Chapter 123 - CEO, do you not understand human language?

Chapter 123 of 200 chapters

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The small restaurant began to bubble with excitement after the couple left.

“That man earlier is so handsome!”

“Yes! That woman’s looks are quite average, though.”

“That’s why I think that the man is really cool! He went after that woman regardless of her looks! How suave!”

“Exactly! That other woman has disposition and is pretty, but that handsome man only has eyes for that plump woman.”

“Mhm, mhm, mhm! His eyes never left that plump woman, and when he grabbed her hand, it was absolutely dashing!”

“Yes, yes! I think so, too….”

Hearing the gushing voices of the nearby women, Pei Shishi’s face darkened like gloomy clouds. The gentle look on her face disappeared completely, and the diners could feel chill coming from her.

“I don’t want to eat here anymore!” She pursed her lips and said this spitefully before stomping off the restaurant.

Zhou Zhuoyang hurriedly chased after his fiancée who had stormed off.

Leaving the restaurant, the two people got inside a car one after another. As there was still work to be done in the afternoon, the car made its way back to the company.

Throughout the journey, Pei Shishi and Zhou Zhuoyang were pensive.

Pei Shishi eventually turned to Zhou Zhuoyang, who was focused on driving, and gently asked, “Zhuoyang, are you… still hung up on Ge Ge?”

Zhou Zhuoyang was so stunned by her question that his hands shook, and then he quickly replied, “What nonsense are you spouting?”

How could he still be hung up on that sort of woman?

“Why did you care so much for her today, then?” Her voice was full of grievances and a hint of censure.

His initial suspicions toward her gradually faded upon hearing her aggrieved words.

Pei Shishi’s odd behavior today was probably due to her sensing his attitude toward Pei Ge.

Zhou Zhuoyang sighed lightly and softly said, “Shishi, don’t let your thoughts run wild; I’ve long forgotten about her, and the one I care for now is only you. What is going on between you and Ji Ziming?

“Him? So you were bothered about me.” Pei Shishi’s grave expression brightened instantly and a bright smile blossomed on her face.

“He is considered as my former half schoolmate. He used to treat me well, so I treated him that way today, too. However, seeing that he has already forgotten about this junior of his, then I have nothing to do with him anymore,” she said matter-of-factly.

Seeing her nonchalant attitude, his discomfort and suspicions completely disappeared.

“Still… I’m rather worried about Ge Ge.” Pei Shishi saw the suspicions in Zhou Zhuoyang’s eyes fade and changed the topic to Pei Ge.

“Eh? What about her?” he asked.

“A colleague of hers told me that Ge Ge’s quick rise in the company’s hierarchy is due to her seducing the CEO who happens to be that Ji Ziming from earlier. With all these rumors flying around, I can’t help but worry about Ge Ge.” Her face was full of worry as she gently said this.

Pei Shishi’s words caused Zhou Zhuoyang’s face to darken and his fingertips to turn white from tightly gripping the steering wheel.

Pei Shishi regarded Zhou Zhuoyang’s reaction with a mocking smile.

He he… I have already expected such a reaction from you. Ze! Come to think of it; this man is pretty boring.

However, she had already invested so much in him….

Pei Ge looked at the black Maybach following her, slowed down her steps while rolling her eyes, and resolutely approached it.

Kou, kou, kou! She bent down and knocked on the car window.

The car window quickly rolled down and a handsome face was revealed.

“Stop following me! I already said that I’m done with you! I quit! Don’t you understand human language?!” Pei Ge spouted the moment she saw Ji Ziming’s face.

Ever since she left the restaurant, rejected a ride from him, and ignored him, this annoying person had been following her from behind. No matter where she hid, this man could always find her, as though he had placed a tracking device on her.

Ji Ziming’s forehead tightly creased and his cold gaze swept across Pei Ge’s face as his heart fumed.

This woman always did what others dared not do and challenged his patience time and again.

He willingly lowered himself and went looking for this woman, giving her more than enough face, so what more did she want?!

Pei Ge moistened her lips as she felt trepidation at Ji Ziming’s cold, penetrating gaze that had a hint of anger in it.

However, very quickly, she recalled how the man had treated her and retorted, “I will submit my resignation letter tomorrow—”

She realized now that she should not bother about Liu Yue and just quickly leave this self-important annoying person.

However, before she could finish her words, Ji Ziming interrupted her.

“I’ll let you take the rest of today as a day off; return to work on time tomorrow.”

He did not wait for her reply after saying this and merely drove the car away with a grim face.

“…Hey! Hey! You haven’t received my answer yet!” Pei Ge did not get a chance to refuse his order and could only watch with wide eyes as Ji Ziming’s car swiftly disappeared from her line of sight.

“Asshole!” Pei Ge cursed under her breath before angrily kicking a nearby stone with her foot.

She depressingly rebuked the man in her heart. Losing the desire to continue strolling down the street, she quickly hailed a taxi and went home.

The taxi quickly reached her home. When she saw that it was only 3 P.M., she decided to come clean with her mother about her plan to resign.

Never did she expect that her plan would change in the following moment.

Just like how she had previously decided to resign and had even handed in her resignation letter but eventually withdrew her resignation herself and grudgingly accepted the position as the CEO’s assistant, Pei Ge had every intention to resign and to hand in her resignation letter this time as well. However, before she could tell her mother about it, she heard her voice come from their neighborhood’s garden….