Chapter 129 - I only frequent this place to attend blind dates.

Chapter 129 of 200 chapters

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Having been washed with water, the asphalt road at night did not have dust flying about and was very clean. Ginkgo biloba was planted on both sides of the street like a green velvet umbrella. The buildings on both sides had the same style of retro modern minimalist architecture. The white walls and green leaves looked like a refreshing literary work and, together with the retro and bright street lights, made the atmosphere in the surroundings seem mysterious and romantic.

Ji Ziming looked at the figure that had disappeared into this street corner and lifted his eyes to the white walls and red tiles of some European-style buildings displaying famous brands.

Blues Coffee.

Seeing the name of the coffee house on one of the buildings lining the lane, Ji Ziming arched an eyebrow and steered the car toward it.

Pak! Pei Ge pushed open the bright glass door with wooden frame and entered the coffee house.

The moment she entered the coffee house, the smell of rich coffee hit her nose and the music playing in the background pierced her ear. Pei Ge was brought back to that other time she had gone here for a blind date.

Coincidentally, the music playing today was the same as before.

Walking down the corridor, Pei Ge saw the waitress who had served her the last time, and just like before, she had her hair tied into two simple braids.

The waitress seemed to recognize her, so she smiled at her.

Ze, this thousand-year-slow-moving good has returned.

At that time, as a nobody at her company, she just went through each day of her life routinely.

From meeting Zhou Zhuoyang, who had become her cousin-in-law, and resigning from her previous work to finding a new job… She remained strong. Sometimes, a firm decision could actually be right – better even.

“Ah!” The waitress immediately recognized Pei Ge when she smiled.

Isn’t she that woman who came here for a blind date and was insulted by her date as a thousand-year-slow-moving good? Heavens! Is she here for another blind date?

The waitress’s face revealed a touch of pity. Indeed, this woman should marry off quickly.

Thinking of this, the waitress smiled and asked very gently, “Miss, are you also ordering milk and not coffee today?”

Besides that name-calling incident, another reason she remembered this woman was….

As the capital’s top coffee house, its staple product was naturally coffee. How could people go here and not drink coffee? However, this woman only ordered milk from their shop and put lots of sugar in it.

“Yes.” Pei Ge smiled and nodded. This waitress really remembers me, huh. How will she know that I only order milk otherwise?

Just as the waitress was about to usher Pei Ge to a seat, she heard the sound of approaching footsteps.

Soon, Ji Ziming in a form-fitting suit appeared before them.

Pei Ge widened her eyes in that instant and had shock written all over her face.

What! How could it be so coincidental?! Why would she meet this annoying person here?!

“CEO Ji!” In contrast to Pei Ge’s shock and dismayed reaction, the waitress was over the moon to see him.

“CEO Ji, I’ll bring you to the private room upstairs,” the waitress said passionately.

Seeing the waitress’s familiarity with him, Pei Ge was confused and asked, “CEO Ji, you’re actually a regular here?”

“Mhm.” The corners of Ji Ziming’s mouth curled up when Pei Ge actually initiated a conversation with him.

“No way…” She was in disbelief. Even she could afford to patronize this coffee house, so why would a person of Ji Ziming’s status drink coffee here?!

The waitress was sensitive enough to tell what Pei Ge was thinking from her expression.

She stared at Pei Ge with slight displeasure and, to prevent herself from losing face before her male god, started upselling her ‘knowledge’ to this ignorant customer.

“Miss, our coffee house may not be the most famous in the country, but Blues Coffee is the top coffee house in the capital. In fact, our barista can be considered as the number one in the country!”

As she said this, the waitress’s finger pointed at the brick square wall. “Do you see those? Those are all the accolades this coffee house and barista have obtained! Our owner even defeated another country’s top barista to be the world’s champion!”

Seeing the waitress’s excitement as she spoke, Pei Ge could only blink her eyes.

What… I just realized that there is such a wall here….

“Not that I want to say this, but although the decoration of our shop is not grand and the prices of our coffee products are not expensive, our coffee beans are the best and the freshest! More importantly, in the capital, no coffee house can beat the taste of our Blue Mountain coffee!”

The waitress lifted her chin with pride, her two braids moving along with her action.

Although their shop sold Blue Mountain coffee, they would generally not say it to their ordinary customers, but since this lady was CEO Ji’s friend, there should be no issue telling her about it.

“Huh?” Pei Ge eyed the waitress with confusion and did not get a word she said.

The waitress saw her ignorance and gave her a look full of disdain before asking, “Don’t tell me you don’t even know about Blue Mountain coffee?”

“I tell you; Blue Mountain coffee is the best coffee out there. Each year, only 40,000 bags are produced…” The more she spoke, the more excited she got as she thought to herself, Emma, it’s really not a waste to learn from the barista regularly. Hey, I am so professional! My male god will definitely look at me and have a deep impression of me….

Seeing the waitress’s enthusiasm, Pei Ge’s mouth twitched a few times. She looked at Ji Ziming. They exchanged brief glances and, with tacit understanding, turned to leave the area together.

“… Blue Mountain coffee is at least 3,000 yuan per pound, and it is not based on money to—” Hey! The still yakking waitress widened her eyes and stretched her hand out in disbelief when she saw Ji Ziming and Pei Ge leave.

Why?! Doesn’t the male god like coffee, especially Blue Mountain coffee?!

Pei Ge passed rows of tables with two or four seats and walked to a sofa chair next to a window.

She placed her bag down, lifted her head, and was surprised to find Ji Ziming sitting opposite her.

Pei Ge frowned as she thought of her upcoming appointment.

Seeing Pei Ge crease her forehead, Ji Ziming felt unhappy inside but softened when he recalled her wronged expression before.

“You seem to come here often?”

“Yes, I do come here often.” She thought about it and nodded.

She had already come here for a few blind dates.

“The coffee here is quite decent, especially the owner’s Blue Mountain coffee. Not bad. You should try it,” he lightly hinted with a slight smile.

The thought of this woman sharing a common like with him somehow brought him happiness.

“Sorry, I don’t like coffee. I come here frequently, but it is just for blind dates. Also, my blind date is about to arrive. CEO Ji, could I trouble you to move?” she rejected bluntly.

Hearing these words, the smile on Ji Ziming’s face froze.