Chapter 112 - My son is not that stupid.

Chapter 112 of 200 chapters

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Qin Qitong’s lovely round face turned beet red like an apple as she eyed Liu Yue.

One could tell from her expression that she was very angry.

“Um… I’m not lying. If you don’t believe me, you can visit the company’s internal forum…” Liu Yue whispered, seemingly scared by Qin Qitong’s fierce glare.

This girl really has a pit in her head! There is really a pit! She only met Pei Ge once today, yet she’s defending her so much? What a lunatic!

“Forum? Are you trying to be funny here? How can you judge someone based on a post? You are too stupid!” Qin Qitong looked at Liu Yue with contempt.

Pei Ge was the goddess she now worshipped, so how could she not be angered by Liu Yue’s attempt to slander Pei Ge in front of her aunt?

“No… I am really telling the truth…” Liu Yue, who was feeling very weak now, spat inside her, Why does this annoying Qin Qitong have to be Ji Ziming’s cousin?!

Would Pei Ge not have a better chance at snagging Ji Ziming at this rate?

No! I must drive her out of the company! I can’t let her have the chance to get near to Ji Ziming!

“Ah! I think I know who you are now! You are that Liu Yue!” Qin Qitong suddenly exclaimed as she thought of something.

“Huh?” Liu Yue looked at her in confusion and a feeling of dread rose from her heart.

“You are the immoral one, yet you dare accuse others of it?! You stole Sister Pei Ge’s hard work to get promoted, but you got fired by my cousin when he found out about it. Now, you’re even hanging on to my aunt like a koala! Hmph! How shameless!” Qin Qitong glared at her with hostility.

Today, after meeting her idol, she immediately researched information about her. Besides Pei Ge, the one that she remembered the most was this villain, Liu Yue.

Qin Qitong’s words caused Liu Yue’s expression to darken. Initially, she wanted to tolerate her and not get on her bad side because she was Ji Ziming’s cousin.

How could she continue doing that after hearing Qin Qitong’s contemptuous words, though?

“I really don’t know where you heard all these rumors, but I won’t stoop to your level considering that you’re Auntie Ji’s niece.”

Liu Yue then turned her head to address Mother Ji with a gentle voice, “Auntie, your niece should be a fresh graduate at a university, right? She’s so young. It’s no wonder she would get fooled by others this easily.”

Qin Qitong fumed when Liu Yue shamelessly reversed right from wrong.

Ever since she started working at Chenguang Real Estate, the things she truly hated were how people would point at her age and how they would discuss her parachuting into her position.

Not only did Liu Yue tap on both issues, she also slandered her goddess!

She, who had never really hated anyone before, now detested this woman called Liu Yue from the bottom of her heart.

“You! Stop pretending in front of my aunt! If not for her, would you even be able to sit here and talk to me like that?!” Qin Qitong eyed Liu Yue with disgust, especially when she saw the latter wearing expensive clothes.

How would she not know the salary of a normal employee like Liu Yue per month? With that meager salary, Liu Yue would definitely be unable to afford her current outfit. When she thought of this, she felt more contempt for Liu Yue.

“Auntie…” Qin Qitong’s ridicule caused Liu Yue’s face to turn ugly, and she looked at Mother Ji aggrievedly.

However, Mother Ji, who had always treated her well, did not stand on her side this time. Instead, she stood on Qin Qitong’s side and started helping her.

“Xiaoyue, Tongtong is still a child. Don’t take her words to heart. This child is very kind-hearted,” Mother Ji explained lightly with a smile.

Mother Ji wanted to appease the two and move away from this topic, yet who knew that someone would be so obstinate and ignore her kind intention?

“A child? She already graduated from a university! What kind of upbringing did she receive?!” Liu Yue had been spoiled by Mother Ji too much. If it were before, she would never dare speak out of turn.

However, after spending so much time with Mother Ji, she had forgotten her place and had placed herself on the same level as Mother Ji.

Mother Ji was enraged by Liu Yue’s insolence and ungrateful words.

Qin Qitong was a niece who had been with her from small to big, while Liu Yue was merely a girl who had helped her once.

She had long gone past the need to pay the debt of gratitude to her.

Since Liu Yue actually dared reprimand her niece in front of her, how could Mother Ji still continue spoiling her?

One must know that those with their background hated people questioning their upbringing the most.

“Xiaoyue, you said too much.” Her expression remained calm, yet her tone was filled with censure.

Only then did Liu Yue realize that what she had said was indeed a little too much.

“Auntie… I – I…” Liu Yue started panicking. Her mind cleared up and she recalled that everything she had right now was given to her by this woman before her.

Without her, she was nothing and all she had right now would instantly disappear.

“Hmph! Aunt, let’s go! Don’t bother with this despicable person who only harbors evil intentions!” Qin Qitong glanced at Liu Yue dismissively and affectionately hugged Mother Ji’s arm.

“Auntie, I… I was just too worried about CEO Ji getting cheated by someone and I was just too anxious when I heard Tongtong speak for Pei Ge just now, so I spoke such words.” Liu Yue pursed her lips and put on a sincere expression, speaking in an apologetic tone.

“Are we that close? Don’t call me Tongtong!” Qin Qitong derisively glared at her.” Also, my cousin is not as stupid as you speak him to be! Stop treating everyone as fools! My aunt is just bored, so she is teasing you to pass the time. Do you really think that you are very likable?” Qin Qitong pouted and said the things Liu Yue did not like to hear.

However, Liu Yue could only repress her anger and remain silent at this as she looked at Mother Ji with watery eyes.

Perhaps, it was as Qin Qitong had said; the woman opposite her was just too bored and was teasing her to pass time. This time, not only did she not speak up for her, she even coldly regarded her.

“Tongtong is right. My son is not that stupid and can never be cheated by a mere woman.”

Mother Ji listened to Liu Yue in their previous encounters because she thought it was interesting and did not think too deeply into them. However, after Qin Qitong pointed the flaws out, she immediately became displeased.

Thinking back on it, she realized that Liu Yue had actually been speaking as though her son were a foolish man. Moreover, Liu Yue’s words implied that her son had never seen a woman before and would, thus, easily be played around by one.

“Aunt – Auntie…?” Liu Yue was stunned by Mother Ji’s abrupt attitude.

She started panicking inside when the gentle Mother Ji, who would treat her well, was suddenly giving her the cold shoulder.

“Alright, I have something on today, so I will leave with Tongtong first.” With that, Mother Ji picked up her handbag and walked out of the coffee house with Qin Qitong affectionately clinging on to her one arm.

Liu Yue strongly bit on her lip as she watched the two’s receding figures.

No way! I definitely can’t lose the support of CEO Ji’s mother! I can’t just look on helplessly at Pei Ge’s smug look!