Chapter 119 - Pei Shishi’s past love is Ji Ziming?!

Chapter 119 of 200 chapters

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If you have the sudden inspiration to visit the restaurant you used to frequent with your ex-boyfriend and act on it, and the ex-boyfriend coincidentally decides to bring her present girlfriend, who happens to be your cousin, for a meal there as well….

At which point, the ex-boyfriend sees that you have ordered the same dishes you two used to eat while dating and looks at you curiously….

Meanwhile, the said cousin senses that something is amiss with her boyfriend and forces out a smile… What will you do?

I, Pei Ge, the person currently facing such a convoluted situation, will say: ‘Hold on! Stay calm! It’s just a 25-yuan bowl of beef noodles! Besides, I am almost done eating the beef noodles, so I can leave anytime.’

“Indeed, what a coincidence, Ge Ge. You know this restaurant, too?” Pei Shishi smilingly asked Pei Ge.

Swallowing the last chunk of beef, Pei Ge calmly lifted her head and looked at the pair of lovers before her.

“Mhm.” What a nonsensical question! Can’t you tell the answer by looking at your boyfriend’s constipated face?

Pei Ge coldly looked at the man staring at the plate of edamame on her table and rolled her eyes internally, This jerk must be overthinking things again.

“For you and Zhou Zhuoyang to know of it, it seems that this restaurant is quite famous.” The cousin continued to smile at Pei Ge, as though she did not realize that something was amiss with the person standing beside her.

Pei Ge wondered, Cousin is so smart; can’t she tell that I and Zhou Zhuoyang used to come here?

“Quite. This restaurant’s beef noodles are delicious, after all.” Seeing that Pei Shishi was pretending not to know, she would also not bother to say anything.

“Really? I must try this restaurant’s beef noodles, then; right, Zhuoyang?” Pei Shishi was smiling sweetly and leaning on Zhou Zhuoyang’s arm when she asked him this.

Zhou Zhuoyang returned to his senses at this moment, but he did not answer Pei Shishi’s question. He simply gazed at Pei Ge with a complex look.

When he came alone, it was less emotional. After all, he already had a fiancée. However, seeing Pei Ge at this restaurant, sitting at their usual spot, and even eating a plate of edamame that he could not do without, memories of their time together began to resurface in his mind.

Back then, they would eat beef noodles and would playfully fight for the last edamame in this restaurant. She would prank him by putting lots of chili in his noodles when he was not looking….

Obviously, it was over. However, the scenes that vividly resurfaced in his mind of him and Pei Ge’s time in this restaurant years ago were bittersweet.

Looking at the present Pei Ge that was not different from his memories of her, he could not help but feel a bit stunned. Did he really abandon Pei Ge back then?

They… were obviously very happy.

“Zhuoyang? Zhuoyang.” A gentle woman’s voice called out to him and he turned to look at the sweet woman sitting beside him.

This woman was prettier, more outstanding, and better in many ways than Pei Ge, but why did his heart beat more for Pei Ge?

“Zhuoyang, what are you thinking of? You look so serious.” Pei Shishi smiled gently. The eyes she used to look at him were like a wave of spring water.

Zhou Zhuoyang felt slightly guilty and licked his lips. “Nothing.”

“Oh, really? Let’s order, then.” Pei Shishi, who seemed to have not noticed his abnormal behavior, ordered some dishes to the waiter.

Unlike Pei Ge, who had only ordered a bowl of noodles and one side dish, Pei Shishi ordered five dishes, one soup, and two bowls of beef noodles.

“Ge Ge, don’t eat so fast. Stay and chat with us for a while. I haven’t spoken to you for a long time.” Pei Shishi smiled gently at Pei Ge like how a real sister would.

Pei Shishi’s smile that seemed to be false only made Pei Ge feel cold inside.

Her cousin could do such a thing and still pretend as though nothing had happened.

If she had not seen Pei Shishi and Liu Yue together, she would not have believed that her cousin would participate in a scheme to harm her.

Pei Ge looked at Pei Shishi with a complex gaze. She really wanted to ask her cousin why she would do such a thing, but she did not know how.

In any case, even if she did say it, Pei Shishi would only deny it.

“Ge Ge, what’s wrong? Why are you acting strange like Zhuoyang?” Pei Shishi blinked and teased the two.

“Nothing. Just thinking that I need to return to work now, so I can’t accompany you two for lunch.” She lowered her head and looked at the almost finished beef noodles.

“Ah. You speaking about work suddenly reminded me of something. In your new company, are you also working as an assistant just like at Pei Family Real Estate?” her cousin asked curiously.

“Mhm.” Pei Ge nodded her head, not wanting to say much.

“Oh, Ge Ge. It’s not that I want to say this, but why did you resign when you are also going to work as an assistant in another company? It’s more stable for you to stay at our family’s company.” Although Pei Shishi appeared gentle, she spoke with censure and hidden unhappiness.

“Oh, I am the CEO’s assistant at Chenguang Real Estate. The salary is high and the treatment is good,” Pei Ge replied matter-of-factly at her cousin’s words.

“What?! You’re Ji Ziming’s assistant?!” Pei Shishi’s gentle expression instantly disappeared. Moreover, her voice that was usually gentle, perhaps because of speaking more loudly, sounded sharper.

Pei Shishi’s exaggerated reaction puzzled Pei Ge. Why was her reaction so big?

“Cousin, you know my boss?” Pei Ge looked at Pei Shishi curiously and felt that there was something she was unaware of here.

“Of course, I know him. Ji Ziming is part of our circle. Who knows who is not known? Moreover, we can be considered as half schoolmates.” Pei Shishi nodded calmly, knowing that she had lost her composure earlier.

Half schoolmates?

Pei Ge’s eyebrows knitted together, and then she recalled Pei Shishi being in love with someone before she left the country.

That someone was also coined as half her schoolmate….

Could it be… The person Pei Shishi was in love with at that time was Ji Ziming?!