Chapter 11

Chapter 11 of 200 chapters

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“Did you hear? Xiaoxue attended the boss’s daughter’s homecoming party yesterday and a scandalous matter happened.”

“Of course, we know of it. Didn’t the company’s communications team upload some photos of yesterday’s event?”

“Yeah, man. I couldn’t tell that Pei Ge, that country pumpkin, actually has such a malicious mind. She looks so honest.”

“He he… You really can’t judge a book by its cover. A dog that doesn’t bark bites, after all.”

“Yes, I know that now.”

“That Pei Ge should also take a look in the mirror. With her looks and family background, what rights does she have to compete with our CEO’s precious daughter?”

“Exactly! She has everything – education, looks, family background – so what right does Pei Ge have to slap someone’s boyfriend when she’s not even on par with the competition? How embarrassing!”

“I know right?! Moreover, she’s the one who threw away that golden opportunity due to her greed, and now she wants to act like the victim….”

Pei Ge tightly held on to her coffee mug as she stood outside the pantry, her fingers turning white.

Calm down, Pei Ge! Calm down! Taking a deep breath, Pei Ge entered the pantry with a straight face.

With a little conscience still in them, the gossiping people stopped talking and glanced cautiously at Pei Ge.

These people sighed in relief when they saw that she had no reaction toward them.

Pei Ge seemed to not have heard what they were gossiping about earlier as she calmly poured herself a cup of coffee.

“Let’s go quickly…” The gossiping people hastily departed from the pantry, leaving Pei Ge alone inside it.

Pei Ge filled her cup with coffee and, seeing the warm steam coming from it, she blew at it lightly before taking a sip.

How bitter. The bitter taste of coffee was reflected in her eyes.

With a heavy heart, Pei Ge finished the coffee and left the pantry to return to her desk.

“Pei Ge, where’s your working pass?!”

Just as she arrived at her desk, a woman in black business attire – tidiness and discipline evident in her appearance – appeared in front of Pei Ge and gave her a cold look.

“Sorry, Linda, I forgot my work pass today.”

This was their department’s manager who loved to find trouble with Pei Ge just to boost her ego.

“Forgot to bring it, huh?” Linda laughed coldly before remarking sarcastically, “Did you forget to change clothes, too?”

“…” Pei Ge pursed her lips but remained silent. She was letting Linda reprimand her as it was really her fault for forgetting to bring her pass.

“Why so quiet today? A few hundred dollars from the Full Attendance Incentive not enticing enough for you?!” Linda asked angrily.

“…” Being the assistant in the company for many years, she had long been accustomed to her temper.

When she did not like a person, no matter what one did, she would always pick on that person.

“He he. Well, I guess so. Since you’re wearing the latest dress design of Chanel which has a six-figure price tag, I guess a few hundred dollars is nothing to you,” Linda said with jealousy evident in her eyes.

When she saw Pei Ge from a distance, she thought that her dress looked familiar. Taking a closer look, she realized that it was in fact this year’s newest edition dress that was part of the Elegant series.

She was actually unsure initially, thinking that Pei Ge must have worn a cheap replica. However, to her surprise, she was really wearing an authentic piece!

No matter which angle one looked at the dress, it was evident that it was not a cheap product!

Hearing Linda’s words, Pei Ge felt stunned.

What Chanel? How could she be wearing Chanel’s latest dress? How was that even possible?! This was clearly just an outfit provided by the hotel. She must be joking!

“Oh, my god?! Chanel?!”

“No way! Pei Ge is actually wearing a Chanel dress! Apparently, the cheapest are still priced at ten thousands!”

“When did she became so rich?!”

Hearing the whispers of the surrounding people, Pei Ge took a good look at her knee-length, snow-white dress.

Besides the fact that it was comfier and looked better, it was not that different from her everyday outfit. They must have mistaken it.

Seeing the silent Pei Ge, who seemed to hold no regard for what was being said, Linda became angrier. With a steely voice, she said, “Nowadays, if one is shameless enough, even the worst woman can really do get taken care of.”

The initially dazed Pei Ge now came back to her senses with Linda’s words.

“Linda, what are you trying to say?” Pei Ge’s silence was because she knew she was in the wrong earlier.

However, since Linda was not reprimanding her for her mistake and was actually issuing a personal attack….

“You don’t know what I mean? Wow, you really are shameless,” Linda said spitefully, her eyes filled with jealousy and anger.

“You better apologize to me, Linda,” Pei Ge demanded with her chin raised.

“You want me to apologize? But I’m merely stating the truth; why should I apologize?” Linda laughed coldly. “Did I say something wrong? After all, you are a greedy woman. Didn’t you kick up a big fuss at your cousin’s homecoming party after you found out that your ex-boyfriend is a rich man?”

Hearing Linda’s mocking words, Pei Ge stared wide-eyed at her. She was just about to retort when Linda interrupted her again.

“Pei Ge, you truly are an ingrate! The boss’ family has always treated your family well – providing for your education and even job – yet you still want to steal your cousin’s boyfriend. Do you have no conscience? Geez—”

Pak! A sharp sound filled the air, stopping Linda’s words of negativity in mid-sentence.

“I’m sorry; your breath stinks today and it’s giving me a headache, so my hands couldn’t take it any longer and moved.” Pei Ge spoke these words with a smile, but her eyes showed otherwise.

“Pei Ge, you bit—” Before Linda could finish her words, another sharp slap stopped her.

“Like I said, your breath stinks, so you should shut up,” Pei Ge said coolly.

The surrounding people in the office were stunned by this situation. Their eyes were filled with disbelief as they looked at Pei Ge.

Was this still the office’s hardworking and uncomplaining errand girl, Ge Ge?

“Ge Ge, don’t think for a moment that you can do anything you like just because your uncle is the boss! You wait and see! This incident, I’ll definitely…” Linda trailed off and retreated a few steps, not daring to scold Pei Ge any further. However, if looks could kill, it would be a different story.

“Oh, excuse me. I quit. Whoever you want to torture next, go ahead!”