Chapter 146 - Short-term President

Chapter 146 of 200 chapters

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Due to the slightly informal setting of the CEO Secretariat’s office, everyone was used to gossiping or competing with one another in it, but, even then, today was really the first time they had felt such palpable tension in the air.

In the well-lighted office, He Yan and the rest watched the drama between Pei Ge and Liu Yue unfold from the sidelines as they occasionally threw Liu Yue looks of disdain.

“Hmph! From your words, it seems as if I’ve done something wrong.” Liu Yue coldly harrumphed, not bothered by the looks the others were giving her.

“You yourself know best what I am saying.” Pei Ge coldly looked at Liu Yue. She originally did not plan to argue with her, but, in the end, she was unable to prevent herself from erupting.

In any case, Liu Yue was the one who had initiated this.

“Pei Ge, food can be eaten in any manner, but words can’t be spoken without a thought. After all, we are living in a society governed by law; carelessly spoken words can be sued in court.” Liu Yue laughed lightly and looked provocatively at her.

You don’t have any proof that I did it, so what can you do to me?

Pei Ge’s mouth twitched in disdain when she saw Liu Yue’s smug look.

“Liu Yue, I think you should know this saying.” Pei Ge smiled and calmly said, “Only if one truly did not commit the act will others not know about it.”

“CEO Ji should’ve already investigated the person behind the thread. When that time comes, I hope you can still confidently say to everyone that you’re innocent.”

“You!” Liu Yue clamped her palm into a fist as she stared fiercely at Pei Ge.

Seeing Pei Ge’s cloud-like expression, noting the disdain in her eyes, and hearing her mention the man she was obsessed with but could not reach, Liu Yue instantly lost her rationality.

This woman! It’s all because of this damn Pei Ge! If not for her, Auntie Ji wouldn’t treat me like that! She clearly liked me before! Yes! It’s all her! If not for her, CEO Ji would definitely fall me! All is her fault!

“Low person!” Liu Yue’s eyes were full of hate when she lifted her hand and swung it toward Pei Ge.

Pei Ge was about to catch Liu Yue’s hand but someone beat her to it.

“Who?! Pei Ge!” Liu Yue struggled fiercely against the hand’s tight grip.

She was about to look over to see who had foiled her plan when she was violently thrown to the ground.

“Ahhhhh!” Because of inertia, Liu Yue stumbled a few steps first before she fell to the ground.

Silence. Deadly silence reigned in the CEO Secretariat.

Everyone wore a similar expression on their faces. They all gawked at the person who had suddenly appeared and intervened.

“Where’s the security? Let the security in and throw this woman out.” The cold and low voice jolted everyone out of their daze.

Bathed by the warm sunlight, the man’s face looked even more flawless and dashing. However, the warm sunlight did nothing to lessen the coldness he was emitting.

Eyeing Liu Yue who was on the ground, his cold eyes became gloomier and were filled with disgust.

As if he had come into contact with bacteria, the man picked up a piece of tissue on Pei Ge’s desk and elegantly wiped the hand that that had touched Liu Yue’s.

“Are you all dumb? Call the security.” When no one moved, he repeated his instruction.

He Yan and the rest returned to their senses and hurriedly contacted the security personnel’s office.

“Hello. Security, please quickly send some people to the CEO Secretariat.” He Yan ended the internal call and stood silently at the side while holding her breath.

If the CEO Secretariat was a battlefield that that had not seen smoke earlier, then it was now a frozen land filled with chilling oppression.

This was all thanks to the sudden appearance of a certain respectable CEO.

Only then did Liu Yue clearly see that the person who had grabbed her and flung her to the ground was none other than the Ji Ziming whom she was obsessed with.

Her palm and body felt as if they were on fire due to her hard fall, but the pain could still not compare to the heartache she felt.

Feeling the eyes of ridicule on her, Liu Yue felt embarrassed to the core. “CEO Ji….” she stammered as she looked imploringly at him.

However, the man did not even look at her as he concentrated his cold gaze on Pei Ge.

Pei Ge looked at the man who was standing very near her to the point of her smelling his body’s fresh, masculine scent. It was obviously not perfume, but it still smelled good.

Why was this annoying person looking at her?

Still, this annoying person really is impeccable. His skin actually doesn’t have any pores! Can you let us preserve some of our dignity?! She pouted inwardly as she met his unblinking eyes with hers.

“You, come into my office.” Seemingly not feeling her rather intense gaze, he simply left for the CEO’s office after he spoke.

Once the man was gone, she recovered from her fantasies of his flawlessly handsome face.

Why did he ask her to go to his office?

“Hey, Pei Ge! Hurry inside! CEO Ji seems to be in a bad mood today. It’s better if you go in there quickly.” He Yan nudged Pei Ge when she saw her in a daze.

Bad mood? Pei Ge blinked. It doesn’t seem that way to me.

“Oh, I know.” Pei Ge still smiled and nodded in acquiescence.

“Be careful when you go in there. Don’t get scolded by him to the point of crying and wanting to resign again.” He Yan mistook Pei Ge’s delayed reaction for apprehension, so she teased her in a bid to encourage her.

“…” Pei Ge’s cheeks warmed at He Yan’s words and then softly pouted. “I’m not a child.”


“Ha ha!”

In that instant, the atmosphere in the office lightened as cheerful laughter echoed about.

Everyone, besides Liu Yue, had a kind smile as they watched her enter the CEO’s office.

Of course, everyone also completely ignored Liu Yue.

Pei Ge pushed open the wooden door to the CEO’s office and stepped inside. Once the door closed behind her, she heard his cold voice.

The voice seemed to be suppressing some frustration.

“Were you waiting to be punched by stupidly standing there?!”