Chapter 98 Discussion in the Recovery Bay

Chapter 98 of 100 chapters

"Hey there, so what dungeon did you try that landed you into this mess?" The patient beside Se Lang tried to make small talk while he rested until the Nurse Pandas gave the go ahead.

"Oh, the Bank Heist dungeon instance. I got killed by a falling elevator." Se Lang embarrassingly said. "At least, I took one of the werejackals with me before I fainted though, so it was all good."

"Ahh, our group tried the Bank Heist dungeon instance too. The CEO Scabba was truly scheming. He released two werecats at us while pretending to be a hostage at the top floor." the patient replied.

"Wait, CEO Scabba is a hostage? In my dungeon instance, he was guiding us through a secret passage so we could access the bank." Se Lang got really curious about why his dungeon instance was different from his bedmate's.

"Secret Passage? What? When we entered, Captain Bai rammed the armoured van through the bank's front doors and surprised the werejackals."

"That cannot be, I was also lead by CEO Scabba through a secret passage, but the three werejackals, with armbands, indicating their colours, were very strong. Half the team died killing the three werejackals before we could proceed further. However, we got shot by enemy snipers from the opposing building when we arrived on the first floor." A female patient who overheard the conversation decided to chip in her opinions.

"Why are all our instances so different? Is there a specific criterion?" Se Lang's interest was currently piqued to the max with the difference in dungeon instances. Then it finally clicked

"Miss, was anyone in your group a veteran who participated in other dungeons and completed them before playing this instance?" Se Lang felt that this might be a mini puzzle to be solved.

"Hmm, the other team members had previously completed the zombie dungeon instance. At least we think so because they were called Pandawans by Captain Bai." the female patient thought about it before answering the question.

"What's a Pandawan?" The male patient right beside Se Lang asked.

"I think that's the criteria. In my group, someone was also called a Pandawan by Captain Bai." Se Lang concluded.

"Still, it's just a theory, we have yet to confirm with other people yet." Se Lang then asked for more details about their dungeon runs. The discussion got so heated that the Nurse Pandas had no choice but to interrupt them. "Shhh! This is a place of healing. Keep your voice down."

"I shall post my experience on the forums in the Pandamonium app. Let's see what kind of response we can get." The male patient decided that it was best to ask the other cultivators. After all, many hands made light work.

"I will add in my experience once you post it in the forums." The female patient commented before she returned to her bedside for some rest.

"I can do the same." Se Lang nodded his head as he took this chance to take a look at the Pandamonium app. He had not been exploring much of the app and since he was not allowed to move around, he guessed it was as good a time as any to do so.

"Streaming services?" Se Lang decided to give it a try after reading the details in the Pandamonium chat. It apparently live streamed ongoing battles. Since he was going to get a one off bonus for being the policeman of the month in Tiangong station, he did not see why he shouldn't subscribe to it. This way, he could keep track of his team's progress.

The payment was straightforward and he was surprised that there was even wifi in the store, allowing him to stream in this recovery bay service instance. After a while, a nurse Panda came towards him and asked him several questions.

"Sir, would you like to watch the stream on a bigger screen? We can provide you with various angles of the battle at your bedside as you wait for your clearance from the recovery bay. There will be earbuds too for your entertainment and this way, it will not disturb other patients. If you are wondering, there will be no additional charges. Consider this as a service for subscribing to the streaming services." The Nurse Panda spoke with grace.

"Sure, I will partake in it." Se Lang realised since he was paying for it, he might as well take advantage of it.

"Very well, here are the earbuds. Please give me a moment." The nurse panda passed the earbuds to him and with some gesturing in the air, three digital screens magically appeared in front of Se Lang. The quality of the stream was also top notch and this made Se Lang very satisfied to watch his teammates fight.

"Wow, what is that?" The male patient who was right beside Se Lang asked and subsequently, nearly every patient that was conscious and near Se Lang was interested in this feature of his. Se Lang did not know that his action caused a ripple down effect in the recovery bay instance and many of the patients started to subscribe to the streaming services, bringing a sudden influx of income for Jin.

Separately, the customers outside of Station 2 were heatedly discussing the battle. One of the issues a number of them were interested in was the appearance of the wyrm ants. They tried to make assumptions but none seemed to make enough sense for them to be true, and they had no choice except asking the boss about the appearance of the wyrm ants in the dungeon. However, they did not wish to offend Boss Jin's decision to put a copy of the wyrm ants.

"Boss, are you putting duplicates in your dungeons? However, I really do feel the wyrm ants are a good addition to this battle!" A customer finally asked the question no one dared to ask.

"Yeap, I did place them there because I did not feel they were appropriate for the new Zither Mistress Dungeon, which, by the way, I renamed it to the Music Theatre Dungeon. So nope, at this moment I am not intending to put any duplicates in any of my dungeons and the wyrm ants will not appear in the Music Theatre Dungeon." Jin gave a firm reply to the customers.

"Wow! Music Theatre Dungeon? Then did you revamp the goblin dungeon as well?" another customer who was previously an avid dungeoneer of the goblin dungeon had decided to try the new Bank Heist dungeon instead.

"Yes, I did. It's on the menu." In Jin's mind, there were annoying thoughts going around, such as "Why can't you read the menu when you bought the new dungeon? It is so obvious on the newly decorated menu!" However, he tried to stay calm and responded as nicely as he could.

"Eh, there is nothing new on it. You just renamed it Goblin Forest Dungeon?" the customer retorted back quickly.

"I meant the description." Jin felt like he wanted to shoot a Panda Yawning beam at the customer but he controlled himself. The large influx of today's crowd had made him very tired despite his promotion to Grade 4. Meanwhile, he wondered how Zhen Qing was doing and decided to check the CCTV in the garden through the Panda Port.

"Looks like her buns are well liked too. Perhaps I should think of asking Yun to upgrade her stall and get better ingredients." Jin was lost in his thoughts for a while that he did not notice a very loud cheer resounding, which coincidentally began spreading from Station 2, where the bank heist instance was currently in progress.

"Haha, it appears our young giraffe has quite a fair bit of tricks under her sleeve." Jin smiled.