Chapter 97 Se Lang's Luck

Chapter 97 of 100 chapters

"Since you are using a long weapon, don't you think you are at a disadvantage right now?" Yellow bared his fangs at Se Lang as both competed in a temporary contest of strength near the broken elevator door on basement level one.

"That's what you think. Do not forget that the wolf is your natural predator. Especially a cornered one" Se Lang retorted and he kicked Yellow to push him away. Unfortunately, that move also caused him to lose balance and fall into the broken door. Yellow thought this was the best chance to pounce on Se Lang since Se Lang would have lost the advantage of his scythe in such an enclosed place such as the elevator shaft.

Se Lang did not break his fall in time since basement level one was the lowest floor in the building and all the elevator shaft accommodated further down was the length of an elevator cabin for maintenance purposes. Se Lang then saw something that he could never have foreseen.

It was not Yellow diving into him with his fangs and claws wide open but it was the falling elevator cabin.

"Meet your death!" Yellow saw Se Lang's stunned face and smiled with satisfaction at the sight of his horrified face. "What wolf? You are a dead wolf!" Yellow shouted to himself but suddenly an extremely large and heavy object hit him hard on his head. Before he could turn around to check, he was already splattered on the ground with Se Lang's his scythe pierced into what remained of his body.

However, Se Lang was not spared either. The falling elevator cabin had completely splattered Yellow's remains all around Se Lang and squashed him in the process. All he felt was a large thud followed by the immense numbing of his senses.

"Damn it, did I die again without doing anything much?" Se Lang coughed out some blood before he fell out of consciousness.

"Looks like I made the right decision of not following your orders, Grey." The sound of the elevator cabin crashing down made Brown relieved that he had ignored Grey's order and stayed to help him against the two cultivators.

"Tsk, whatever. Say that again when you defeated these two cultivators." Grey spoke as he held onto his axe.

"If Se Lang dies this early in the dungeon, my respect for him goes down the drain." Deng Long could not help but shake his head.

"I doubt he will die that quickly, he did win the title policeman of the month after all." Lee An blocked an attack from Brown with his knuckle knives

"He got that award again for this month? Are you sure he is not sucking up to someone? Now I really want him dead." Deng Long got slightly frustrated that his efforts were not acknowledged by the higher ups even though Se Lang partnered up with him.

"Then I shall inform you that you will be joining him soon." Grey went into a deadlock with Deng Long and cast his spell, which was a blast of green fire that jetted out of his mouth.

"Holy shit! A fire breathing jackal? Where did Boss Jin encounter this many fire breathing creatures from?!" Deng Long blocked his face with his hands and batons to prevent it from getting burnt. Being a cultivator of the wobbling wombat, he had some resistance against all elements. Previously, his fight against the fire wyrm ant was enough to spur himself to train his resistances even further during his cultivating period. However, the fire he was experiencing was not like the fire he had previously encountered or experienced.

"Hahaha, how did you like my brother's werefire?" It stings a lot ye- Shit!" Brown was interrupted by Lee An.

"Talk when you are confident of winning." Lee An delivered a flurry of punches and slashes with his knuckle knives and being the cultivator of the Yonder Yak that he was, even what seemed like a slight miss in his attack was compensated by twice that amount, delivering even more. Lee An had the stamina of a yak to dish out the attacks.

On the other hand, Brown was a hand to hand combat specialist. Combined with his were claws, they were a match for Lee An's flurry of attacks. They were both waiting to see who would slip up first in their attacks and that would be the opening both fighters need to exploit.

"Do not underestimate the wombat!" Even with the werefire burning his skin, Deng Long charged in with his batons filled with chi to bash Grey. He figured that a magic caster was the weakest after casting a spell so with the surprise element on his side, and judging from Grey's expression when he charged in, he pressed forward for the attack.

"Baton Art! Eardrum Burst of the Wombat!" Deng Long shouted in an attempt to distract Grey and aimed the batons at Grey's ears. The attack was successful even though Grey tried to retaliate, causing the sides of his head to be bashed by the metal batons. The attack also disoriented Grey, because Deng Long's technique created minute vibrations that caused the enemy to go deaf.

Deng Long proceeded with a frontal head bash, which caused Grey to faint. "At this rate, we will eventually arrive at a stalemate." Deng Long was able to knock Grey out with his batons but he found that their regenerative abilities were strong enough to get them back into fighting form. Deng Long knew his attacks were blunt and bashing Grey until he died would have been possible if he was not already exhausted beyond measure by the previous werefire attack.

The fall of Grey distracted Brown once again and Lee An found an opening to exploit. "Knuckle Knife Art! Crippling Punch of the Yak!" Lee An punched Brown's elbow, causing a dislocation and Lee An complemented it with a stab and slash. At this moment, Brown also noticed that Deng Long was coming for him too so Brown gave a disruptive deafening howl that paralysed both the cultivators.

He then grabbed Grey and ran up the 1st floor for the safety of the pack of other werejackals.

The paralysation wore off but the initial skirmish caused a great deal of stress to their bodies. Deng Long took this chance to take a look at his phone, hoping to see the progress of their other teammates. Besides, there was something that Brown had said that bothered him.

"Bro, Se Lang really died." Deng Long laughed as he showed Lee An his phone and all Lee An could do was laugh bitterly with Deng Long.

"At the very least, the rest are still alive. Even our lookout." Lee An commented, which made Deng Long laugh even more.

"Even a lookout being occupied by some monster lasted longer than Se Lang. Bro, can you recommend me for the policeman of the month instead?" Deng Long teased Lee An.

Unknowingly on a bed in the recovery bay service instance, Se Lang was sneezing the moment he woke up. The Nurse Pandas had to run a couple more tests to make sure he was not suffering some other side effects from the dungeon instance.