Chapter 107

Chapter 107 of 200 chapters

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Once she was done filling out the employment form, Pei Ge returned to the Planning Department. With her packed items in arms, she walked out of the Planning Department under her colleagues’ fervent gazes.

All that remained was her colleagues’ speculations on whether she was fired from the company or otherwise.

“Could Pei Ge have been sacked?”

“It shouldn’t be! Isn’t it just a forum thread?”

“But it’s a bad influence.”

“That’s true, too. Our CEO must have hated seeing those things.”

“Actually, I think that Pei Ge shouldn’t be that kind of person…”

“Heh… What do you know? You only know a person’s face but not their heart.”

“That’s true…”

Pei Ge could not say that she was not saddened by their words. After all, she had worked with these people for quite some time. Although they could not be called her real friends, they were at least her lunch buddies.

However, they apparently saw her in this way and did not even put the slightest bit of stock in her integrity.

Although this was a promotion, Pei Ge remained downcast all the way to the CEO Secretariat. Taking grudging steps toward the CEO’s office, her mood only worsened.

“Oh, my. Look who’s here.”

“He he! Of course, I know. It’s that company’s first you-know-what.”

The moment she entered the office, the few secretaries inside started openly mocking her. Although they did not use any excessive words or foul languages, the way they scolded the locust while pointing at the mulberry was not any better.

Pei Ge only shot them a cold glance and ignored them. She then found an empty seat and started unpacking her things.

While she wanted to mind her business, it did not mean that others would let her do so.

“Sigh… Some people just have so many tricks up their sleeves. How long has she even been here to be able to rise up to this position so quickly?”

“That’s right. Even after handing in her resignation, this person still hasn’t left.”

“I say, that forum thread is really true—”

Bang! The few secretaries halted their mocking words.

This was because the sudden banging had frightened the few of them that were happily chatting away.

Only when they regained their senses did they realize that the sound came from Pei Ge slamming a few thick books on her desk.

“Hey! Do you have any sense of social propriety? This is a public space. Stop venting your anger as you please!” A short-haired female secretary angrily shouted.

Glancing at her, Pei Ge smirked. “So you do know that this is a public space. Then, please feel free to have some social propriety, too, and stop chattering some dog-shit nonsense before me. It’s polluting my ears.”

“You!” The short-haired secretary was enraged to the point of speechlessness by Pei Ge’s words.

“Oh, you also do know that these things will pollute your ears. Since you know of this, then why did you do such immoral acts?” Another female secretary, with curly hair, mocked Pei Ge with a look of disdain.

Pei Ge finally understood that if she did not make them surrender today, she would never have a peaceful day from here on.

Putting down the items in her hands, Pei Ge spoke with a cold, expressionless face, “How about you tell me what immoral things I have done, then?”

“What immoral things? You failed to seduce your brother-in-law, so you decided to seduce our CEO, instead. You are even shamelessly staying in the CEO Secretariat when you should be gone in the company. All these are obviously a result of your immoral acts. He he! Your skin is really too thick.” The curly-haired secretary was obviously someone eloquent. With just a few breaths, she was able to rattle off all the things she wanted to say to Pei Ge.

Pei Ge only nodded her head and looked at her calmly at this. “Are you done speaking?”

“What?” The curly-haired secretary obviously had slow reaction speed as she looked at Pei Ge in confusion for a moment.

“I’m asking if you are done summarizing all of my immoral acts,” Pei Ge clarified.

“Could it be that you have more immoral acts?” The curly-haired secretary quickly used Pei Ge’s words against her.

Pei Ge did not mind this at all and just calmly replied, “Since you are already done, then it’s my turn.”

“First, you guys are claiming that I seduced some stupid brother-in-law. Please show me your evidence. Don’t tell me about that forum thread and whatever picture. Can those things even be treated as evidence? I really don’t want to say this, but you people are already adults – almost reaching your 30s – yet you are still so gullible.” Pei Ge mockingly tugged at her lips.

“Second, you also said I seduced the CEO and even shamelessly stayed here in the CEO Secretariat instead of disappearing from the company? Hur hur! This is the dumbest joke I’ve heard this year!

“Do you think that since everyone likes the CEO, I will like him, too? How laughable! In my eyes, the CEO is merely an annoying fellow I don’t want to see. Seduce him? I’d rather seduce that Virgo male colleague of mine!” Pei Ge laughed coldly. The more she spoke, the more she felt it was laughable. At the same time, her hatred for Liu Yue grew. If it were not for her, would she be in this situation right now?

Listening to her lengthy speech, the other secretaries were stunned. Although they wanted to interrupt her midway, they were unable to do so because Pei Ge had been talking too fast.

“I am shamelessly staying back in the CEO Secretariat and not resigning, or so you said. Oh, please! Do you guys really think I want to come to your stupid CEO Secretariat? I totally did not want to come, alright! It was your lovely Mr. CEO who shamelessly held me back, alright!” she shouted furiously.

“…” The moment these words were out, everyone was dumbfounded.

“You’re lying! CEO Ji would never do that!” Liu Yue was the first one to react. She was originally planning to watch the show from the sidelines, but her opponent was just too shameless that she could no longer stand it.

“Yes! CEO Ji will never do something like what you’ve just said!”

“Indeed! Shameless!”

The other female secretaries also regained their senses and looked at Pei Ge as though fire were spitting from their eyes.

“Why would I lie to you people? CEO said he admired my abilities at work and refused to let me resign no matter what. If you guys don’t believe it, go ask CEO Ji yourself!” Pei Ge triumphantly peered at Liu Yue and felt a comfortable feeling course through her body when she saw her dark expression contort with anger.

Indeed, that annoying fellow and CEO’s only use is to intimidate people! How sweet revenge is! This feeling isn’t too bad!

“You! Shameless!” How would the female secretaries even dare to ask Ji Ziming that question? The few secretaries stared daggers at Pei Ge, wanting to chew on her right then and there.

An adage went: ‘One should not be too snobbish. Otherwise, tragedy will befall after that bout of happiness.’

“Pei Ge, was I the one who refused to let you resign no matter what?” Suddenly, a low and electrifying voice sounded.

Pei Ge, who was still feeling triumphant, did not realize the danger and replied on reflex, “Of course! CEO Ji hung on to me shamelessly, refusing to let me leave.”

“Oh… Really?”

In an instant, Pei Ge felt the temperature drop by a few degrees in the office. She rubbed her arms and moved to check the temperature of the air-conditioner, but when she turned around, Ji Ziming’s deadpan face entered her vision.