Chapter 93 Briefing

Chapter 93 of 100 chapters

All eight cultivators were teleported safely into the instance but they noticed that they were in an enclosed moving vehicle. Four were sitting on each side of the vehicle, facing the other four.

They heard a loud siren wailing right outside the vehicle and it was obvious the vehicle was dodging and swerving to beat the traffic.

"Good afternoon to our new cultivators and our one Pandawan, Yue Wen." A Panda was sitting at the end of the vehicle greeting them."I am Captain Bai, Deputy Head of the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) and a Squadron leader for SWAT." The Panda was wearing a bulletproof suit with a white formal shirt and pants on, which were surprisingly large enough to fit him. Despite having a belly, they could not ignore the muscles and scars that were not covered by his rolled up shirt.

"Boss Jin decided to send the eight of you here because he felt that you all are capable enough to handle a very specific crisis" Captain Bai stared at them with the eyes of a reaper. "Fortunately, he was right, or I would have personally kicked you out of the van if I had sensed any fear in any one of you."

"First up, welcome to CNU Foxtrot. I will be separating you into two teams before I brief you on your mission details." Captain Bai smacked the vehicle violently and a digital screen reluctantly appeared at the back of the vehicle.


These are the call signs in case you forget your partner's name.

Foxtrot A:

1. Se Lang - Wolf

2. Deng Long - Wombat

3. Xue Ping - Puma

4. Lee An - Yak

Foxtrot B:

1. Yue Wen - Maiden

2. Shi Hui - Swan

3. Jia Ying - Stag

4. Jing Ru - Giraffe


"This is our incoming situation. At 1159 Hrs, we received a silent panic alarm from the First Panda Bank and subsequently at 1210 Hrs, the bank's alarm was activated, causing the bank defences to be activated and lock up both the robbers and hostages in it." Captain Bai said sternly.

"We do not know the intent of the robbers because they only held one hostage and released the rest before activating the bank's alarm at 1210 Hrs. However, at this point in time, we are still confirming the list of employees and customers who have safely escaped. The robbers might be lying to us and have additional hostages to surprise us."

"So, this is where you come in. There is a secret exit that only the CEO of the First Panda Bank knows about. You will be travelling through that secret passage and enter the Bank through the second floor."

"Fortunately, there are only four major floors you need to search since the automated security bots on each floor have already searched the whole area. Only the ground floor, basement 1, basement 2 and the top floor had their security bots destroyed. "

"Sir, question, are you sure the security bots were not hacked?" Lee An the Yak raised his hand before interrupting Captain Bai.

"Valid question, Cultivator. You can be that sure they are not hacked. Boss Jin personally built them and guaranteed us that they are unable to be hacked, not to mention their 100% accuracy in their results." Captain Bai replied.

"That means Boss Jin wants us to focus on those areas rather than searching the other floors to make the dungeon instance simple enough." Shi Hui replied.

"Ahh, I get it. Trying to make the storyline real enough. That's a real challenge for a dungeon instance." Lee An complimented Jin indirectly.

"Enough, let's get back to the briefing." Captain Bai ordered for silence.

"Foxtrot A, your objective is to enter the building and exterminate the robbers. Do not let them run away with the cash. By all means necessary, get the cash back. If they managed to leave the city with the cash, you failed. Oh, and if you die, you fail too, although that's pretty obvious." Captain Bai snorted.

"Foxtrot B, your objective is to secure the VIP hostage who we believe is located on the top floor in the CEO's office. Be careful, the CEO office was equipped with quite a dangerous creature...I am not sure how the robbers managed to bypass it or defeat it but if that creature is really under their control, you will have a tough fight." Captain Bai warned Foxtrot B.

"Why would the CEO have a creature in his office?" Se Lang the Wolf asked.

"Weird hobby of his. It was unlucky for the CEO to leave his office for lunch when they attacked. He could have controlled his pet and killed the robbers." Captain Bai sighed.

"May I know who this VIP is? Is it really that important to save him or her?" Yue Wen the Maiden asked.

"Valid question Pandawan Yue Wen, the VIP is no other than the finance minister's son. He was there for some meetings. We do not know if he was the real target or whether the money was the primary motive. In any case, suit up! We have less than 5 minutes until we reach our destination."

"Suit up?" Jia Ying the Stag asked.

"Aye, inscribed bulletproof vest. They provide a barrier with a 50% chance of deflecting incoming projectile shots. You will need it. Sources say that the robbers are packing some heavy firepower. Return them when you are done with the dungeon." Captain Bai continued to speak into his walkie-talkie, with regards to a certain security detail.

"Open transmission channels? Black Talisman?" Yue Wen, being the only experienced dungeon raider, asked those questions to Captain Bai as the others suited up.

"Channels are open. No Black Talisman but the bank has graciously provided access codes to their weaponry on each level. Use them however you wish." Captain Bai replied and at the same time, the vehicle came to a sudden halt

Captain Bai turned off the digital screen and slammed the doors open to reveal a very chaotic scene right outside the First Panda Bank. Police had cordoned off certain roads and paramedics were on scene treating the wounded.

"This is like a real bank attack…" Xue Ping the Puma was astounded by the level of detail in this particular dungeon.

"Told you, the price is worth it." Deng Long tightened his suit.

"Ehh, Giraffe, your bullet vest suit is not worn properly." Se Lang noticed she wore it too loosely.

"Oh, its okay, I am going to scout for a vantage point and am not joining the battle directly. Thank you for the concern though, Wolf." Jing Ru the giraffe bowed as she carried a large sack of items with her.

"Oh, we have a sniper in our team. Wolf, if your team need any help. Do not hesitate to ask, she will provide overwatch." Yue Wen smiled at Se Lang.

"Then won't it be better if someone from our team followed you instead?" Se Lang was concerned for their safety after hearing the warnings from Captain Bai.

"I will follow them then since it would be awkward for you guys to go with these young girls." Xue Ping the Puma offered her help.

"Then I graciously accept your help." Yue Wen shook hands with Xue Ping.

"Alright, enough chit-chat. Follow me. I will show you where the secret entrance is." Captain Bai even had a shotgun slung along his shoulders as he beckoned them to follow him into the bank.

The adrenaline in all eight cultivators was real and they could not wait to get into action.