that he could not solve.

"There is nothing much you can do, I will call the plumber and also check if he has any solution for your future cultivation," Yun said as she stopped Jin from getting out of the bathroom with sludge on his legs. "Stay here, I will get a towel."

Jin went to the storehouse early in the morning after showering at least twice. Zeru was already in the store when Jin reached and they proceeded to the third floor to visit Panda Muscles.

"I must say, I really like the facility of Panda Muscles and if I had known earlier, I could have just ask you to come here to train with me." Zeru placed his hand on the Hulky White Jade Panda Statue and he teleported along with Jin.

"Wow, I do agree, this is amazing." Jin entered Panda Muscles and found himself at the centre of a massive gym warehouse facility. There was a swimming pool, a fully equipped gym, an indoor running track, some rock climbing, a fighting ring, a couple yoga mats and some other stuff that they could not see clearly.

"Hi, welcome to Panda Muscles." A female Panda receptionist was right behind them, which made them realise that they were right beside a reception counter.

"I would like to go to the sword training section. He is following me as well." Zeru said with his arms folded.

"Understood, the sword training section is 1600 metres away from this reception centre. Please follow the glowing red arrows on the ground. They will guide you to your location." The female Panda receptionist bowed and thanked them for using their service.

"Well, what are you waiting for? This is a gym facility after all, let's run there." Zeru immediately sped off and Jin tried to catch up but it was futile. Without any movement techniques, his speed would not be on par with Zeru's.

"Slow, give me 50 pushups and then another 50 burpees." Zeru scolded Jin for being late and they officially started their training for the morning session. In that session, Jin was getting his basics, including sword holding, corrected. Each time he held it wrong, Zeru would order Jin to run around the sword training section with his sword held up high.

Once the training was done, Jin quickly took a shower and started studying the coupon booklet and comparing the stores he had noted in yesterday's evening trip around the shopping district. He had not forgotten about the baby panda mission he got just before going to Shanghai tower, which required him to visit the Shenzhen Provincial Zoo. The rewards for that baby panda mission allowed him to have all expenses paid for for the coupon booklet promotion.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the side door and it startled Jin as he was focusing on the coupon booklet research. "Ah, it's nearly 11 am, should be her I guess." Jin opened the door and saw Zhen Qing neatly dressed with her hair all tied up in a ponytail.

"Hi there. Please, come in." Jin offered her to come into the shop and he explained to her the details of her business partnership. "I will allow you to set up your store in my mini garden and you do not have to work all the way till the night. You may leave whenever you want. The toilet is on the second floor if you need to use it. You do not need to pay any rent, and whatever you earn, you get to keep. However, what I need will be your identity card to apply for the licence."

"Wait, why are you being so generous?" Zhen Qing found something was amiss.

"I am not, it's a trial. If everything goes smoothly and my customers like it, I might potentially take a partial percentage of your daily profits in the future. Aside from that, I would invest in proper appliances for you to use and superior ingredients if you perform well." Jin iterated his agenda.

"Okay, but is it alright for me to start right now? I mean you have not applied for the licence yet." Zhen Qing passed Jin her identity card and relevant details needed for a licence application.

"It's fine, if any police officer comes for you, just direct them to me. I will settle for you. This is, after all, my plot of land. Besides, I have a friend that deals with these is not really a major problem." Jin smiled and realised something.

"Ah, where are my manners, would you like something to drink?" Jin asked.

"Oh, it's fine. Thank you. I will set up my store now." Zhen Qing refused the offer.

"Alright, I will show you where to park your store." Jin showed her the way and as both of them entered the mini garden, there was already an allocated slot of Zhen Qing to set up her mobile stall. It was under a tree, making it a good spot for customers to get food and not too strenuous for Zhen Qing to work out in the open.

"Hmm, Yun's work?" Jin thought to himself and told her about the flow of the customers' queue. She understood and began to prepare her ingredients. For the first time ever, she finally got to work peacefully without worrying about inspectors.

Zhen Qing would not forget the gratitude Jin had shown her even though it was just a trial period.