Chapter 134 - If you don't try, how can you say for sure that you don't like it?

Chapter 134 of 200 chapters

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The milk did not require much effort to brew, so it did not take long for the waitress in braids to serve it.

When the milk was placed on the table, Pei Ge had a sudden stroke of inspiration, and her eyes flashed with a scheming look.

“If you add sugar and milk into your coffee, I will drink a mouthful of my coffee.” She slighted lifted her chin as she smilingly said this.

Her challenge not only made the waitress go into Sparta but also shook the usually calm Ji Ziming.

“Miss, adding milk into Blue Mountain coffee will spoil its flavor, and adding sugar is even more so! It’s rare to find such topnotch coffee bean, and instead of drinking it as it is, you want to drink it with sugar? You may as well drink milk tea!” The waitress in braids, who did not see eye to eye with Pei Ge, was unable to hold herself back from lecturing her.

“Er…” Pei Ge blinked and snorted at the waitress’s agitation. Isn’t it just coffee; why so serious?

“Do you have milk tea, then?” Pei Ge widened her eyes and looked at the waitress innocently. “Compared to coffee, I’d rather drink milk tea.”

“You! You!” The waitress was about to lose it. She had never met such an incorrigible person before!

“Miss, this is a coffee shop and not a tea house,” the waitress said through gritted teeth.

“What’s wrong with drinking coffee with sugar and milk, then? Do you not treat your customers as gods here?” Pei Ge’s mouth twitched. She had no intention to argue with this waitress, but the latter seemed to have a personal vendetta toward her.

“…” The waitress was rendered speechless by her.

Ji Ziming watched Pei Ge bare her fangs and found it rather hilarious.

This woman, from the first day he met her, was always vocal and could not eat some losses.

Pei Ge smiled smugly when the waitress became mum. She turned her head and, at the sight of Ji Ziming smirking, moistened her lips.

“Didn’t you say earlier to try it first before concluding my preference? Then, try adding milk and sugar to your coffee.”

Ji Ziming realized that Pei Ge’s gunfire was actually aimed at him. Raising an eyebrow, he silently listened to her nagging.

“It’s not that I want to say this, but I really don’t understand those who drink coffee without adding anything. Life is meant to be enjoyed. Coffee is bitter, so not adding sugar or milk to it is doing life injustice.” Pei Ge’s voice grew softer as she spoke.

“Qie! At the end of the day, all you people who don’t add sugar or milk to your coffee are just acting posh and elitist!” Her voice rose again. “In fact, adding milk and sugar to coffee is not bad. Milk is rich in calcium, so it’s actually healthier to drink it!”

The melodious sound of violin, combined with her clear voice, brought an unexplainable sense of freshness in the surroundings. At least, this was how Ji Ziming heard it. In fact, he found the sound to be quite pleasing to the ears and, in a rare moment, did not consider the woman sitting opposite him as noisy.

“How about I add some for you?”

Before he could return to his senses, she had already picked up her glass of milk, stretched her hand toward his cup, and poured the milk into his half-drunk coffee.

The frothy white milk formed a water column as she poured it into the dark coffee.

Ripples of milk scattered across the coffee’s surface like circles of white smoke emerging from the dark, giving the drink an artistic look.

Slowly, the coffee’s dark color lightened as milk was added into it.

The waitress, who had attentively been standing at the side, felt her heart bleed when she saw Pei Ge playfully add milk into the expensive cup of coffee.

The urge to throw Pei Ge out to prevent her from ruining the Blue Mountain further grew with every passing second.

After pouring the half glass of milk into his coffee, Pei Ge remained dissatisfied. Therefore, once she put the glass of milk down, she picked up the silver tweezers and added a few cubes of sugar into Ji Ziming’s ‘café au lait’.

Ji Ziming thought that adding milk was all she would do and totally did not expect for her to add a few cubes of sugar in as well.

Witnessing the cup of Blue Mountain coffee’s velvety dark color turn into a light milk tea color with the addition of sugar and milk, he really did not know whether he should cry or laugh right now.

Never had anyone dared to serve him such a cup of coffee before.

Looking at the cup of coffee that was filled to the brim again, his subconscious mind felt disgusted.

Was such a cup of coffee drinkable?

Pei Ge was completely unaware of what he was thinking and only felt satisfaction at successfully adding all of the creamers into his coffee. Following this, she contentedly gulped a mouthful of milk from her own cup.

The smooth and mellow milk flowed through her rather parched throat. After moisturizing her throat, she smilingly looked at him. When she saw his uncertain expression, she blinked and said innocently, “Taste it. It looks good, doesn’t it?”

“…” Standing at the side, the waiter turned her mouth downward when she heard Pei Ge say that and found her to be very annoying!

My male god is really a gentleman. He can tolerate such a person for so long!

Ji Ziming looked at the smiling Pei Ge before looking at the cup of special ‘café au lait’ before him. He stretched out his palm, held the cup in his hand, and slowly brought it up to his lips.

“Ah!” The waiter could not help but cry out in shock when she saw him actually pick up the cup of coffee.

Hey, male god! Put down that cup of coffee! That stuff can’t be drunk anymore! How can this dark dish poison your taste?!

Ji Ziming brought the ‘café au lait’ near his face as he peered inside the cup; the Blue Mountain had lost its original color as well as its original flavor.

Smelling the thick, milky, sweet aroma, Ji Ziming could not help but turn his eyes toward Pei Ge….