Chapter 102 - Tear, tear, tear! Tear this resignation letter!

Chapter 102 of 200 chapters

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The summer morning sun was not as glaring as it should be. Rays of morning light streamed in through the transparent glass windows from the outside.

The minimalist office was bathed in its soft golden glow.

Ji Ziming sat with his back facing this sunlight. With his silhouette being outlined by the rays of golden sunlight, one would think that this handsome man was simply a product of their imagination. He was like a mighty yet apathetic god.

“CEO – CEO Ji, this is—” The secretary tried to repress the pounding of her heart. Swallowing her saliva, she moved to speak when a ruckus from outside the doors interrupted her.

“Excuse me, Miss! You are not allowed to go in. This is the CEO’s office!”

“The woman who went in just now took something of mine; I need to go in for a moment.”

“This lady here, please return—ahhh!”

The woman outside shrieked. Following that, the doors to the CEO’s office were opened from the outside.

“You are not allowed to enter!”

With that scream, a slightly plump woman rushed into the office.

The woman’s white and clear face that was dyed pink and her labored breathing made it seem as though she had just finished her workout.

“CEO, I’m really sorry. I – I really couldn’t stop her…” The secretary lowered her head, not daring to look at her direct superior.

Ji Ziming’s deep-set eyes shone the moment he identified the woman who had suddenly barged into his office. Even then, his expression remained as stoic as ever, as though he wanted no one near him.

“Pei Ge, you are really too impudent…” Liu Yue walked in and, with a look of contempt, wanted to reprimand Pei Ge, but the latter’s sharp glance prevented her from doing so.

Pei Ge narrowed her eyes at Liu Yue the way Ji Ziming would always do. When Liu Yue reflexively shut her mouth, she coldly harrumphed and took large strides toward the secretary she had chased after the whole way.

Before anyone could regain their senses, Pei Ge quickly snatched the resignation letter from the woman’s hand.

“Ah!” The secretary only reacted when the resignation letter in her hand got snatched.

“You! What are you trying to do?!” The secretary widened her eyes in disbelief. How dare this woman blatantly snatch something in front of the company’s CEO?

However, Pei Ge did not pay her any heed and simply started to tear the resignation letter she had successfully retrieved to pieces.

When the secretaries realized her intention, all of them, especially the one who had retrieved the resignation letter, shrieked in horror and moved to stop her.

“Block her!”

“Snatch that file back!”

In an instant, the stylish and elegant office, because of a few women, was filled with so much noise that anyone not looking at its furnishing would mistake it for a big outlet doing a clearance sale.

The few women snatched and clawed at one another, totally forgetting about the existence of a certain cold-faced CEO in the office.

Watching the few women behaving with such impudence in front of him, Ji Ziming was surprisingly not angry. Rather, he leaned back with his arms draped across his chest and gazed fixedly on Pei Ge’s figure.

Seeing Pei Ge’s nimble movements and her ability to fight back with many by herself, Ji Ziming’s smoldering eyes gleamed with laughter.


How could the skinny and pretty secretaries wearing ten-inch high heels triumph over the strong Pei Ge wearing flats? Even if these secretaries had more people on their side, they would still not gain the upper hand in this struggle.

Rip, rip! The sharp sound of paper being torn to pieces echoed in the room.

“Brother Ziming… I…” At this moment, an adorable, round-faced, young girl entered the office with a bitter face. Before she could say anything, she saw the scene of Pei Ge tearing the resignation letter.

She instantly opened her eyes wide at Pei Ge in disbelief and, as though she had seen a ghost, her mouth hung agape.

“Pei Ge!” All the pretty secretaries glared at Pei Ge at once.

Looking at them, Pei Ge smirked and said, “The resignation letter is now gone. Let’s all just treat this resignation incident as though it never happened.”

In Ji Ziming’s eyes, her smile resembled that of a little kitten who had managed to steal some fish. Finding it very appealing, his gaze had unknowingly lingered on her person this whole time.

“Barbaric!” One of the female secretaries glared at Pei Ge as she rubbed the arm the latter had pushed just moments ago.

“Do you know what you just tore?!” The secretary, who had collected the resignation letter, hatefully glared at Pei Ge.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and nodded her head in affirmation. “Of course, I know. What I just tore is a resignation letter.”

Liu Yue widened her eyes and looked at Pei Ge disbelievingly when she heard this.

Pei Ge’s resignation letter?!

Liu Yue could not believe her ears. She was unable to believe that Pei Ge would willingly resign without her doing anything.

“You! You know it, yet you still tore it?!” When she heard Pei Ge’s words, the secretary almost lost it.

“Yes, I think…” Pei Ge paused and swept her eyes over to Liu Yue, hinting, “I shouldn’t resign and let some despicable people be gleeful.”

The bitter expression on the girl’s round face was replaced by happiness when she heard Pei Ge’s words and her eyes shone brightly.

“Why should those with ability give way to those who don’t? With this reason, this resignation letter must be torn.” Pei Ge smiled provocatively at Liu Yue.

Liu Yue slandered me to make me resign and prevent me from being promoted as the CEO’s assistant. He he… This is indeed her style.

Just as Pei Ge was rejoicing at Liu Yue’s constipated look, a person rushed up to her and tightly held her hand.

“Sister, what is your name?!”

“Huh?” Pei Ge was startled and confused by the sudden appearance of this young girl. Where did she come from?

“Sister, thank you! Thank you for believing in me so much! I will not let you down! I will definitely not resign again!” The round-faced girl cheerfully proclaimed while she looked at Pei Ge fervently.

“Huh?” At the girl’s fervent and cheerful look, Pei Ge’s heart skipped a beat.Could it be that… the resignation letter I just tore isn’t mine?!