Chapter 92 Ridiculous Pricing

Chapter 92 of 100 chapters

"Eh, Se Lang! Looks like our local dungeon supplier brought up something new!" Hong Deng Long showed Se Lang his phone when they were eating at the police cafeteria.

"Bank Heist Dungeon Instance? Sounds like fun!" Se Lang's voice was a little muffled since he was currently busy munching on his lunch. Jin had managed to complete the Bank Heist dungeon instance after he showed Zhen Qing where she could park her mobile stall instead of focusing on the coupon booklet where he left off. It was obvious that he did not like that particular coupon booklet, even though it was part of a mission he had achieved.

"What's that?" A female detective just got her food and sat beside them.

"Ah, Madam Xue, it was the dungeon supplier we were casually talking about last week." Deng Long explained as he took his phone back from Se Lang and showed Xue Ping the promotion on Pandamonium.

"Oh, you mean that dungeon supplier where you said Se Lang was rendered unconscious because he totally underestimated the monster's capability." Xue Ping vaguely remembered Deng Long boasting about it, which made Se Lang slightly embarrassed.

"Yes, Yes I did underestimate Boss Jin's monsters, but it's time to move on." Se Lang rolled his eyes and continued to slurp his wanton noodles.

"Haha, Madam Xue, want to join us tonight? Maybe you and Sir Lee can finally find something to enjoy together." Deng Long teased Xue Ping a little.

"Haha, I will ask him if he is free tonight. Whether he comes or not is his choice but I will definitely join you guys if nothing pops up in the afternoon." Xue Ping agreed to it and Deng Long was practically jumping in joy. Xue Ping and Lee An were two of the top detectives this precinct had ever seen. If you add Se Lang, even with his humiliating defeat, it was the perfect team to win some panda medals and get some good equipment from Boss Jin's underground stores.

"Ah, Madam. Remember that the dungeon will be expensive, but the experience is a real treat. So do not be too shocked if you find the price a bit ridiculous." Deng Long said.


"THIS IS RIDICULOUS! WHAT KIND OF PRICING IS THIS!" Xue Ping shouted at the top of her lungs when she saw the pricing list on the menu.

"Calm down dear! It's fine, I will pay for your portion" Lee An dragged her away before she could make a big ruckus. However, everyone in the store just laughed it off since it had already become a daily occurrence for a newcomer to find the pricing to be ridiculously expensive.

"Sorry, everyone. This is the first time my friend has come here." Deng Long lowered his head a little as a sign of apology.

"No worries, so what are you looking at? Se Lang, do you want to have another go at the Zither Mistress?" Jin asked the party of four.

"Nah, boss, I want to try something up my alley. The Bank Heist instance." Se Lang said while pointing it at the newly decorated menu.

"Ah, working when you are off duty? You sure are diligent." Jin chuckled a little and typed the order into the cash registry. Do you wish to partake in any service instances? The Emerald Mountains Hot Spring?" Jin tried to entice them a little but it did not work.

"Nah, it is fine, the Bank Heist instance for four will be enough. Any group discount?" Se Lang asked Jin hoping he might throw in a favour or two for him

"Sure, but only if you join the new Zither Mistress dungeon too, or else that will be 1720 Yuan." Jin really knew that Se Lang was still traumatised by the multiple losses he had experienced in the Zither Mistress dungeon. In the end, Se Lang rejected Jin and paid for the rest. He later collected the money from Deng Long and Lee An individually and passed them the tickets.

"I am going to put a warrant out on this place if the dungeon is a scam!" Xue Ping was still furious Deng Long brought her to such an expensive place.

Both Lee An and Xue Ping just got married and they were saving some money to get an apartment together. Hence, Xue Ping was quite paranoid when it came to spending unnecessarily.

"If there's one thing I know about Boss Jin, it's that his dungeons are top notch." Se Lang backed up Deng Long's decision to come here.

"Dear, just calm down. Look let's get you some food before we start." Lee An pointed at the mobile stall when they got out of the store as they waited for their number to be called.

"Sir Lee, let me get it for you. If not your wife will be yapping at you for wasting money again." Deng Long said as he went to the mobile stall that was surrounded by people too.

"Deng Long I can hear youuuuu." Xue Ping gave him an angry look but Deng Long did not care. Se Lang could only shake his head. Xue Ping and Lee An were not only their superiors in the police station, Xue Ping was also Deng Long's distant relative while Lee An was Se Lang's senior when they were in high school. It was funny how fate connected them together and how they also became close work colleagues and friends.

"Mdm, Four Black Pepper Buns please." Deng Long was finally able to order after some waiting.

"Here, four Black Pepper Buns, That will be 60 Yuan in tota- Oh it's you, officer." Zhen Qing finally realised Deng Long's identity.

"Oh, Mdm. I guess you have a proper permit now since you are not running away from me?" Deng Long laughed as he paid 60 Yuan.

"Thank you for turning a blind eye previously and yes, Boss Jin has graciously allowed me to work here. I believe he has the permit." Zhen Qing gave a half-truth since she did not know whether Jin really had a permit ready for inspection.

"Hahaha, that is good. I loved your Black Pepper Meat Bun a lot. I guess it's fantastic you are finally able to work in peace. Alright, I will be going first, all the best!" Deng Long waved as he started to munch on his black pepper meat bun.

"Here you go, guys." Deng Long gave the buns to them while Se Lang explained some dungeoneering essentials and experiences he had learned in Boss Jin's dungeon. Deng Long definitely made fun of Se Lang, which helped to ease Xue Ping's mood.

After a while, all of their phones vibrated. "Station 2, it is our turn." Lee An read and all of them went into the store to find four girls waiting at Station 2 too.

"Bank Heist Instance?" Yue Wen asked casually, after which Lee An nodded.

"Nice, we were waiting for it as well. Perhaps, it will be a group raid with you guys." Yue Wen commented.

"Oooh! Group Raid with young girls? That is a treat." Deng Long whispered to Se Lang and he jabbed back at Deng Long for being so lecherous.

At this moment, Station 2's TV portrayed eight queue numbers, which corresponded to Yue Wen's and Se Lang's groups.