Chapter 139 - The Ruthless Mr. CEO Who Turns His Face Away

Chapter 139 of 200 chapters

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“What should I be clear of?! You are so strange!” Pei Ge was about to explode in anger. This was the first time someone had called her that.

A woman of loose morals? How was she a woman of loose morals?!

Even that bastard, Zhou Zhuoyang, never called her that!

“Heh.” Ji Ziming glanced coldly at her, and upon seeing her angry face, his heart began to stir.

Could it be… that he had really misunderstood her?

However, when he thought of her giving that person over the phone an air-kiss before him, his heart fumed.

“You! You give me an explanation! How am I a woman of loose morals?!” She shot him an angry look as she spoke this through gritted teeth.

To think that earlier in the coffee shop I was thinking of him as a decent person! Hmph! I was clearly reading too much into it! This annoying person is a bastard through and through!

“I can’t be bothered to explain,” he coldly replied, his tone seemingly reflecting his disgust.

“He he! You can’t be bothered? I think you just don’t know what to say!” She coolly laughed when she saw the look on his face.

She suddenly recalled that earlier phone call and had an epiphany, tentatively asking, “Don’t tell me… that this is because of that phone call earlier?”

“Hmph!” He coldly grunted when she managed to pinpoint the source of his anger.

“You!” I knew it! This annoying person is angry because of that phone call earlier!

“You are crazy! What’s wrong with me kissing on the phone?! That’s my—” The loud, screeching sound of the car due to it suddenly braking halted her words as her body was flung forward from the force.

“Ahhhh!” She cried out in shock as the car violently lurched to a stop by the roadside.

“Ji Ziming, do you know how to drive?!” She observed the empty road ahead and cried out.

“Get out!” he coldly ordered without looking at her.

Under the illumination of the moonlight, his flawless and handsome face looked as cold as jade that had been frozen for a thousand years. He even exuded a chill that could easily be felt by anyone around.

“Huh? Get out?” She widened her eyes and looked at him in shock.

“You, get out.” He turned to regard her coldly, yet within his pair of cold eyes was a ball of fire.

“Me?” She blinked her eyes and pointed at herself. “Get out?”

Inside the car’s quiet atmosphere, the two’s breathing produced small puffs of fog.

The only reply she got for her question was the sound of the door getting unlocked.

Pei Ge’s heart began to thud wildly, like a thousand horses galloping across a muddy pasture, as she thought to herself, Damn it! Who was it that asked me to get in the car earlier?! Crazy!

“Fine! I’ll get out!” she said indignantly before opening the door. Once she was out of the car, she glared daggers at the man who was still suffocating in his anger.

“Ji Ziming, I really think you should properly take your medicine! I’ve never seen such an incorrigible person before! You must be menopausal! What’s wrong with me talking on the phone with my best friend?! That’s my childhood best friend, Tang Xiaoyu, and not someone else!” She was initially planning to quickly leave, but when she saw the surrounding black-lacquered scenery, she could not help but snarl in anger at the car owner.

Tang Xiaoyu?

He was briefly stunned, and then the coldness around him somewhat dissipated.

A woman?

That name sounds familiar….

Remembering her guilty expression earlier, he suddenly understood!

“Really crazy!” she scolded. She then slammed the door, stood upright, and left.

Pak! The loud slamming of the car door jolted him out of his reverie.

Lifting his eyes, he saw the sight of a straight and stiff back. Subconsciously, he thought of the first time he had seen that back view at Blues Coffee.

Someone had called her a thousand-year-slow-moving good back then, and this time… It was him who had called her a woman of loose morals….

She was angry and upset.

He pursed his lips lightly, balled his palms into fists, and punched the steering wheel with strong emotion.

“Damn it!”

Paaaaa! As the car’s engine was still running, his punch on the steering wheel caused it to honk.

Pei Ge, who was by the car front, jumped in surprise at the sudden honking.

Once she recovered herself, she started to fume.

“Childish! Crazy!” She angrily turned and scolded the man in the driver’s seat. She lifted her chin and made a very, very ugly grimace.

“Hmph!” Seeing his surprised expression, she let out a cold snort and smugly turned toward the dark night without a backward glance.

Ji Ziming was really shocked at this point by Pei Ge’s grimace.

“Pu!” When he returned to his senses, he began to laugh out loud.

His curved eyebrows made him look very happy.

The initial coldness on his face dissipated completely just like an iceberg thawing. It softened his eyes and made him look more dashing.

His gaze swept across the rear-view mirror, and when he saw the look on his face, he immediately retracted his smile.

“Hai!” He moistened his lips and lightly coughed.

His gaze shifted to that stiff and straight back view.

“It is already this late in the night. It’s very dangerous for her to walk alone…” he reasoned.

“Mhm… It’s indeed very dangerous.” Finding a reason for himself, a particular Mr. CEO’s eyes brightened as he stealthily followed behind Pei Ge, completely forgetting the fact that it was him who had chased her out of the car moments ago.

“Neurotic bastard! Menopausal! Childish…” she cursed him as she walked.

“Absolutely crazy! So what if I made a phone call earlier?! What does it have to do with him, that neurotic bastard?!”

This was when she sensed someone following her.

Pei Ge got goosebumps on her skin and she started to panic.

The surrounding scenery – the dimly lit stretch of green belt before her that was devoid of any passersby on an eerie night like this – truly resembled a crime scene.

Although this place was not far from her neighborhood, her house was still a distance away. More importantly, many of the roadside lamps were spoiled! The security cameras needed not be mentioned as she had heard that they were no longer operational.

When she was out this late, she would usually ride a cab, but today….

She swallowed her saliva and quickly rummaged through her bag. When her palm felt that particular item in her bag, all her fear disappeared in an instant.

He he! You dare to follow me?! If I don’t teach this pervert a lesson for following a girl at night, I won’t be Pei Ge!