Chapter 99 - Number One Whore of the Company

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Pei Ge was unable to forget Liu Yue’s eerie smile so much so that she even had a nightmare about it that night.

In her dream, Liu Yue became a monster with bloody mouth while Pei Shishi became a witch. Her cousin sat on Liu Yue’s shoulders and watched the latter chase after her. At this, Pei Ge could only keep running…

Just as Liu Yue caught up to her, Pei Ge was frightened awake from her slumber.

“Ge Ge, did you not sleep well? Why do you look so terrible?” Zhang Manhua observed her daughter who was eating her breakfast at the dining table with a listless look on her face.

“Yes, I had a terrible dream last night,” she reluctantly admitted with a nod of her head.

After having breakfast at home, Pei Ge took the bus going to company with a tired look.

Pei Ge greeted the same familiar people as per usual. She did not know whether she was just being a little sensitive or otherwise, but the moment she stepped inside the office building, she kept feeling many gazes on her.

“Good morning.” Pei Ge greeted her colleagues as soon as she stepped into the Planning Department’s office.

The moment she entered the department, everyone inside turned to look at her.

Pei Ge became certain that the feeling she got just then was not her hallucination. Why was everyone staring at her, though? She quickly felt that something was amiss here.

With her lips pursed, she sat down on her desk.

“Pei Ge, do you not visit the company’s internal forum?”

A colleague, who was rather close to Pei Ge, carefully peered at her just as she sat down.

The company’s internal forum?

Pei Ge was stunned for a moment as she really did not take notice of such things.

“What’s wrong? I don’t really pay attention to the company’s forum,” she admitted, feeling very confused.

The female colleague hesitated a little when she heard her words before finally saying, “Someone posted a thread about you on the company’s internal forum…”

A thread?

“What thread—” Just as Pei Ge was about to ask more about this matter, Pan Xinlei appeared at the doors of the Planning Department’s office.

“Ge Ge, come out.” Pan Xinlei agitatedly beckoned Pei Ge toward her from the doors.

Pei Ge did not continue her conversation with the colleague and, after excusing herself, rushed out of the office.

Pan Xinlei hurriedly dragged her to a more remote area in the company.

“Ge Ge, I told you before that your cousin definitely has a vile motive!” Pan Xinlei reprimanded her when she saw that no one was nearby.

“Sister Xinlei, what exactly happened? Also, what is this about a thread on the company’s internal forum?” Pei Ge felt deep down that today’s strange incident had something to do with Pei Shishi and Liu Yue. However, she really did not know what was posted on the company’s forum about her.

“Sigh… I also only found out about this when I reached the company earlier.” Pan Xinlei first sighed and then continued explaining to Pei Ge.

“Some of your past, mixed with lies and false rumors, was posted by someone on the company’s internal forum.”

“What do you mean by ‘mixed with lies and false rumors’?” Pei Ge was more than a little confused now. What was so interesting about her past that it could be posted as a forum thread and attract the attention of many in the company?

“The love triangle between you, your cousin, and your cousin-in-law, as well as the relationship between you…” Pan Xinlei paused at this point for a while before mumbling, “…and the CEO.”

“Huh?!” Pei Ge was dumbfounded when she heard this. “What the hell is all that?!”

“Sigh! Just take a look at it yourself.” Pan Xinlei passed her hand phone to Pei Ge. The hand phone immediately displayed the thread on the company’s internal forum once it was unlocked.

Pei Ge received the hand phone in a rush and her heart sank when she saw the title of the post.

[Number One Whore of the Company. Acting like a white lily, after she seduced her brother-in-law, she seduced the CEO.]

Was this talking about her? Pei Ge’s hand tightened around the gadget as she continued scrolling through the thread with a sullen and ugly expression on her face.

Scrolling down, her expression turned uglier at this hateful and defaming post. Pei Ge bit her lower lip in anger and had the strong urge to beat up whoever was responsible for the post.

What did it mean by [She abandoned her former boyfriend for a rich man. A few years later, her ex-boyfriend came back as a rich young master and she regretted her past decision, so she used all sorts of shameless methods to seduce her soon-to-be brother-in-law.

[However, when she failed to seduce her soon-to-be brother-in-law, she unexpectedly encountered Ji Ziming at a club. After investigating his background, she decisively changed targets. She then switched companies from her cousin’s to Chenguang Real Estate, which was about to be acquired by Ji Ziming…]

“Ge Ge… Are you alright?” Pan Xinlei, who was standing beside Pei Ge, asked when she saw her face get more sullen.

Pei Ge retracted her gaze from the hand phone display and returned it to Pan Xinlei. With a dark face, she replied, “I’m fine. Just a little angry.”

How can I just be a little angry? I am actually very incensed right now!

The original poster of the thread was really too crafty! It was just as Pan Xinlei had said; the post was a mixture of truths and lies! The fact that the thread included pictures increased its credibility by a lot! This person really wanted to destroy her reputation past redemption.

“Let me tell you; your cousin and Liu Yue are the masterminds behind this with a 100-percent certainty. What grudges does your cousin have against you? You are sisters, yet this is how she actually treats you.” Pan Xinlei shook her head in dismay and looked at Pei Ge pityingly.

If she did not know better and had not learned of the true story from Pei Ge a few days ago, she might have really believed this forum thread.

In fact, right now, almost 80 percent of the company’s population believed in the thread. After all, those pictures could not be faked.

Words were unimportant and only those few pictures held actual weight.

Among those pictures, two really stood out and gave this well-crafted story the highest credibility.

One showed a couple with their hands linked together, with Pei Ge looking infatuated at the man in the picture with tear-filled eyes, and another showed her and the company’s CEO walking closely together.

These two pictures gave Pei Ge no chance to explain herself before falling deep into the abyss of rumors.

Just this morning alone, she heard many female colleagues scolding Pei Ge behind her back.

Pan Xinlei lightly sighed again and looked worriedly at Pei Ge.

“I know.” Pei Ge pursed her lips from the bitterness she felt. How much of a failure as a person was she that Liu Yue would treat her as such? Even her cousin…

“What do you plan to do now?” Pan Xinlei looked at her with pity. She was such a nice person, so why would people do mean things to her? It really was a sin to do that!

“An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth!” She was never a doormat and would naturally never let anyone who dared to plot against her get away with it!