Chapter 127 - The CEO Who Only Drinks Château Pétrus

Chapter 127 of 200 chapters

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“Yo, Mu Heng. Why are you being so generous today?” Liao Gaofei whistled.

Mu Heng rolled his eyes at him. “Since when has this brother of yours been stingy?! Do you think that I am as stingy as you are? You aren’t even willing to spend money when you go on a date. If not, why would you become a spare tire for half a year?”

“F*ck! I already said not to mention that again! Could that be blamed on me? Who knows that that woman is a liar?! She said she likes me not because of my money, and then it turned out that she’s actually after my money! Hmph!” Liao Gaofei raged again.

“Pwah!” Fu Mingxuan was once again entertained by Liao Gaofei. Grinning broadly, he said, “I say, you’re stupid and you don’t believe it. If Mu Heng did not find out about it, I bet you would still be a spare even now.”

“Hey, hey, hey! Are you people ever going to end this topic?! You guys only ever know to tease me with it!” Liao Gaofei muttered indignantly.

Knock, knock, knock! Someone rapped on the door from the outside.

“Come in.”

An attractive-looking woman walked in from the brown-orange door following Mu Heng’s command. With a rectangular wooden box in her hands, she strode elegantly in their direction.

“Young Master Mu, this is your wine.” The woman placed the wooden box on the tabletop and carefully opened it.

Fu Mingxuan’s eyes shone at the sight of the red wine within the wooden box, exclaiming in shock, “This is a 1986 Château Pétrus?!”

At that, Ji Ziming calmly shifted his gaze on the elegant bottle of a vintage red wine.

“Yes.” Mu Heng nodded his head smugly when he saw Ji Ziming finally reacting to something.

“Not bad, Mu Heng! Where did you get this from? It must have cost you a bomb!” Liao Gaofei hooked his arm around his neck with a grin.

“I bought it from someone else. I did spend quite the amount, but… it’s worth it.” With his curled up lips, Mu Heng proclaimed grandly.

“Worth, your head. People purchase red wine to add to their collection. You aren’t even a wine collector.” Liao Gaofei immediately poured cold water on his head at his smug look.

“You don’t get it, do you? Good things are priceless.” Mu Heng rolled his eyes and gave him a ‘You are too vulgar, too vulgar’ look.

“Tsk. How are you noble, then? You only ever bring out the wine when you have something to ask Ziming.” Liao Gaofei pouted.

“Scram, scram, scram! Don’t lump me with a vulgar person like you!” Mu Heng pretended to be mad at him by giving him a contemptuous look.

“Sigh. Drop the façade. Don’t pretend to have a refined taste like Ziming who only drinks Château Pétrus for red wine. Since when did you become picky…” Perhaps, it was because his dark history kept being brought up and discussed from every angle that Liao Gaofei decided to expose Mu Heng’s shortcomings, too. After all, it was no fun to be alone!

“I still clearly remember the last time you used a 1998 Château Pétrus to get Ziming’s help in snatching that last Legends series model Bugatti Veyron Ettore Buggati…”

At this point, Liao Gaofei felt really jealous of Mu Heng.

The hell! That was the last Ettore Bugatti car! There were only three models of it in the whole world! This was no longer a matter of whether one was rich or not!

“Also, the last, last time, you used—”

Mu Heng smilingly cupped Liao Gaofei’s mouth with his hand before he could finish speaking.

“Xiao Feifei, I just realized that you, kiddo, have a dirty mind. Why do I feel that the friendship between Ziming and I sounds so abnormal coming from you?”


Fu Mingxuan looked at them in resignation. The four of them had similar family backgrounds and shared the same age. They practically grew up together. He and Ziming were people who preferred the quiet, while Mu Heng and Liao Gaofei liked the opposite. Simply put, the two were extroverts.

Strangely enough, their personalities did not dictate whom they would be closer. While he was closer to Liao Gaofei, Ji Ziming was closer to Mu Heng.

Of course, that did not mean that the four of them were on bad terms. It just meant that there were varying degrees of intimacy among them.

“Alright, stop fighting, you two. Let’s drink,” Fu Mingxuan invited aloud with a smile. He looked at the two men before sweeping his gaze over to the still listless Ji Ziming.

Hearing his words, Mu Heng pushed Liao Gaofei away and then took a table napkin to wipe his palms while he showed a disgusted expression on his face.

Liao Gaofei rolled his eyes at his antics.

“Xiaoyun, open the wine.”

The attractive-looking young lady gracefully removed the cork of the vintage red wine using a bottle opener at Mu Heng’s order.

A tantalizing fragrance immediately wafted in the air the moment the wooden cork was extracted.

“I’d expect nothing less from a 1986 Château Pétrus.” Fu Mingxuan, who was more knowledgeable about red wine, emotionally said this while sniffing the alluring aroma in the air.

“What nonsense! Do you know how much effort I spent purchasing this bottle of red wine?” Mu Heng felt that he was honestly China’s best brother the moment he thought of this! If it were not for the fact that Ji Ziming liked it, why would he even strive to buy it? I’m so touched by myself every time I think of this!

Within the timeframe of their conversation, the vintage red wine was poured into the decanter by the woman.

The vintage brick-red wine looked stunning in the transparent decanter. Combined with its rich and aromatic smell, the wine looked exceptionally exquisite. Those who knew their wine would definitely feel an inexplicable sense of nobility when presented with this.

“Not bad.” Ji Ziming nodded his head approvingly after lightly sniffing the red wine in the decanter.

Mu Heng’s lips curled into a smug smile at Ji Ziming praise. “I knew you would like it, so I spent so much effort into purchasing it.”

“Ziming, I really don’t get why you only drink Château Pétrus. There are many types of red wine, such as Romanée-Conti, Latour, Lafite—”

Mu Heng interrupted him at this point. “Stop, stop, stop! Our family’s Ziming drinks sophistication not brand. For someone who only knows about 1982 Lafite, what are you yammering on about?” He then turned to address Ji Ziming with an ingratiating voice, “Isn’t that right, Ziming?”

Ji Ziming did not reply to him but merely coolly glanced at Liao Gaofei. However, this glance made Liao Gaofei shiver uncontrollably.

“Among the red wines, Pétrus can be compared to a handmade Rolls-Royce. It’s the quality that counts and not the quantity. There are only about 4,500 crates of Pétrus produced per year, if it is even produced, and that’s not even a sixth of Lafite’s yearly production. Compared to Lafite, Pétrus is really difficult to purchase even among the rich,” Fu Mingxuan patiently explained with a light smile.

“It seems that Ziming favoring this red wine is not without reason.”

“Indeed, Mingxuan is the expert here! Crow Fei, let this brother clarify to you. Lafite is only made popular by our domestic market. If we have to make a distinction, Pétrus’s wine quality is way better, so it can be considered as the king among the best wines,” Mu Heng explained with a smug look. Although he was not that knowledgeable on wine, after being by Ji Ziming’s side for so long, he at least managed to learn a thing or two about red wine. Of course, his know-how was only limited to Château Pétrus.

“Scram! I already told you not to call me that!” Liao Gaofei complained indignantly.

Their casual chatter gave the red wine ample time to breathe, and by the time there was a lull in their conversation, the red wine was ready for their palate.

The woman called Xiaoyun poured them each a cup of the red wine without Mu Heng’s prompting.

“Right, Ziming. I have something to tell you.” Mu Heng, who had suddenly thought of something, said.

“Mhm?” Ji Ziming prompted while he observed the dark red color of the wine.

“I recalled that Little Chili is that thousand-year-slow-moving good we saw at Blues Coffee!”