Chapter 143 - Who is the sender of this late-night message?

Chapter 143 of 200 chapters

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The inky blue night sky looked as if it had been painted pitch-black as not a star could be seen in it.

With most of the streetlights spoiled, the road was so dark it practically resembled the gaping maw of a monster; it was absolutely terrifying.

A man calmly stood tall like a mountain under the dim, flickering lights of the streetlamps, his elongated silhouette appearing desolate and… pathetic?

This was what greeted Mu Heng’s eyesight when he came to fetch Ji Ziming.

He had never seen his best friend look this ‘pathetic’ before.

When they had separated earlier, he had clearly been his usual imposing and domineering self. Now, seeing him like this, Mu Heng… just wanted to laugh so hard!

“Pwa ha ha ha! Ziming, you actually forgot to remove the car key and close the door? Ha ha ha! This is so hilarious!” Just as he fetched his best friend, he received an update on his hand phone.

He Yun quickly located Ji Ziming’s stolen Maybach via the GPS tracker. The reason why it got stolen was very absurd as well.

Apparently, his best friend’s car got stolen because he had forgotten to lock its door and to take the key from the ignition. A few wayward teenagers who happened to be passing by just then directly drove the obviously very luxurious car away.

This reason was practically a joke. If it were others, it could still be excused. However, when the reason was attributed to the straitlaced Ji Ziming, it was simply hilarious.

“Ha ha ha ha! You actually have such a day, too!” Mu Heng was laughing so hard he could not properly drive the car and had to stop by a roadside.

“… Shut up.” A vein in Ji Ziming’s forehead popped out in as he stared his best friend down.

If it were not for his chauffeur, He Yun, handling the car incident and Mu Heng coincidentally calling him in, why would he let this guy fetch him?

“Don’t be angry; don’t be angry. Tell brother now; what kind of craziness have you been up to this time? Didn’t you say you are going back? This is totally in the opposite direction of your house.” Mu Heng could literally die of happiness from Ji Ziming’s current constipated look.

His long-time friend would give him umpteen looks of disdain on a regular basis. Ji Ziming having this kind of day was really rare, so he wanted to savor this as much as he could!

“Are you going now? If not, I will have He Yun fetch me.” Ji Ziming coldly peered at him as he calmly said this.

“Go, go, go! As your long-time friend, how can I bear not to personally chauffeur our family’s CEO Ji back home?!” Mu Heng blinked his eyes and quickly gave this reply upon perceiving the cold aura Ji Ziming was emitting.

The car quickly drove off again. Watching the passing scenery, Ji Ziming noticed that almost all the streetlights on this road were burned out.

“Ziming, I’m serious now. Why are you in this kind of place? This place is dead; it’s no wonder you couldn’t get a taxi back there.” Mu Heng tutted as he drove.

Ji Ziming completely ignored him as he kept his gaze on the scenery outside the window.

Although it was called a ‘scenery’, what could actually be seen on both sides of the road was just a blanket of darkness.

Mu Heng questioningly turned his head over to his friend when he did not get a reply from him.

“Ziming, what are you raptly looking at out there? There’s nothing to see outside when it’s this dark.” Mu Heng tugged at his lips, unable to fathom what his friend was focusing on outside so much.

“Still, this area is really dangerous at night. Most of the streetlights are not even lit.”

Mu Heng was only casually commenting on this, but he saw Ji Ziming nod his head at him in agreement.

It could not be…

“When I used the GPS tracker earlier, I saw that there are a few small apartments in this area. Don’t tell me that Little Chili lives nearby?!” Mu Heng’s eyes shone with excitement.

“…” Ji Ziming’s eyebrows twitched as he continued to quietly stare outside the window.

Mu Heng’s eyes shone even brighter at his behavior.

His deduction should be spot on judging from his knowledge of his long-time friend!

“Ziming, did something happen between you and Little Chili?” Mu Heng was going crazy with curiosity.

Anyone in his shoes would be curious, too.

Their family’s CEO Ji was usually calm and in control, after all. For him to carelessly lose his car like that, anyone would truly be curious about the reason behind it.

“Concentrate on your driving,” Ji Ziming calmly ordered once they reached an area with better lighting.

Of course, Mu Heng knew that his best friend would not say anything if he did not want to, so he could only poutingly switch on the car stereo and hummed along with ensuing music as he drove on.

The elegant blues music paired with an enchanting female voice echoed within the car…

Hearing this relaxing female voice, Ji Ziming immediately thought of Pei Ge’s forever-bubbly face.

Damn it! Why can’t I stop thinking of that woman?!

‘Young man, a girlfriend needs to be coaxed…’

“… Text or call her to apologize while on your way.”

He frowned before eventually fishing out his phone and tapping on its screen…

Pei Ge, who finally persuaded her mother to go to sleep, silently cleaned up the mess they had made on the table while chatting.

Pak, pak! Although she was careful not to make a noise, the sound of plates being moved against each other could still be heard.

“Ge Ge, stop clearing the table. That can wait for tomorrow. Rest up now as you still have work tomorrow.”

Indeed, she still ended up waking her mother.

Sigh… This house’s soundproofing is really terrible.

“Okay! Go back to sleep, Mom. I will go to sleep too once I’m done putting these plates in the kitchen sink,” she replied while she quickly brought the plates into the kitchen.

After washing the plates with careful movements, she returned to the living room and looked around.

Although the living room area was small at ten square meters, it did not look cramped due to the apt furnishings.

Three colorful ornamental pictures hung on the pale yellow walls. Although they looked simple, they gave off a strong visual impact. Complemented by the elegant white-checkered leather sofas and the black-and-square coffee table below them, the living room looked bright and cozy. One could overlook the area’s size because of this.

However, although their house’s furnishings were decent, it could only be considered as mid-tier among the two-room apartments in this complex.

What could be considered as this house’s greatest drawback was its poor soundproofing and slightly high level of humidity.

This was also why the prices of the apartments in this area were relatively cheaper compared to those in other areas.

They did not notice this when they were looking to rent the house. It was only after they had moved in for quite some time that they realized this. At that time, they had already paid the rental fee.

Bzz, bzz, bzz! As she entered her bedroom, she saw that her hand phone was vibrating on the bed.

Who would text me this late at night?

Feeling perplexed, the first person she thought of was her latest blind date partner.

“Could it be Doctor Chen?” she mumbled as she hurried to her bed.