Chapter 100 - The Domineering Pei Ge

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“What do you mean?” Hearing Pei Ge’s domineering words, Pan Xinlei eyed her with befuddlement.

“One needs to pay the price for doing something wrong.” The resentful expression on Pei Ge’s face faded and in its place was a shockingly determined look.

“What do you plan to do?” Pan Xinlei carefully inquired when she saw that Pei Ge seemed to have something in mind.

Pei Ge’s eyes glinted dangerously and her mouth curled up as she said, “First, I will go to the HR Department to take back my resignation letter.”

They did those things to make me unable to continue working here, right? Heh… How laughable!

She really wanted to resign and had even handed in her resignation letter, but now…

You guys are forcing me to resign by destroying my reputation, right? Sure! This young lady here will not, then! I will definitely properly stay in this company and not resign! I will also return all the insults back to you, so that you guys will know what I’m feeling right now!

“What? Resign?! Why do you want to resign when you are doing quite well?” Pan Xinlei was shocked by Pei Ge’s revelation. She looked at the latter in disbelief, unable to understand what would prompt her to resign.

“Sister Xinlei, now is not the time to talk about this. I will explain this matter to you later. Right now, I need to take back my resignation letter from the HR Department.” Pei Ge smiled at her.

Pan Xinlei nodded her head and encouragingly said, “Don’t mind the rumors flying around. Your innocence will be proven eventually, so don’t let them get to you.”

“Alright. I understand, Sister Xinlei. Thank you so much for today,” Pei Ge said gratefully. The adage ‘A friend is best found in days of adversity’ really held some truth.

She was usually on pretty good terms with her colleagues in the Planning Department, and she did not believe that none of them had seen the thread on the company’s internal forum, yet no one saw it fit to inform her about it.

Luckily, she at least had one colleague who did notify her.

Parting with Pan Xinlei, Pei Ge did not tarry and rushed straight to the HR Department.

“I am Planning Department’s Pei Ge. I want to retrieve the resignation letter I handed in on Monday.” Upon entering the HR Department’s office, she straightforwardly mentioned her intention without any nonsensical pleasantries.

“Er… You’re Pei Ge, huh,” The female employee in the HR Department looked at Pei Ge and said her name in a tone dripping with sarcasm.

Judging from this woman’s attitude, Pei Ge could guess that she had probably seen the thread, too.

Heh… She really did not expect that she, Pei Ge, would become such a celebrity in the company to the point of everyone knowing her wherever she went.

“Yes, I am Pei Ge. Where’s my resignation letter?” Pei Ge calmly answered, not betraying any emotion on her face.

“It’s not with me.” The woman spared Pei Ge a glance and announced this rather rudely.

“If it’s not with you, then where is it?” Pei Ge could not be bothered to argue with this woman as it was pretty meaningless.

“Sigh… I say, haven’t you already resigned? As someone who has already resigned, why are you still looking for that resignation letter? Are you regretting it now, and you don’t want to resign anymore? He he… This company is unlike your previous, relative-run company where you can resign and take it back anytime,” the female staff mocked as she looked at her impatiently.

Pei Ge was never someone with a good temper. She had already tolerated this woman so much by giving her the benefit of doubt. Thinking that the woman was simply influenced by what was written on that forum thread about her, she did not plan to haggle with her. Who knew that this woman would go overboard, though?

“First! Director Yang should’ve told you that my resignation letter will only be kept at the HR Department temporarily and that I can retrieve it anytime. And when I do retrieve it, it will be considered as me not resigning anymore.” Pei Ge glared domineeringly at the woman before her.

“Second! The relative-run company that you were talking about, I indeed immediately resigned from it, but! I did not take that month’s pay!”

“Third! What has it got to do with you whether I resign or not? Are you having too little things to do?! Really an old hag who has nothing better to do than eating!”

The woman was totally dumbstruck by Pei Ge’s words. When she regained her senses, she was so mad that she stuttered, “You – you! How dare you—”

Smack! The woman was in the midst of speaking when Pei Ge smacked her palms hard on the desk and interrupted her words.

“Old hag, can you stop wasting my time? You will get sacked for having such low efficiency.” Pei Ge grinned at the fuming woman and said this in a laid-back manner.

The woman in the HR Department was really enraged now and she stared at Pei Ge for the longest time. Suddenly, she thought of something and mockingly laughed at Pei Ge. “He he… Looks like you’re gonna have to resign whether you like it or not, after all. Your resignation letter has been handed over to the CEO’s office! Hmph!”

CEO’s office?!

The face of the originally domineering Pei Ge sank when she learned of this.

“Why would it be handed over to the CEO’s office?!” she asked frantically, her heart filled with confusion.

She was just a small assistant and was not part of the higher management. Why would her resignation letter be handed over to the CEO’s office?

“Who knows? Maybe, the CEO wants to quickly fire you for bothering him so much,” the woman mocked upon seeing her expression.

“He he… Actually, your resignation letter was just collected and sent over. If you run a little quicker, you just might catch up to that assistant who collected your resignation letter and retrieve it!” The woman looked at Pei Ge with an evil gleam in her eyes.

Hmph! How dare this woman who’s got average looks ond ugly figure lust after our company’s handsome and ultimate bachelor CEO Ji!

Hearing this, Pei Ge’s eyebrows moved ever so slightly. She then resolutely turned to rush out of the HR Department’s office with quick steps and toward the direction of the CEO’s office.

Argh, argh! Why was I in such a rush to hand in my resignation letter?! Argh, argh! How frustrating!

The most despicable person is that annoying fellow! Why did he collect my resignation letter?!

Pei Ge ran across the crowd of people with her mind filled with nonsensical thoughts and in a jumbled mess.

“Was that Pei Ge just now?”

“I think it’s that Pei Ge from the forum thread!”

“Why is she not properly staying in her office?”

“Who knows…”

“Looks like she’s going to the floor where the CEO’s office is located.”

“She is so ugly yet still dares to lust after our handsome CEO. How shameless!”


Pei Ge ignored these voices and ran the whole way, only stopping when she reached the hallway outside the CEO’s office.

At that moment, she saw a secretary in black uniform holding a resignation letter in her hand and walking toward the CEO’s office. She was just about to enter the CEO’s office.

“Wait a moment!”

Pei Ge rushed over…