Chapter 136 - I will give you an explanation.

Chapter 136 of 200 chapters

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“Your coffee. Give it a try.” Ji Ziming’s eyes had a touch of gentleness that he himself did not realize. He slowly and carefully placed the glass containing coffee and milk in front of Pei Ge.

The originally pearly white color of the milk was now almost of the same color as the cup of café au lait before Ji Ziming.

It was just that Pei Ge’s was much lighter since hers had higher milk content.

“Thank you.” For some unknown reason, Pei Ge felt slightly disconcerted when faced with such a Ji Ziming.

She was the typical type of woman who could only be persuaded by reason but would not be cowed by force. She did not hold grudges, but she would remember other’s kindness. If someone treated her just a little better, she would return them many times back.

Tonight, she felt an inexplicable sense of awkwardness toward the exceptionally ‘friendly’ him.

Recalling the things she had done to him in the past, she thought guiltily, Was I thinking of him with too much prejudice all this while?

In addition, I still have to continue working under him. I should treat him with a better attitude next time , she silently muttered inside.

“Since you know that pouring milk into coffee is not good for your health, why did you drink it without mentioning anything just now?” She pursed her lips and mumbled as she looked at the milk coffee before her.

“It’s just an occasional drink.” Ji Ziming thought that her awkward expression was really interesting and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Pei Ge blinked her eyes and was suddenly at a loss for words. The Ji Ziming today was really too foreign to her. It was so foreign that she was even starting to like him a little.

Holding the glass of milk in her hand, she was just about to drink a mouthful when she saw him also raise his cup.

“Wait!” She put down the glass in her hand and widened her eyes at him.

“Hm?” Ji Ziming halted his movement and belatedly realized that he had unconsciously picked up his café au lait when he saw her do the same.

Before he could put it down, she stood up from her chair and stretched her arm out, taking the cup in his hand away.

“Didn’t you say that drinking this is bad for the body? Don’t drink it.” She then poured half of her milk coffee into an empty cup.

He was a little stunned by her action.

This woman has never treated me nicely before. Right now… Is she showing concern for me?

“Here. I’ll give you half of mine.” Pei Ge lightly coughed and passed the cup of milk coffee she had poured out to Ji Ziming.

When he looked over to her, she uncontrollably blushed. “The milk and coffee are clean. I haven’t drunk them yet.”

He lowered his head and looked at the milk coffee, which had an even lighter color now, and raised it up with poise.

After taking a light sip of it, the coffee that was mixed with a strong taste of milk flooded his taste buds. However, surprisingly, he did not frown this time.

Although he did not like this taste very much, it was not that unacceptable.

He placed the cup down thereafter.

However, when he looked to the opposite side on reflex, his forehead creased again.

“You have already put too much sugar,” he commented with a frown.

“But it’s not sweet enough.” She blinked and continued adding sugar cubes into her glass.

Pei Ge had always been someone who had a sweet tooth since young. After her father’s passing, her love for sweets soared and became an absurd obsession.

Every time she ate desserts, she would feel as though her father had never left her side.

Her uncontrolled consumption of sweet stuff was the culprit for her sudden gain in weight.

Hence, something that was already considered as exceptionally sweet to an average person would only be mildly sweet to her.

“It’s not good to eat too much sugar. Stop adding more.” Ji Ziming frowned and capped the sugar cube container when Pei Ge still continued to add more sugar into her glass.

Pei Ge was a little stunned at that, but even when she saw his cold face, she did not feel angry at all.

Today, this was the second man who had told her that too much sugar intake was bad for her body.

If she was to make a distinction, then Ji Ziming was the first one to directly stop her from consuming too much sugar.

She retracted her hand and stirred her milk coffee with bowed head, her thoughts drifting away.

Ji Ziming was already prepared for Pei Ge to quarrel with him and totally did not expect her to accept his censure without putting up a fight. Hence, for a moment, he did not know what to say at all.

The atmosphere turned slightly awkward with this.

Picking up her glass, she drank a mouthful of the milk coffee from it. The sweet and smooth taste flooded her senses. The excessive amount of sugar that she had put moments ago, as well as the milk, totally overshadowed the pathetic bit of coffee within her drink. Hence, she did not taste a trace of bitterness.

Rather, there was a rich and sweet taste.

She really liked it.

After drinking a few more mouthfuls of the milk coffee, she arrived at the conclusion that the coffee was probably topnotch for it to taste this good after mixing milk and sugar into it.

When Ji Ziming saw Pei Ge seemingly liking her coffee, he also raised his cup and took a sip.

“Don’t worry about the incident at the company. I will handle it.” He put down his cup and lightly said this.

“Huh? What incident?” She was perplexed and could not fathom what he meant.

“The thread on the company’s forum,” he reminded her.

“Oh! It’s that…” She blinked her eyes and looked at him with astonishment. She did not expect the man to know about this incident, too.

“I’ve already assigned someone to investigate it. The result will be out tomorrow.” He nodded his head with a calm expression.

He, who had drunk some coffee, managed to sober up, and his mind cleared as a corollary.

“Hm? When did you have someone investigate it?” She did not expect for him to order an investigation on this incident.

“This act of starting rumors and creating trouble at the company must definitely be investigated,” he coldly said. The sober Ji Ziming had completely shaken off the gentle air about him from moments ago and returned to his usual cold and apathetic self.

For some unknown reason, she felt a little down at his response.

It isn’t because of me…

“Report to work on time tomorrow; I will give you a resolution.” Ji Ziming’s face darkened a little when he saw the downcast Pei Ge.

“Yes. Thank you, CEO Ji.” She regained her senses and smiled at him.

Why is it that I don’t feel the least bit happy even when this annoying fellow said that he’ll give me an explanation?