Chapter 140 - Entangled under the Moon

Chapter 140 of 200 chapters

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The moon was eerie this late at night, and since it was already the autumn season, the wind was strong and chilly.

No car was visible on this lonely road that was barely being illuminated by the weakly flickering street lamps.

The occasional gusts of wind blew across the trees and rustled their leaves. The ensuing sound could make one’s hair stand on end.

Pa da, pa da. Pei Ge’s face was expressionless as she walked down this silent and eerie road.

She could sense that the person was still stalking her as she walked onward.

Suppressing the fear in her heart, she was actually a bit excited at the prospect of using the weapon she had retrieved from her bag on the person stalking her.

Becoming a policewoman was her ultimate childhood dream, after all.

At that time, because of her dream, she had raptly watched countless training videos of military boxing at home. If it had not been for that, she would not have repeatedly won against that big man, Ji Ziming.

In the end, her family situation prevented her from enrolling at the police academy and pursuing her lifelong dream.

He he! Mr. Stalker, meeting me is your greatest misfortune! Tonight, this lady here will teach you a lesson on how to be a good person! With this thought in mind, Pei Ge’s lips began to curl up, and seeing the cross junction ahead, her eyes brightened.

Here comes my chance!

Her house was located just straight ahead, so reaching it did not require her to turn the corner, but, this time, she decisively took the first turning on the left.

The pretty lady disappeared from the main road and, in that instant, everything became unnervingly quiet. It was as though no one were on the road from the very start.

Ji Ziming, who had been following Pei Ge in the car, began to worry when she suddenly disappeared from view.

Looking at the narrow intersection ahead, he unhesitatingly removed his safety belt, opened the car door, and alighted from it.

The ever in-control and calm Ji Ziming in the face of any earth-shaking situations lost his composure in this instant.

He might not have noticed the panic and worry written all over his face, though.

Ji Ziming took long strides toward the corner Pei Ge had disappeared to, but just as he stepped into the narrow road that looked like a murder site, a shadowy figure unexpectedly rushed toward him, and then….

He felt something being sprayed at him and intuitively used his hand to cover his nose and eyes.

Although he managed to block his nose and eyes in time, his need for oxygen caused him to inhale a bit of the substance that was sprayed at him. Pepper spray.

“Oomph!” Ji Ziming groaned as he felt the burning sensation of the pepper entering his nose.

“Ha ha! Got you! Serves you right!” Pei Ge smugly waved the pepper spray when she saw the man cover his face.

Ji Ziming was taken aback when he heard her voice before fuming inside. As he was about to speak, he saw a punch coming toward him.

He might not have learned any types of martial arts, but he had been a regular to the gym and received some self-defense training. As a result, he had developed quick reflexes.

Pei Ge had only managed to catch him off-guard back then because she had attacked him sneakily and he was unguarded against women.

This time, however, he was completely aware of the incoming attack and was on guard against her.

His well-defined palm nimbly caught Pei Ge’s wrist and gripped it tightly, preventing her from punching him.

When she failed to punch the man, she quickly followed it up with a kick.

However, he was familiar with her fighting style, so how could he let this reckless woman succeed?

He hooked her kicking leg with his and pulled it toward him, causing her to fall into his firm chest.

“Pei Ge, what craziness are you up to now?!” He was so infuriated that he could not help but want to teach this woman in his embrace a good lesson.

“It turned out to be CEO Ji. I thought you were a stalker.” She did not seem surprised by his presence as she responded to him rather calmly.

Her words irked him further.

“Do you know how dangerous it is?!” Suppressing the anger within him, he asked this gravely.

A woman, only armed with a pepper spray, was fearlessly walking on this type of road by herself and boldly confronting her possible stalker. If it were not him but an actual stalker….

The anger was evident in his eyes. He really wanted to open her brain to see what was inside it!

“Hmph! If you know it’s dangerous, why did you make me get out of the car halfway?!” she retorted.

“…” The fire in his eyes extinguished at her words. After a moment of silence, he apologetically said, “I was at fault this time. It won’t happen again next time.”

“He he, next time? Thanks, but no thanks! I don’t dare to sit in your car again!” She could still recall him calling her a woman of loose morals.

“CEO Ji, I don’t have the time to chat with you. It’s late and I need to get back home.” She pushed him away and said this coolly.

Under the moonlight, the two looked very cozy together. If there were someone with them right now, that person would think that they were a couple having a lover’s spat.

Seeing her attitude, his anger was provoked again and he held her wrist tighter.

“I admit that I was at fault for chasing you out the car. As for you, you already knew that someone was following you, yet you did not call the police but confronted the person, instead! Was your action logical?”

The longer he spoke, the angrier he got.

“Do you think you’re a woman warrior? You think you are very clever? Look! You were caught by me! If the person weren’t me, you could really meet with trouble! Next time, please use your brain before doing anything! You are an unarmed woman!”

In that moment, Pei Ge thought, It feels as if mother had taken over him with this incessant nagging.

“Stop, stop, stop! CEO Ji, open your eyes and look at my hands.” She pouted.

Ji Ziming complied. He looked toward her fists and was instantly left speechless.

“See? This lady here is not an unarmed woman.” She gave him a smug smile.

Her ten fingers were equipped with brass knuckles. Their sharp silver heads seemed to emit streaks of cold light under the moonlight.