Chapter 132 - Mr. CEO's Honey Trap

Chapter 132 of 200 chapters

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Watching the two men seated by her side go at each other, Pei Ge, for a moment, felt that she was the third wheel in this affair. It was as though the person on a blind date with Chen Zhengchu was not her but Ji Ziming, instead.

She involuntarily giggled at this thought.

The sudden snigger attracted the two men’s attention.

Seeing their eyes on her, she blinked and retracted her smile.

“That…” She lightly coughed and shifted her gaze between the two men before finally whispering to Chen Zhengchu, “I think…” Let’s conclude our blind date here today.

Chen Zhengchu’s hand phone rang at this moment.

He smiled apologetically, excused himself, and answered the call.

“Alright, I understand. I’ll return immediately.”

He hung up the phone, gave her another apologetic smile, and said, “Miss Pei, I am really sorry about this, but there is an emergency at the hospital. Let’s meet again another day.”

“It’s okay. You can go. I don’t mind.” She smiled and waved him off.

With a nod of his head and a smile, Chen Zhengchu stood up and turned to leave. However, after walking for a few steps, he suddenly returned.

“Miss Pei, what is your number? Let me record it down.”


She looked at the man’s smiling face with some doubt. She could not understand what he was thinking.

If he truly wanted her number, his face would not look as though he had only thought of it.

Although she was questioning his motive inwardly, she still told him her number.

After his slender fingers tapped on his phone screen for a while, her hand phone suddenly rang.

“Alright, Miss Pei. Let’s meet again next time.” With that, Chen Zhengchu smiled, turned around, and truly left.

Pei Ge watched the man disappear from her sight before muttering inside, That man is actually not bad.

Although they had only spent a short time together, he appeared to be the reliable and responsible type.

He was also kind and gentle; one could easily relax around him. It’s also convenient to have a doctor for a partner for when a family member gets sick…

Pei Ge’s thoughts unknowingly flew far into the future as she dazedly looked in the direction Chen Zhengchu had disappeared to, completely forgetting that a hard-to-deal-with man was currently sitting beside her.

“Are you that desperate for a man?” Ji Ziming’s anger boiled as he watched her fall into a trance after Chen Zhengchu left.

Pei Ge only regained her senses when she heard the man’s cold voice.

“Hm? Why are you still here?” she blurted out without meaning to upon seeing his handsome yet grim face.

Ji Ziming’s already grim face turned grimmer at that.

“Pei Ge!” His voice trembled with anger.

“What?!” She did not bother with formalities and lightly harrumphed.

I have tolerated this annoying fellow for so long! I was having a blind date here, yet he actually came by to ruin it! He must be purposely creating trouble for me!

“Give me your hand phone!” he ordered with narrowed eyes.

She subconsciously retracted her hand and tried to hide her hand phone from him.

However, her action shot down the little bit of patience he had for her. Sitting straight up, he stretched his hand out and, with nimble movement, snatched away her hand phone.

“Ah!” She cried out in shock when her hand phone was successfully taken by him.

“Ji Ziming!” She glared at him fiercely and bellowed, “What do you want to do with my hand phone?!”

Ignoring her, he looked through the call log and resolutely deleted the topmost number.

“Don’t be noisy. You can have it back.” After deleting that number, he threw the hand phone back to her with a satisfied grin.

“What did you do to my phone?” She frantically caught her phone and looked at the man with suspicion.

Scrolling through everything, she realized that Chen Zhengchu’s number from the call history was gone.

“You deleted Chen Zhengchu’s number?” She widened her eyes at Ji Ziming with bafflement.

“Mhm,” he carelessly hummed. He then looked at her coldly.

“Hey! Why did you delete his number?!” She was enraged. What is with his attitude?! Let’s forget that he ruined my blind date, but he actually deleted the number of my potential future husband!

This is totally intolerable! Do you know how hard it was for me to find a reliable blind date partner?! It’s one of such good quality, too!

“Helping you to eradicate jerks.” Faced with her anger, Ji Ziming calmly gave this answer.

“…” She was totally left speechless by his words. This was her first time meeting someone who could speak nonsense with such a straight face!

“How is he a jerk?! If I have to say it, he is much better than you are!” She rolled her eyes. Her anger boiled every time she thought of all the things he had done to her.

“Better than me?” With a raised eyebrow, he, who was a little tipsy, lifted her chin with his finger. On his face was a naughty smile filled with playfulness.

“Are you sure?” His low and hoarse voice gave off a seductive air.

If Liao Gaofei’s group saw Ji Ziming like this, they would definitely exclaim, “I’m blind! This action is definitely the one Mu Heng always uses to flirt with girls!”

Pei Ge had never seen Ji Ziming behave like this before. Even when they first met at the bar, this man did not smile at her in this manner.

Looking at his curved eyebrow and flirtatious look, she somewhat felt uneasy.

He had such unbelievably handsome features. When she saw her reflection in his dark, smoldering eyes, she felt as though she were the only one he would look at like this in the whole, wide world. That was how fixated his gaze was on her.

She involuntarily gulped as she stared back at him in a daze.

“Pei Ge, are you sure… that he’s better than me?” The man’s voice got lower and hoarser as his eyes turned darker…

Pei Ge stared at the man’s pair of dark, deep eyes. She felt that they were magical, making her feel slightly uneasy and strange.

“You! Stay away from me!” Pei Ge abruptly stood up and glared at Ji Ziming with reddened cheeks, as though the latter had committed an unforgivable sin.

He is really too shameless! This annoying fellow actually dared to use honey trap on me! How despicable!