Chapter 116 - How can she like some other guy?!

Chapter 116 of 200 chapters

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“Yo! Looks like I came at the wrong time.”

The wooden door to the CEO’s office was opened from the outside and a man’s teasing voice rang out.

Ji Ziming frowned at this voice and quickly released Pei Ge. His gaze lingered on her lips for quite some time, as though he were reluctant to let them go.

“Whew!” the man by the door whistled flirtatiously.

Pei Ge felt utterly embarrassed by this and glared daggers at Ji Ziming. Raising her hand high in the air—

Pak! A loud slapping sound resonated within the office. Even the originally arrogant whistling of the new arrival promptly halted.

“B*stard! This young lady here is quitting! I want to resign!” Pei Ge declared and gave Ji Ziming a look full of loathing. She then resolutely turned around and walked past him.

Ji Ziming’s flawlessly crafted face immediately turned dark and a storm seemed to brew within his eyes.

This damn woman! No one had ever dared to treat him like this, yet this damn woman had time and again embarrassed him…

When Pei Ge left without glancing backward, the reluctance he was feeling was suppressed by his rage.

Pei Ge, who had her fists balled up tightly, made a beeline for the door yet found it blocked by Mu Heng, who was leaning on it in a playful manner. He looked at her teasingly and said, “Little Chili, it’s you, huh.”

“Beat it!” Pei Ge glared at him and peevishly muttered, “All of you are no good!”

“Aye! I say, Little Chili, don’t tar everyone with the same brush. I am not the one who did anything to you and am actually a gentleman—” Before he could finish his words, Mu Heng screeched out in pain.

“Hmph!” Pei Ge retracted her leg and walked out of the CEO’s office with her head held high, leaving behind a certain CEO sporting a bright red, slap mark on his sullen face and a particular Casanova hugging his leg and screaming in pain.

A whole bunch of jerks! Perverts! Ruffians! B*stards!

“Pei Ge, are you alright? Why are you crying?”

All the other secretaries looked at Pei Ge with pity in their eyes when she walked out of the CEO’s office with tears running down her face.

They all knew how scary CEO Ji could be. Since Pei Ge, this foolish girl, was heard by the man speaking those words about him, she was sure to receive a rather severe scolding. Maybe, she might even get fired because of it.

In that instant, these few secretaries lost their hostility toward Pei Ge as all they could think of was, This young lady is such a poor thing.

“Did the CEO scold you?” He Yan looked at Pei Ge sympathetically. She really felt bad for her, especially when she saw that not only were her eyes and nose red, even her mouth was.

Pei Ge promptly wiped her face with the back of her hand when she heard He Yan’s words. She did not even notice when it was that she started crying.

“N – No.” Pei Ge shook her head and sobbed, looking as though she did not want to speak about it.

“Sigh… Don’t think too much about it. Our CEO is still—er, that…” With this incident of the CEO catching them red-handed, not one of them dared to badmouth him again.

“Did the CEO fire you?” He Yan asked carefully.

This question, for some unknown reason, made Pei Ge, who was just pitifully sniveling, go ballistic.

“Him firing me? What rights does he have to fire me?! It’s this young lady here who is calling it quits! It’s me who fired him!” she shrieked angrily.

“Shh… shh… shh!” The few secretaries got frightened by her sudden outburst and desperately tried to shush her by putting their fingers on their lips. “Speak more softly! You just got scolded. Do you want to receive another scolding?!”

“Hmph!” Pei Ge lightly harrumphed and muttered, “I don’t want to continue working here, anyway. He can do whatever he wants!”

“Do you think it’s so easy to find a job these days? Our salary as the CEO’s assistant is so high and the job is so easy; where will we even find a job like this?!”

It was just yesterday that these few secretaries were fervently hoping to squeeze Pei Ge out of the company, yet, today, they were ironically doing their best to dissuade her from leaving the company.

“So what if the pay is high?! I don’t want to continue staying here to look at his annoying, deadpan face!” Pei Ge wiped her tears and indignantly declared.

Just thinking of Ji Ziming’s brazen actions moments ago had her boiling with rage.

How dare that b*stard treat me like that?! Who is he to me?! B*stard!

She pushed aside the secretaries that were kindly giving her advice, stomped to her desk, and picked up her handbag. She decided to disregard all the rules and follow her heart!

“Pei Ge, calm down! Calm down a little!” The secretaries anxiously shouted this when they saw her prepare to leave without submitting a resignation letter first just after she said that she would.

“My level-headed brain is telling me now: This young lady here is quitting this instant!” With that, she strutted out of their sight in her high heels.

These few secretaries watched her depart, exchanged glances with one another, and then audibly sighed, “Sigh…”

It turned out that the woman they had thought was a schemer was just an impulsive but honest young lady.

That forum thread was indeed a big, fat lie!

As Pei Ge left Chenguang Real Estate in a fit of rage, a certain CEO inside a particular office was also in a fit of rage.

“I say, Ziming, you are really… One look at Little Chili and you can tell that she is the conservative type. Why would you do such a thing?” Mu Heng reprimanded. He proceeded to tug at his lips when he saw his long-time friend’s sulky face before he continued with a distressed face, “In Little Chili’s mind, only a boyfriend of hers can kiss her. On second thought, scratch that. She is likely to be more conservative than that and may think that only her future husband can kiss her.”

The longer Mu Heng thought of it, the surer he felt. In his heart, he mumbled, A virtuous lady like Pei Ge is almost extinct now.

Ji Ziming’s sword-like eyebrows knitted together at his best friend’s words. He then shot Mu Heng a sharp glance and coldly informed, “She kissed me when we first met.”

The subtle message was: “She is not that conservative.”

“Hey! You really don’t get it, do you? Pei Ge, that Little Chili, was probably trying to get drunk back then in order to forget the pain another guy had given her. I understand this kind of lady the most.” Mu Heng pursed his lips as he analyzed.

Ji Ziming suddenly remembered the name Pei Ge had said that night. The more he thought of it, the more uneasy he felt and the tighter his brows knitted together.

That damn woman actually has someone she likes?! How can she like some other guy?!