Chapter 95 Jing Ru

Chapter 95 of 100 chapters

"So this group is actually smart enough to employ a pair of eyes on a roof. Not to mention, the same roof I am standing on too. Colour me impressed." A cat lady stretched its paws and Jing Ru could see a large duffel bag right beside her too.

"Well, what are we waiting for? I am kind enough to wait for you to draw your weapons." Nyanmi spoke to Jing Ru the Giraffe as she drew her pistol from her holster and fiddled around with it. This was one of the monsters that Jin loaned from the system, and by using the stats of Meomi the werecat he captured, he modified it to become a sniper.

For Jing Ru, this was a predicament. She was a long-range marksman, not a close combat fighter. However, the cat was waiting for Jing Ru to draw her weapon before she fired. It might be a ruse but Jing Ru could only gamble if she was patient enough.

But why gamble when you are already prepared for it?

Jing Ru was wearing a long dress with safety pants and the choice of clothes was deliberate to hide her hidden pistol in case she needed to use it immediately. She pretended to drop her sack of items on the ground to search for a weapon.

However, Jing Ru was not stupid. She did not expect this to be a foolproof plan. That was why she purposely placed her sack near an exhaust vent so that she had the chance to take cover quickly if needed. Meeting her expectations, Nyanmi fired her pistol and Jing Ru immediately hid behind the vent but she was surprised the shot was not aimed at her but instead at a Panda Police Guard that casually opened the door to the rooftop without checking.

"I do not need extra company." Nyanmi kept shooting at the door and the injured Panda Police fell back further before Nyanmi took out a detonator and pressed a button to ignite an explosive she had placed right beside the rooftop door.

Jing Ru could have taken that opportunity when Nyanmi was distracted to fire her shot but she was more concerned about the Panda policeman who received the shot. The stairway leading to the rooftop collapsed and all Jing Ru could hope for was that the policeman was fine.

"Well, no more distractions. Let's fight." Nyanmi took out a new pistol clip to reload and that was when Jing Ru fired her Glock air pistol she took from her sack. To Jing Ru's surprise, the reloading was a ruse as there was still a remaining bullet in Nyanmi's gun. The shot barely missed Jing Ru while her shot was nowhere near Nyanmi.

This gave Nyanmi the advantage to press forward and attack as she reloaded. Meanwhile, Jing Ru panicked in this turn of events but she immediately took a deep breath and tried to run away from the exhaust vent as she gave some retaliation fire.

"Hahaha, it is so nice to play with my food." Nyami laughed as she jumped over the exhaust vent to where Jing Ru was previously hiding. What she did not know was that Jing Ru placed a claymore behind before she left.

"BOOOOM." The claymore surprise attack was successful and Nyanmi was thoroughly injured with pieces of the exhaust vent piercing her skin.

"Hah, nice one little chick. Now let's see if you can really run away from an angry cat." Nyanmi took some of the metal pieces out of her skin and it has begun to slowly regenerate itself. Most were-humans had some form of regeneration ability but they were not as fast as a troll would have been.

"I am a Giraffe!" Jing Ru teased Nyanmi as she leapt off the rooftop and used her sack as a cover when she smashed into a room in the opposite building. She then quickly dropped a smoke grenade and left the room as quickly as she could.

It was a pity that she did not have any prior knowledge of her battleground. As an air rifle sniper trainee, she regretted not grasping the basics properly from her stepfather, who had military and police background. However, Jing Ru was grateful she learned a number of tricks from her stepfather and they had proven to be useful so far. Her stepfather, on the other hand, was equally happy that she was willing to interact with him and learn from him.

"Pfft Humans, they think they can hide their tracks with smoke." Nyanmi jumped into the same window as Jing Ru and opened the door widely. Unfortunately, she did not realise that Jing Ru was hiding there with a short twin barrel shotgun and she blasted the cat's face away. Nyanmi lifelessly fell to the ground. "Underestimating me is your downfall." Jing Ru whispered.

"I think it applies to you too." Suddenly a whip appeared and knocked the shotgun away from Jing Ru's hands and a claw strike swiftly wounded Jing Ru on her chest. Thankfully, the bullet vest she was wearing managed to block the swipe attack. However, the chi energy from the claw strike knocked Jing Ru's backwards, causing her to crash into an adjacent room.

"Tsk tsk tsk that smoke screen was a decent move, but you were not observant enough." Meomi played with her whip. Jing Ru realised it was another cat lady and she giggled.

"I shall say the same to you too." Jing Ru laughed sinisterly which made Meomi become on guard and forced her to check her surroundings. Little did she know, it was actually a ruse by Jing Ru as she took the chance to run down the stairs with her trusty Winterwolf rifle.

"That beetch." Instead of chasing her directly, Meomi decided to climb out of the window and jumped to the first floor. "I shall hunt a giraffe then; I bet its neck is tasty."

"Guys, I am compromised. There is a cat lady chasing after me. I managed to kill one but the other is on my tail. I won't be providing support for now." Jing Ru panted as she raced down the stairs.

"Do not worry, I think we have a battle of our own to settle too." Yue Wen told her to take care of herself although the situation in front of them could potentially be even worse than hers. There was intense knocking and hitting of the vault door when the drill stopped once more.

It could only mean one thing. The robbers had finally managed to destroy the vault mechanism to open the door.